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wrist pin bushing reamer for 1973 99 exhaust stud drill fixture fits 1984 up 11 16 16 brass hex nut 11 16 16 hex nut 10 x 10 roller self canceling turn signal module with load equalizer 1949 77 bt glide front forks 39mm e z fill fork tube top plug james inner primary o ring saver kit mini footboard kits for highway bars railroad spike hi way bar set inner primary hardware and gasket set andrews cam 88 inch twin cam gear drive v twin wrist pin and lock kits vance hines big radius exhaust 39mm wide glide conversion kit 2000 up fxst fxdwg 41mm 35mm hex top fork nut socket 17 9761 35100 36 1936 79 bearing housing right e z fill fork tube top plugs champion spark plug application chart champion spark plugs application chart self cancelling turn signal modules self canceling turn signal module oil pump for tc 88 s s super e carb back plate for tear drop air cleaner layback license plate mounting kit blue streak point and condenser 45 solo front wheel assembly jims balancer shaft bearing remover and installer drill fixture for super bowl solo seat mounting kit for 2003 sportster inner and outer primary cover fxst retro fit wheel bearings kit cam gear gasket seal kit tappet oil screen plug tool main drive gear oil seal kit wrist pin and lock kits foot rest supports and studs installation of high lift cam 17 x 14 x 47 inner race 17 right and left hand threaded nuts motorcycle master cylinder rebuild kit master cylinder rebuild kit motorcycle motorcycle horn mounting brackets brackets motorcycle spark plug wire sets motorcycle front brake master cylinder rebuild kits motorcycle pop up gas cap chrome air cleaner cover motorcycle motorcycle oil pressure gauge kit motorcycle led license plate frames motorcycle master cylinder repair kit oil pump drive gear motorcycle motorcycle oil pump drive gear accel spark plug application part application

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frame continued neck kits 155,174-175 offset components 205 pivot kit 207-208 right side drive 204 rolling chassis kit 202 skid plate 203 swing arm 200-212 touring torque linkage 209 trim and cover 208 wide tire kit 206,209 front end 144-175 spring fork 1171 fuel injection system 263,266-267 line 371,1145-1147 petcock 1142-1145 selector 1142-1145 shut-off 1145 fuse holder 292 g gas cap 347-348,1148-1152 dash/tank kit 344-345 347,351 decal 354,1153-1154 dividertank 347,363 emblem 348,1153 filter 1145 gasket cap 1152 line 1145-1147 mount 344,347,350 panel 347,352 petcock 1142-1145 sender unit 1152 shut-off 1145 tank 344-350,1183-1187 gasket 1265-1270 air cleaner 1270 cam cover 1266,1270 carburetor 1270 cometic 1270 cylinder 1265,1269 distributor base 1267 engine 54-56 exhaust 238,245,1267 gas tank cap 1152 gasket list 1265-1270 generator 1266 head 54-56,1269 ignition 1267 inspection 1267,1270 manifold 1270 master cylinder 1269 oil pump 1266 primary 1266,1270 pushrod 1266 removal 1232

caliper rebuild 23-1999 1987-99 complete rear caliper rebuild kit includes all necessary hardware piston and seal kit for a complete caliper overhaul fits fxst fxr flt and fxd vt no 23-2012 23-2012 pistons kits with seals pistons each 1984-99 front caliper piston and seal vt no oem front kit 23-0532 kit with seals 2000-up all vt no 23-2279 vt no oem rear 23-2281 44208-82 1982-early87 fxr 1984-early 87 fxst 23-0533 23-2275 1985-86 fxwg piston only 23-1999 43946-86 late87-99 fxst-fxr 1987-99 flt includes seal kit 23-0532 44313-00 2000-up all kit with seals 23-0838 kit w/seal all billet 4 piston caliper caliper seal kits contain seal dust boot for year listed note 1980-85 flt have dual piston caliper vt no oem front chrome caliper mount bolt kits mount 23-2275 44047-83 1984-99 all fx-flt through caliper to bracket 44022-83 23-0533 44315-00 2000-up all vt no oem type year vt no oem rear 23-0140 44039-86 6 point 1987-99 fxst-fxr-flt 23-2277 44208-82 1983-early87 fx-fxwg-fxst-fxr rear

ignition kit and advance unit 32-0469 32-5119 32-0468 mallory unilite breakerless ignition system for all 1970-99 twins dual fire unilite module features integrated photo coupler signal processor and power switch requires mechanical advance assembly and ignition coil with 3.0 to 4.0 ohms vt no item 32-5119 ignition system 32-7510 mechanical advance ignition sensor plate assembly vt no oem fits 32-9020 32400-80a 1980-93 flt 1980-94 fxr 1984-95 fxst 32-0518 32404-90 1991-95 dynaglide 32-0519 32400-94 1994-95 flt 32-0520 32404-96 1996-98 dynaglide 32-0521 32448-95a 1996-98 flt 1996-99 fxst v-tech ignition kits are available in dual fire where there are two sparks at the same time and single fire where there is one spark for each cylinder when it is fired separately each kit includes a mechanical advance unit and all hardware order coil separately vt no 32-0467 coil has two separate coils inside to fire independently vt no item type coil 32-0468 kit dual fire 32-0511 32-0469 kit single

