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2 content 4 10 14 16 be iconic mix it a piece of usm furniture is a statement as a design icon it is timeless and it draws in your eye without distracting your focus it’s boring when everything is the same that’s why usm adjusts easily to different styles and looks as great in a classic setting as it does alongside modern architecture iconic architecture tradition and innovation permanence and change setting the stage in style what is typically swiss 36 38 40 same but different keep it simple life is complicated enough so ideas that simplify it can really help well-designed furniture solutions allow for better organization and more efficient work and thus a better quality of life 20 24 30 i downsize therefore i am the sound of silence simplicity is not just a word color blocking vintage meets timelessness new-fashioned glamour creativity and flexibility are part of everyday modern living extremely versatile usm fits perfectly with this concept and allows for countless

16 be iconic what is typically swiss oeschinen lake with the «i de fründe» coombe and blüemlisalp oeschinenhorn fründenhorn doldenhorn mountains

30 keep it simple simplicity is not just a

this is a blindtext old hollywood glitz meets newfashioned glamour orlando attorney ryan rudd opens the doors to an elegant oasis that towers above the noise of the city streets his space combines design classics with modern comforts – a stately dresser in the bedroom blends in against a backdrop of black velvet in the living room a clean-lined credenza keeps media equipment and accessories hidden says rudd whose love of color fashion and pop art is as evident in his dress as it is in his decor “if i’m leaving work and i’m stressed i want ’home’ to be exactly what i like – and this is it.” aenean massa cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes nascetur ridiculus mus donec quam felis ultricies nec pellentesque eu pretium quis sem nulla consequat massa quis enim donec pede justo fringilla vel aliquet nec vulputate eget arcu in enim justo rhoncus ut imperdiet a venenatis vitae justo nullam dictum felis eu pede

in new york’s competitive realestate market stories abound of families creatively cramming themselves into one-bedroom apartments for those who can afford separate bedrooms for their offspring there is a less pressing design challenge how to create appealing kids’ rooms that are at once playful enough for young children yet versatile enough for a family of five in new york’s chelsea neighborhood designer damon liss created a reading nook with comfy soft-cornered seating and a modern cleanlined usm haller wall unit in golden yellow the space feels homey to the three boys as well as their parents who can use the space now stocked with kids’ books and toys as a grownup library once their children leave the nest “when you’re designing for children you’re not just designing for now you’re designing something people can live in for a long time and those parameters change,” says new york–based interior designer damon liss

70 same but different sailing in

84 smarter together werkspace 2015 located in bern switzerland working field co-working space owns usm since 2015 company about year of founding christoph haller says “anyone needing some extra energy can watch the bears play across the way.” “co-working should feel completely natural not

98 stand up for your health investmenyts that pa off with good room acoustics – stabilizing among other things low reverberation times and high speech intelligibility in the room – the aforementioned stress factors cease to be an issue various components can be used to effectively improve acoustic conditions in the workplace either individually or in combination sound-absorbing carpets wall or ceiling panels room dividers or even acoustically optimized furniture with their usm privacy panels and perforated acoustic shelves usm modular furniture is also making a valuable contribution here investment in soundabsorbing surfaces and thus in pleasant room acoustics are a direct investment in the satisfaction health ability to concentrate and therefore efficiency of employees money spent on good acoustics pays off immediately and shows long-lasting effects ify by contrast there are numerous recent studies that can quant is ss proce how expensive each sick day or disruption

mazen studio 2010 located in toronto canada working field interior design owns usm since 2011 name he says “i didn’t want to invest in a system that would be discontinued in 15 years.” about year of