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corrected protected perform uvex sportstyle rx prescription sports eyewear

as partner to top-level international sport uvex equips more than 1,000 elite athletes worldwide for sport just like the workplace products must provide the highest safety functionality and wearer comfort protecting people … protecting people is the core mission of the uvex brand our aim and our motivation uvex protects people – at work for sports and during leisure products like uvex sportstyle rx eyewear underline our commitment to innovation they help us set new benchmarks and develop cutting-­ edge technologies year after year decades of experience in both sectors enables us to transfer ideas and expertise between work protection and top-level sport to push the continuous development of our products the result is truly innovative solutions featuring advanced technologies which reliably protect people in any situation in the workplace on a ski slope or a mountain bike uvex safety and uvex sports are leading providers in their respective disciplines together they

glazing options lens technology variomatic® technology for activity automatic lens tinting lightly tinted photosensitive lens reacts to uv levels lens darkens smoothly in strong light lens automatically lightens with low uv levels polarising filter pola lens permits light waves from a single direction only to greatly reduce scattered light enhances contrast increases depth of focus less glare on reflective surfaces e.g snow wet roads contrast enhancing a blue blocker ensures enhanced absorption in the short wavelength visible light range filters diffuse light for high contrast vision irregularities in terrain become easier to see variomatic® prescription lens is suitable for driving options available brown light transmission grey clear 10  -d  arkens to max 80  options available brown light transmission grey 83  customised every options available colour derives from light transmission level – from yellow to red-brown light transmission

direct glazing indirect glazing robust style with 6 base curve is also suitable for prescription lens with high dioptre value a wide range of lenses means it perfectly fits the needs of every athlete frameless style with a non-prescription tinted lens set also includes contrast enhancing interchangeable lens simply swap out lenses for changes in light condition or activity uvex sportstyle rxd 4000 uvex sportstyle rxi 4100 • unbreakable plastic frame • adjustable nose pads • legs with non-slip tip and metal core • unbreakable plastic frame • choice of nosepiece or prescription insert • legs with non-slip tip and metal core • contrast enhancing interchangeable lens indirect glazing interchangeable lens detail litemirror orange uvex clipnetic technology prescription insert with revolutionary uvex clipnetic technology black mat gun mat black mat black gloss interchangeable lens litemirror orange direct glazing white gloss black mat interchangeable

glazing options uvex sportstyle rxd models are available in a wide range of options to ensure glasses are perfect for each individual use for uvex sportstyle rxi models we recommend a clear prescription lens because a filter is already built into the outer lens constant tint mirror super anti-reflective coating reduces flare and minimises reflections uvex sportstyle rxd anti-reflective coating on inside of prescription lens uvex sportstyle rxi anti-reflective coating on both sides of prescription lens lens provides reliable protection against glare select colour and tint level to suit need outer side of the tinted prescription lens is vapour coated with a coloured layer mirror coating reflects incident light and increases glare protection lens material uvex sportstyle rx models are fitted with practically unbreakable polycarbonate or trivex lenses options available light transmission brown 65  75  85  grey 65  75  85  green 65 

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