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college of medicine university of south florida 2010/2011 undergraduate catalog department of orthopaedics sports medicine for athletic training major bat the undergraduate athletic training major is a limited access program designed to prepare students for a successful career as an athletic trainer athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients athletic training encompasses the prevention diagnosis and intervention of emergency acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment functional limitations and disabilities admission to the major is gained through completion of required criteria set forth by the department of orthopaedics and sports medicine in addition to the regular university application process successful completion of the major qualifies students to sit for the board of certification examination and eligible for florida or any other state athletic trainer licensure

270 college of medicine university of south florida 2010/2011 undergraduate catalog j students must be first aid and cpr certified at the time of application and maintain certification throughout the academic program this may be initially accomplished by taking hsc 2400 first aid cpr or taking courses through the american red cross national safety council or american heart association k meet the technical standards for admission or show potential for accomplished tasks with accommodation as determined by the student disability office l participate in an interview by invitation on the designated date and time required professional core courses pet 3310 kinesiology pet 3351 exercise physiology i pet 3613 measurement and evaluation in athletic training pet 3617c upper extremity assessment pet 3618c lower extremity assessment pet 3621c athletic training techniques pet 3660 athletic training administration policy pet 3670l clinical experience in athletic training i pet 3671l clinical