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90 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog sociology soc statistics stc women’s studies wst world languages classics cls french fre french international studies businessconcentration ifb german ger interdisciplinary classical civilizations icc italian ita russian rus spanish spa spanish international studies businessconcentration isb bachelor of science b.s cell biology microbiology and molecular biology biology bio microbiology mic chemistry chemistry chs biomedical sciences bms medical technology met interdisciplinary natural sciences ins environmental science and policy esp geology gls integrative biology biology bio marine biology concentration mrn physics phs honors programs the college of arts and sciences offers undergraduate honors programs in anthropology biology classics communication english geology mathematics philosophy political science psychology religious studies and sociology students interested in one of

98 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog iii elective courses his 3930 selected topics his 4900 directed reading inr 3018 world ideologies inr 4900 directed readings inr 4910 directed research inr 3955 overseas study rus 2221 russian iv rus 3240 conversation i rus 4241 conversation ii rus 2270 overseas study rus 3470 overseas study rus 4471 advanced overseas study 4 1-3 3 1-3 1-3 1-6 4 4 4 1-6 1-6 1-6 when topic is defined as russian/eurasian or related area other courses may be substituted for those listed above with approval of a russian studies coordinator students are strongly recommended to take advantage of overseas study opportunities certificate in urban studies the urban studies certificate offers students the opportunity to supplement their education and training with a focus on the problems and potentials of the urban world around us eighty percent of americans live in one of the country’s nearly 400 major

106 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog • biology bio/mrn/mic two specific bachelor of science degrees biology and microbiology are available for students interested in the biological sciences the b.s in biology allows students to concentrate in such areas as ecology cell molecular biology physiology and marine biology the degree is preparatory for careers in such areas as teaching agriculture medicine dentistry conservation and biotechnology or for post-baccalaureate study in the various life sciences the b.s in microbiology provides students with the broad range of courses necessary to qualify for certification by the national registry of microbiologists american society of microbiology and employment in microbiology and related fields in addition to a set of courses in biology students must have a thorough preparation in other areas of natural sciences to be competitive for jobs or for further study beyond the

114 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog required chemistry electives 9 credit hours minimum of 9 hours selected from the following bch 3023l basic biochemistry lab 2 bch 4034 advanced biochemistry 3 chm 3610 intermediate inorganic chemistry 3 chm 3610l intermediate inorganic chem lab 1 chm 4060 use of the chemical literature 1 chm 4070 historical perspectives in chemistry 3 chm 4410 physical chemistry i 4 chm 4410l physical chemistry lab 1 chm 4411 physical chemistry ii 4 chm 4413 biophysical chemistry 3 required supporting courses 22-24 credit hours mac 2311 4 ⎞ or ⎛ mac 2281 4 mac 2312 4 ⎠ ⎝ mac 2282 4 phy 2053 3 phy 2054 3 phy 2053l 1 phy 2054l 1 bsc 2010 3 bsc 2010l 1 pcb 4723 3 ⎞ or ⎛ pcb 3023 3 pcb 4723l 1 ⎠ ⎝ pcb 3023l 1 other suggested electives important for advanced studies in health professional vocations bsc 2011 pcb 3063 pcb 5235 pcb 5525 sta 2023 mcb 3020 pcb 4723 zoo 4753 zoo

122 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog requirements for the major in economics prerequisites state mandated common prerequisites for students transferring from a community college the state of florida has identified common course prerequisites for the major in economics these courses must be completed with a minimum grade of “c” before the degree is granted if the courses are not transferred in they may be taken at usf eco x013 economic principles macroeconomics 3 and eco x023 economic principles microeconomics 3 or eco xxxx and eco xxxx 6 coursework in the economics major a student may earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in economics by satisfactorily completing 33 credits in economics in addition to college requirements the 33 credits must include eco 2013 economic principles macroeconomics 3 eco 2023 economic principles microeconomics 3 eco 3101 intermediate price theory 3 eco 3203 intermediate

