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business communication creative intelligence and innovation design architecture and building education engineering information technology health uts has a revitalised campus with new buildings and facilities but the best part is that we get to do lots of hands-on practical experiments in labs the facilities are modern and well-equipped and we also get great support from senior students when we need them.” “we changed the learning philosophy of the laboratories from very recipe-like experiments where students follow instructions to experiments so students have the responsibility to design and inquire it is about developing life-long capacities and giving the students a sense of what it is to be a scientist scientists don’t follow recipes otherwise they’d get to the same conclusions as everyone else uts has 1 of 10 super labs in the world if i ever understood anything in science well i’ve understood it by being hands on i’ve been an experimental physicist and worked in various areas with different people it’s about tackling a problem having the opportunity to have a tinker around with it and thinking about it that is part of being an experimental scientist.” all uts courses periodically undergo review and changes may occur to ensure they meet industry standard requirements and quality assurance for the most up-to-date course information please visit the uts handbook www.handbook.uts.edu.au international studies “i chose this course as it offers two degrees in four years and the opportunity to work in both fields plus both science and business are two of my favourite study areas law bachelor of medical science bachelor of business professor les kirkup awarded the 2014 australian institute of physics medal 101 science giovanni mellisa soesanto indonesia