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2 collaboration “collaboration both face-to-face and virtual is required more than ever before collaboration is critical to innovation many minds working toward creative solutions efficiency enhanced decision-making and quality more knowledge-sharing leading to better results ” anika ellison savage “workplace strategy what it is and why you should care,” in journal of corporate real estate vol

10 collaboration agility collaboration 4.0 five height-adjustable usm kitos m plus desks in light mid-gray laminate build one agile workstation – enabling a quick change from one desk to another sharing work on a common project sound a bsorption a nd pri vacy ensure privacy and optimize acoustics in the shared workstation usm privacy panels offer a modular solution that can be quickly positioned and removed according to situational

18 social

42 focus thinking space 26.0 sound a bsorption perforated metal panels with a fleece-covered interior acoustic usm haller elements significantly reduce background noise improving the overall work environment a place to retreat in the open-plan office blue usm privacy panels protect you from the outside world and absorb background noise the pure white usm haller storage unit is also equipped with acoustic elements – creating the ideal conditions for focused work and creative

50 focus colorful storage 30.0 golden yellow storage units complement a row of double and single workstations – adding a splash of color to any subdued office

58 focus v ersatilit y the two adaptation points in the tabletop permit easy insertion of up to four accessories thus making it possible to transform the table to meet individual user requirements shared storage 36.0 we call it a z-configuration it connects two individual workstations to a single unit two white oiled-oak veneer usm haller plus desks with adaptation points and a shared usm haller storage with drawers accessible from both sides maximum efficiency 37.0 four colleagues little room full concentration four pearl gray laminate usm haller desks divided by two usm privacy panels four mid-gray usm haller storage units with extension doors allow access to the full storage

66 focus comfort zone 43.0 relax and work in a comfortable office the natural oiled walnut veneer usm kitos m meeting desk provides a generous work surface the steel-blue powder-coated mdf coffee table invites you to read or

74 product information usm kitos m and e desk each desk except free-standing of the usm kitos m and e family offers integrated smart solutions for electrification why usm kitos m the “m” in its name stands for me chanical spring-loaded height adjustment adjustment time approx 1 sec with zero energy consumption this system is more than 10 times faster than the electronic equivalent and has an extremely long operating life why usm kitos e maximum functionality and captivating design – usm kitos e unites all requirements in one modern workplace continuous height adjustability and maximum stability a distinction is made between fi xed and motor-driven legs in the e1 e2 and e3 models e1 h 740 with or without middle traverse e2 with 1 motor h 700 – 1200 adjustment time approx 30 sec with middle traverse e3 with 2 motors h 650 – 1300 adjustment time approx 20 sec with middle traverse basic desk sliding tabletop folding tabletop extra size integrated cable

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