130 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog • geology gly the department of geology offers programs leading to bachelor of arts bachelor of science master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees geology is one of the broadest of all sciences because of its dependence on fundamentals of biology chemistry mathematics and physics as applied to the study of the earth as a result undergraduate students are expected to obtain a broad background in the other sciences as well as a concentration in geology the bachelor of science degree program provides the student with a hands-on foundation in the fundamentals of the geosciences the bachelor of arts program is designed primarily for the liberal arts student who has an interest in the subject but who is not preparing for a career in the field or for the pre-professional school student a student who elects the b.a program and decides to pursue the geology profession or attend graduate

138 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog requirements for the minor in humanities the curriculum for the humanities minor is comparable to that of the program for the b.a degree but it is less comprehensive course requirements are as follows 1 eighteen semester hours of humanities courses 2 not over eight of these eighteen hours may be taken below the 3000 level american studies ams the american studies major is designed for students who seek to understand the cultural patterns beliefs and values that have unified and sometimes divided americans american studies is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the diversity of american people and institutions the importance of gender race ethnicity and social class the material and technological foundations of american society the development of distinctive regions within the united states and creative expression in art architecture film literature music and photography requirements

146 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog 1 2 3 4 5 6 completion of the requirements of the major in mathematics completion of maa 4211 intermediate analysis i completion of mat 4970 mathematics senior thesis completion of eight mathematics courses at or above the 4000-level at least a 3.0 average for all college courses and at least a 3.5 average for mathematics courses accelerated ba/ma program this program is designed for superior students having a solid background in high school mathematics and the ability to handle a fast paced challenging program leading to a ba and ma degree in mathematics in four to five years the program meets all the requirements for the ba degree but requires the student to take those graduate level courses required for the ma degree during the last two years in the program up to 20 hours of graduate courses may be counted towards the ma degree as well as the ba degree but not towards the undergraduate

154 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog rel 3101 3111 3114 3116 3117 3140 3145 3146 3170 3191 3375 3391 3420 3465 3801 4113 4161 4177 4193 4218 4939 variable credit individualized courses students are limited to six credit hrs of the following courses rel 3900 4910 requirements for the minor in religious studies students choose a total of 18 credit hours from religious studies courses transfer students may not apply more than 6 credit hours taken elsewhere toward the minor at usf only letter grades will be counted for transfer requests for transfer of credit must be made to the undergraduate director in writing when declaring a minor all minors must take a rel 3003 introduction to religious studies 4 b rel 3014 introduction to major religious texts 3 c an additional 11 credit hours chosen from religious studies courses students are expected to study at least two different religious traditions it is the prerogative of the department

162 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog fre 4930 french for business ii 3 fre 4930 french phonetics 3 fre 5425 3 fre 5566 3 frw 4100 3 frw 4101 3 required courses in international studies 9 credit hours cpo 2002 3 eus 3000 3 cpo 4930 comparative government politics 3 required courses in business 18 credit hours acg 3074 3 eco 1000 3 man 3025 3 mar 3023 3 fin 3403 3 capstone course 3 supporting courses in business for the major 6 credit hours choose any 2 upper-level international business courses required overseas study courses or area studies courses 6 credit hours select 6 overseas study credit hours or 3 credit hours overseas study plus 3 credit hours area studies courses planned with the advisor • italian ita required courses for the major 15 credit hours ita 2240 3 itt 3504 3 itw 4100 3 ita 3420 3 itw 4101 3 or itt 3001 3 supporting courses required for the major 17 hours in 3000 or 4000 level courses including

170 college of arts and sciences university of south florida 2009/2010 undergraduate catalog d diamond e donchin m a finkelstein e l gesten p jacobsen b n kinder c l kirstein e l levine v phares w p sacco t sanocki s schneider t shimizu j k thompson research professors j willott professors emeritus c e nelson d l nelson l penner c d spielberger associate professors c r cimino j b epps j goldenberg m karver d rohrer s stark j vandello assistant professors j bosson r johnson k malmberg t ojanen g potts j rottenberg k salomon assistant research professor m de perczel-goodwin instructor j noll courtesy adjunct joint appointments g arendash r bahr h p bahrick h.g belanger p.c bickford j brannick b butler c h chang t chisolm m e clark d de marie d drobes j edwards t r gordon w haley t herzog k jenkins-hall m kilpatrick m d knox j p mchale c l mcevoy r otto c r park m pezzo r reich e renner a i rosenblatt c ruva p sanberg l schonfeld d p schultz d v sheehan d shytle e silliman b slotnick