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USM U. Schärer Söhne AG
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3110 Münsingen, Switzerland
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a family-owned company usm is now in the hands of the fourth generation with alexander schärer at the helm as president of the administrative board he is a member of the architecture and design committee at the museum of modern art moma in new york a s well i can only talk about very recent developments i think the trend lies in more open spaces in contrast to the individual offices of the early millennium the financial crisis of 2008 brought new rules because big corporations needed to heavily cut costs square footage per employee was reduced and most big companies resorted to the good old cubicle solution to pack as many employees as possible into limited space but i think there are many more creative and comfortable solutions that achieve the same result with the right investment in furniture you can find a perfect solution for your staff and thus reduce the footprint per capita you gain much more this way because rent in cities remains the driving factor even in difficult

aac academy for architectural culture hamburg germany campus at the water’s edge for 250 years sailors have been trained in the nautical academy in hamburg-altona today this historic site allows architecture and design students to discover new horizons the maritime academy has become part of the rainvilleterrasse campus in which the academy for architectural culture aac plays an important part the school was founded by gerkan marg and partners gmp the largest german architectural firm which finances the training facility with its own foundation the three-part main building from the 1930s has been renovated and professionally expanded for its new use the academy’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the interior “for decades usm haller has proven itself to be the most sustainable furniture in our gmp offices around the world,” says aac director enno maass in addition the system is highly flexible which allows for continuous adaptation to keep up

swisscleantech zurich switzerland featuring raw materials the primary component of usm modular furniture is steel it is a very energy-intensive material from its manufacture to its final form nevertheless usm products can be described as sustainable because they have a very long life cycle and can be adapted and reused continuously we know that the longer a product lasts the smaller its impact is on the environment this is one reason why the swisscleantech trade association opted for furniture from switzerland the fact that usm is beautiful and practical was yet another reason swisscleantech is committed to sustainable and liberal economic policies and represents the interests of the green economy its new offices in zurich near the europa allee and a few short minutes by foot from the central train station are fully optimized for sustainability floors ceilings colors lighting and furnishings have thus been selected according to ecological criteria the unfinished wood fiberboards for

sesame workshop new york usa big bird elmo bert and ernie the stars of sesame street are known around the world teaching and entertaining millions of children in over 150 countries but the brand is more than a tv show its nonprofit arm the sesame workshop extends beyond the abc’s of traditional education with international programs tailored specifically to address relevant issues in individual countries initiatives include bringing early education to india’s poorest neighborhoods providing information about hiv/aids in south africa and promoting respect and understanding for children of all backgrounds in northern ireland through “muppet diplomacy.” in 2012 the sesame workshop moved into this renovated 12.350-square-meter space which embodies the organization’s playful approach to learning the interior architects at hlw worked closely with sesame’s internal creative team to create original wall murals that allow visitors to see and interact with

musée d’orsay paris france furniture set the musée d’orsay housed in the former orsay train station on the left bank of the seine opened in 1986 its metal structure built by gustave eiffel for the 1900 world’s fair holds the masterpieces of the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th centuries with more than 3.5 million visitors in 2012 it is one of the most frequented museums in the french capital not far from the works of renoir van gogh and gauguin usm furniture has been installed in various places since the museum’s beginnings it is mainly used in the administrative offices and has even become a second skin perfectly adapting to permanent changes in the space “here everything changes all the time,” says catherine bony the museum’s logistics manager “we have to change the furniture almost daily and with this system it only takes a few hours.” the musée d’orsay has an in-house technical department

“we wanted a timeless highquality decor,” says hans-jürgen von glasenapp bilster berg drive resort’s managing director usm haller furniture was the first choice the black color is stylish and blends seamlessly into an ambiance that often includes the engine music of beautiful fast cars

louvre-lens museum lens france louvre in the north the opening of the louvre-lens in december 2012 at a former mining site in northern france caused a great stir with 900,000 visitors in its first year the gamble on attractiveness has been more than won the glass-and-steel casing whose designers sanaa describe as “simple but not harsh,” won the japanese studio the Équerre d’argent it is this beautifully simple spirit that led to usm being chosen for the museum shop and restaurant “usm furniture matched our specifications for the shop in terms of its fluidity lightness modularity and the glass and steel echo the building’s structure,” says catherine ferrar the louvre-lens’ general manager usm’s modularity is a major advantage in this space where everything changes from one season to the next to accommodate new products and furniture layouts not far from the shop is the culinary art featured at l’atelier de marc meurin to

wonderwall inc tokyo japan wonders behind walls 70

abillama family beirut lebanese republic personalize some things are so clear they require no further explanation for raëd abillama the nature of his relationship with usm is one such case “i am in love with usm,” he says short and sweet and yet anyone who has had the pleasure of roaming through the house that he built and furnished for his brother karim’s family can see that they are much more than just sweet words a symbiosis of old and new that couldn’t be more effortless the home perfectly honors both tradition and modernity equally constructed on the foundation of an old beirut townhouse once marred by civil war the structure has been spectacularly resurrected and is now more beautiful than ever it is here in the connection between the original and new walls that abillama’s love of usm is on display in the hallway a usm haller table in bright orange complements a bold work of art in the children’s rooms shelving acts as the perfect stage

private residence france after their children moved out chantal and dominique decided to give the house they had lived in for 30 years a radical make-over abandoning the farmhouse style for a more contemporary feel on the second floor they created an expansive office-library where the impressive collection of books once scattered throughout the house finally found a showcase suitable for its size usm’s furniture design enticed the couple and its modularity was the convincing factor their library project was developed as an ensemble of functional parts a reading table cabinets of various sizes the integration of doors to create storage space – and for color a warm bright yellow “a very playful experience,” chantal says in addition various base units fill the room creating a pleasant space to relax or work alongside the majestic old beams usm furniture enhances the old architectural details while appearing to have always been there the contemporary challenge