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fundamentals acoustic quality bu ild off ing i ce wo rk peo pl e levels of effect of good room acoustics health wellbeing creativity communication concentration complexity regeneration new construction sustainability component cooling efficient construction 18 open-plan desk sharing space consolidation flexibility

fundamentals question 5 how do usm privacy panels complement the usm modular furniture haller usm privacy panels are vertical elements in space which like the usm modular furniture haller are also modular in design this enables them to be used in a wide variety of ways for example mounted on tables or as freestanding panels for screening and zoning different areas of the room they are based on a ‘leaf’ principle and have a tubular structure like the usm modular furniture haller usm privacy panels can be arranged linearly or in a corner formation flexibly extended and combined with furniture their acoustically optimized textile surface with slightly overlapping individual panels creates an impression of softness unlike the perforated fleece absorbers usm privacy panels are designed as classic porous sound absorbers their sound-permeable surface absorbs the sound the cohesive flatness supports this shielding effect low construction heights absorb sound in the medium and

fundamentals acoustic quality din 18041 uses the term ‘acoustic quality’ to describe the suitability of a room for presenting certain sounds particularly for moderate verbal communication or musical performances the acoustic quality of a room in other words the prevailing speech and listening conditions is influenced by many factors including the properties of the boundary surfaces the fixtures and furnishings and the people present in the room in simple terms a room has a good acoustic quality if it makes us feel comfortable allows us to communicate without any effort and if we do not perceive it as being too loud or too quiet 40

fundamentals reverberation time the reverberation time is the oldest room acoustics parameter it allows us to compare different rooms and to assess the acoustic quality of a room put very simply again the reverberation time indicates the period of time it takes for a sound event to become inaudible in a room it was originally defined by acoustician wallace clement sabine and measured using a stopwatch on the basis of subjective auditory impressions in different rooms nowadays of course it is measured in a far more precise way technically reverberation time t is defined as the period of time it takes for the sound level in a room to fall by 60 db after a source stops emitting sound the relationship that exists between reverberation time room volume and amount of absorptive surface deduced by sabine still holds true today the reverberation time of a room has a direct impact on speech intelligibility whilst a long reverberation time in a church can make organ music sound imposing it is

fundamentals source din 18041 2015 the german standard din 18041 “acoustic quality in small to medium-sized rooms” defines three different room categories based on usage ‘music’ ‘speech’ and ‘communication and teaching’ it indicates an optimum value for the reverberation time topt for each usage type as a function of room volume v example 1 a lecture theatre with v 1000 m³ usage type ‘speech’ should have a reverberation time of topt 1.0 seconds 2 a conference room with v 250 m³ usage type ‘communication and teaching’ should have a reverberation time of topt 0.6 seconds reverberation time topt [s requirements for rooms ic“ s mu „ “ ech e „sp m „com n on a ati unic ng “ chi d tea room volume v [m3 din 18041 recommendations for the reverberation time topt of rooms with different uses as a function of room volume v 60

usm products solutions for improving room acoustics using usm elements usm modular furniture haller and usm privacy panels are illustrated below using sample calculations equivalent sound absorption areas are indicated in these examples as a function of frequency 72

persuasive values usm haller modular furniture and usm privacy panels can replace absorber surfaces on ceilings and walls – individually or ideally in combination the following examples show which acoustic materials are needed to supplement or even replace traditional walls floors and furnishings to achieve the recommended optimum reverberation time the extent to which these surfaces can be reduced by using usm products instead of furnishings that are not acoustically effective has been documented 82

usm products design benefits of good room acoustics efficiency communication usm modular furniture haller health usm privacy panels performance efficient use of space motivation 94

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