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dear reader energy efficiency the efficiency of apps of the one thing they all have in common is muscle-building exercises and of multi usm and its challenge of meeting indivi tasking are all subjects of scientific study dual demands and values through an it’s clear that we are all trying to squeeze industrially manufactured system that is the most out of every precious second handmade in switzerland starting from the efficient use of energy and raw but there’s one thing to consider here materials to space efficiency smartly although efficiency and effectiveness are designed spaces create long-term cost often thought to be synonyms – both are advantages derive from the latin efficientia meaning the power to accomplish something – they this comes full circle in the “spotlight” really are not the same thing the question section in which we report among other as to how quickly tasks are carried out things on the new powder-coating facility is a

private residence new york usa located in a 19th-century castiron building in soho this airy loft is not home to an artist but to a marketing director who happens to have a refined palette for beautiful art and design her collection exhibited on the walls in an ever-changing display is an endless source of visual inspiration “my artwork is a collection from artists who i have met over the years,” she says “no one famous.” most of the photographs paintings and collages are of landscapes and other natural motifs which she says “match the pure un decorated form of usm haller.” the spacious loft apartment is complimented with usm haller storage units located in the bedroom and living room in pure white and golden yellow in her home office the usm haller table points toward a large window through which one can catch a glimpse of bustling soho streets while enjoying the calm scenery indoors pure joy 12

alexander gächter zurich switzerland when you’re dealing with the creation of a brand systematic analyses and structural thinking are part of the craft alexander gächter a visual designer with a weakness for the three dimensions therefore had the necessary know-how to design his own very special storage unit it now graces almost three meters of one wall in his zurich city apartment in a 1920s-era multi-family house gächter put the beautiful piece together in modules so it could meet any need he really thought of everything for example it is precisely deep enough that the soon to be forty year-old apple of his eye the “grundig studio 2000 hifi” has the perfect place for itself and it all started with the cds that gächter simply wanted to accommodate stylishly at long last in any event he has a few dozen more now… to be continued 22 precision for a cult object

the yellow usm haller cabinets catch customers’ eyes as they walk past the monocle storefront in toronto not only do they provide display surfaces for bespoke international publications but provide an ordered smart and functional furniture system for the back office 32

usm was the first choice for furnishing the zurich office from the very beginning and so later became the destiny the bank now relies on usm at its basel headquarters of baumann cie in keeping with the company motto which says among other things “we place great value on long-term uncomplicated relationships.” it’s wonderful when this common theme continues into the furniture 42

ctp cargo rellingen germany 35 workplaces open structures glass and steel usm haller optimizes the room acoustics 52

marc o’polo stephanskirchen germany favorite pieces here and there in the marc o’polo headquarters minimalist forms characterize the image architecture and furnishings perform in noble restraint which reflects the design style “opulence and loud colors would conflict with our northern dna,” says member of the board and coo andreas baumgärtner the label first made its way around the globe from stockholm and delighted many individualists devoted to a relaxed urban style they want to create “favorites that continue to delight our customers years later just like usm does.” for andreas it’s a timeless brand in more than one sense “on the one hand the furnishings are so restrained in their look that they can easily age with a room on the other usm can never be assigned to a specific period unlike other reference objects.” a freedom of design as if it was tailor-made for a company like marc o’polo 60 “for marc

usm furniture structures the offices and replaces costly dividing walls that would have more sharply restricted the workplaces usm haller in black provides a good backdrop for other colors as well neither completely open nor completely closed the shared space promotes optimal communication between the various departments 70

the office hosts myriad events from board meetings to cocktail parties so the furnishings must be at chic and endlessly adaptable a usm round kitos table below provides a space for casual brainstorming sessions while a grouping of rectangular conference tables far right accommodates larger more formal discussions 80

there is no consistency without renewal and no continuity without the need for innovation at the usm münsingen headquarters in switzerland a new powder coating facility is being built which spot light will be amongst the most advanced in europe and will set higher environmental standards we are celebrating the opening of our fourth showroom in germany located in the center of munich an expansion of the usm kitos table family and the evolution of the usm haller classic table evolve with the times and remain true to the integrity of its design munich showroom 90 developing table lines manufacturing at usm