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in this context the concept of “authenticity” – a buzzword of our current era – is more important than ever at a time when our lives are more public than they have ever been in the history of humanity every detail about us – where we live how we dress what we like – becomes more salient we express our true authentic selves through our possessions our occupations and our taste through social media thousands of people can surmise in an instant who we are simply by studying these cultural cues still heritage only matters inasmuch as it can be projected into the future like a goyard bag or a sèvres porcelain set everything usm makes is meant to withstand the test of time usm’s product is industrial and prefabricated but it is also customizable by the user this melding of cutting-edge technology and individuality is the key to creating a product today that has the ability to become a classic tomorrow personalized items that can be

national manufactory of sèvres and ceramic museum paris france the national manufactory of sèvres was established in 1740 by two chemists who in 1768 discovered the secret of kaolin the clay used to make porcelain the company quickly opened its doors to artists putting its unique savoir-faire at the service of limitless creative possibilities the factory has always considered itself the guardian of an exceptional artisanal tradition and has carried on doing all work by hand this has become its trademark over centuries since the 1950s a number of well-known contemporary artists such as alexander calder jean arp serge poliakoff louise bourgeois pierre alechinsky and pierre soulages have left their mark on the manu 14 factory de sèvres today the company gives carte blanche to a wide range of talent to work on the boldest of creations in the cité de la céramique artists designers and ceramists can exercise their prolific imaginations at the same time collaborations are

minsheng art museum shanghai china 32 made in switzerland the minsheng art museum located in a former steel-working district in shanghai houses 30 years of contemporary chinese art the institution is named after minsheng bank china’s first and most successful private bank which was the first chinese financial institution to invest significantly in contemporary art in april 2011 swiss interior minister didier burkhalter opened an exhibition by the artist yves netzhammer and the occasion marked the inauguration of a permanent “room of switzerland” at the museum here videos and exhibits show what switzerland has to offer in terms of art design science technology and innovation in addition the room also serves as a space for workshops lectures and roundtable discussions in front of a mural by yves netzhammer there are amusing stools from the École cantonale d’art de lausanne écal a nespresso coffee maker and usm haller sideboards and tables there was no

medienreaktor bamberg germany “medienreaktor” in bamberg daniel kestler and jonas lindner combine tradition and innovation successfully

the bright colors of the oak floor and the white usm haller modular furniture lend a refreshing lightness to the offices they harmonize perfectly with odlo’s light blue corporate color optimum conditions for the creation of new sportswear

insights novo business consultants ag bern switzerland this is where corporate consultants brainstorm generate ideas and come up with new concepts novo business consultants ag leads the field in it and management consultancy the employees love the open-plan work environment and have flashes of inspiration at the height-adjustable usm kitos tables with red linoleum surfaces 60

“at work i have to be very social but i am also a very private person,” says sergio senatore a partner in kleen media the toronto-based firm specializing in marketing event planning and nightlife when senatore moved into a building designed by philippe starck a little over a year ago he wanted to create a place where he could relax and be himself that meant white walls and black and gray furnishings punctuated with a bright yellow usm haller sideboard and a graffiti-inspired canvas by canadian artist jay skam which senatore specifically commissioned to match the sideboard’s sunny hue “the color felt really youthful and i loved the way the unit popped,” he says “otherwise the apartment would have been too conservative for me.” 70 my home is my sanctuary sergio senatore marketing consultant toronto

my home is defined by ideas not walls michele oka doner artist new york usa the artist michele oka doner known for her public art commissions like “radiant site,” in new york’s herald square has lived in the spacious manhattan loft she shares with her husband frederick for 30 years “it is a laboratory of ideas,” she says “i work like a mad scientist here.” that means among other things gathering organic materials like tree stumps roots and seeds and casting them into beautiful sculptures or transforming them into whimsical jewelry “this apartment is a container for a living breathing train of thought,” says oka doner “it is in constant evolution and it acknowledges the fluid nature of life.” 80

class reunion two classics of the modern age meet in barcelona usm modular furniture is presented to an exclusive audience in the ludwig mies van der rohe pavilion for many years usm has supported the fundació mies van der rohe which in addition to conserving and disseminating knowledge about mies van der rohe and his architecture also encourages debate and fosters awareness of themes related to urban planning contemporary architecture and art review

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