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college of medicine university of south florida 2012-2013 undergraduate catalog department of orthopedics sports medicine important notice the last applications for the undergraduate bachelor of science in athletic training program will be spring of 2014 for admission summer 2014 beginning fall 2012 students will no longer be admitted into pre-athletic training ï‚· athletic training bat cip 51.0913 the undergraduate athletic training degree is a limited access program designed to prepare students for a successful career as an athletic trainer athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients athletic training encompasses the prevention diagnosis and intervention of emergency acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment functional limitations and disabilities admission to the degree is gained through completion of required criteria set forth by the department of orthopedics

college of medicine university of south florida 2012-2013 undergraduate catalog f g h i j k l or bsc x085c and bsc x086c or bsc x093c and bsc x094c or pet x322c and pet x323c or zoo x733c and pcb x703c or apk x100c and apk x105c achieve a minimum cumulative gpa of 2.8 achieve a minimum prerequisite gpa of 2.8 complete and record 50 hours of observation with a certified athletic trainer students must complete blood borne pathogen training prior to completing observation hours half of the hours can be done in a “traditional” athletic training setting i.e high school college/university or professional sports venue the remaining 25 hours can be done in a sports medicine clinic students also have the option to complete all 50 hours in a traditional setting students may not exceed 25 hours in a clinical setting i.e sports medicine clinic all hours must be completed under a licensed athletic trainer documentation should be submitted with application submit a completed athletic

college of medicine university of south florida 2012-2013 undergraduate catalog students proceed through the program in cohorts and are required to complete all the required courses each semester with a grade of “c” or better in order to progress to the next semester students who do not complete the requirements will be dismissed from the program students must maintain a 3.0 gpa in the core courses or will be placed on probation in the program two consecutive semesters on probation may result in the student being dismissed from the program all students start the program summer c session on probation and must meet the 3.0 gpa to continue in the program courses are only offered one time per year so any dismissal will delay graduation re-application materials are reviewed and are based upon a student’s unwavering demonstration of modification of circumstances that previously lead to dismissal from the program