primary gasket kit 15-0888 15-0671 15-0875 15-0865 15-0368 15-1513 15-0672 15-1509 james primary kits include beaded outer gasket james year model 15-0865 1984-88 fxst no seals 15-0866 1984-88 fxst 15-0869 1980-84 fxr-flt 062 thickness 15-0870 1985-93 fxr-flt 062 thickness 15-0868 1989-93 fxst 15-0875 1994-06 fxr-flt 15-0876 1994-06 fxst-flst-fxd 15-1264 2006-up dynaglide 2007-up fxst oil change o-ring kit includes primary cover and drain plug o-rings for 2006-up models vt no 15-1511 15-0369 14-0531 15-1511 15-1286 15-1515 gb primary cover gasket kit contains all the necessary gaskets and hardware when making inner primary repairs primary chain clutch hub clutch or left side transmission repairs one part number covers all necessary parts gb no year spd model 15-0888 1984-88 4-5 fxst 15-0671 1985-93 5 flt-fxr 15-0672 1986-89 5 fxst 15-0673 1990-93 5 fxst 15-0368 1994-00 5 fxr-flt 15-1513 2007-up 5 flt 15-1515 2007-up 5 flt as above outer gasket kit only 15-0369 1994-00 5 softail

primo belt drive 20-0047 note all belts by primo karata and bdl are manufactured by gates rubber belts for drives carry no warranty of any kind as sold either as individual replacements or complete drive kits 20-0046 installed early model without idler outer front pulley guides allow 100 belt-to-pulley contact for superior belt tracking idler system not required as this unit is for models with adjustable transmissions only kickstart 11mm x 1½ wide vt no fits replacement belt 20-0052 1937-52 fl 20-0117 tapered shaft open/closed primary 20-0053 1955-64 fl 20-0117 splined shaft open/closed primary 8mm closed 11mm closed primary for 74 and 80 designed to fit inside primary cover increases horsepower mileage and quiets engine while retaining stock appearance closed primary kick start only 8mm 1½ belt type vt no years replacement belt 20-0047 1978-84 20-0102 electric start models 8mm 1½ belt type 20-0010 1965-84 20-0100 20-0499 1978-84 20-0102 note for models with belt drive primo

regulator 32-0780 alloy black 32-0609 chrome volt techtm and accel solid state regulators feature rugged aluminum alloy construction accel brand available in chrome alloy or black stock finish with polished top fins 2 or volt tech s black or chrome finish provides more accurately regulated voltage under 1 3 all electrical loads all units listed carry the full replacement warranty by accel or volt tech accel accel accel volt tech volt tech replace lead fits black alloy chrome black chrome oem charging system type 32-8060 32-0797 32-0614 74510-70a 38 1 1200 1970-75 fl-flh 1971-75 fx-fxe 12v/15 amp alt 32-8061 32-0609 32-0850 32-0615 32-0778 74512-79a 57 2 1200/1340 1976-80 fl-flh flh 80 flt classic 1976-80 fx-fxe-fxs 80-fxwg 12v 17.8 amp alt 32-8067 32-0852 32-0667 32-0780 74516-86 57 3 1340 1981-84 flh-80 classic 81-85 fx-fxe-fxeffxs-fxb 81-88 flt-flht classic 82-88 fxr 1981-86 fxwg 22 amp 32-8064 32-0607 32-0857 32-0619 32-0989 all 12 volt generator models battery

1986-90 dress up kit 43-0316 rocker box cover trim primary cover shift lever left side cam cover trim master cylinder cover brake pedal right side v-twin chrome dress kits for 1986-90 xl models includes chrome primary cover with inspection covers cam rocker box 1986-90 chrome show kit includes all acorn master cylinder and sprocket covers also included is chrome nuts for engine brake pedal and chrome shift lever to add a finished touch vt no finish hardware for installation included 7919 chrome vt no type 7919-g gold 43-0316 with brake/shifter pedal 42-0847 without brake/shifter pedal die cast primary covers are manufactured from a casting process it is the nature of parts produced from this process to have small random subsurface imperfections that can be uncovered during the polishing process these may appear as very small cosmetic imperfections after chrome plating we also do not polish in areas that are not readily visible once assembled on the motorcycle or by polishing machines

ignition dyna 2000 digital ignition systems systems include dyna 2000 hd-1 ignition module and a matched dyna twin fire coil for each application vt no fits 32-0802 sfk-3 1994-up xl 32-0804 sfk-1 pre 1994 xl 32-9118 programming software for 32-0802 32-9117 programming software for 32-0804 32-9151 dyna 2000i digital ignition available as a module only or complete kits that include correct coil as listed features include single or dual fire operation,8 advance curves built in tach driver adjustable rpm limit from 6000 to 7500 and easy static timing with built in timing indicator fits all 197098 carbureted models and requires 1983-up sensor cup for 1982 and earlier applications advanced programming software allows mechanic or tuner the ability to fine tune 2000i ignition but requires adapter harness vt no item 32-9151 kit single plug/single fire with dc3-1 32-9152 kit dual plug/single fire with dc1-1 32-9153 kit dual plug/dual fire with dc2-1 32-9155 kit single plug/single fire with

mini footboard set 27-0691 installed 27-0080 27-0881 27-0880 d style passenger style size vt no 27-0741 male footpeg with heel rest vt no 27-0799 27-0882 27-0883 chrome mini bullet footboards are used to replace passenger pegs with male clevis mount can also be installed on engine guards with appropriate clamps boards are machined from solid billet vt no style vt no style 27-0880 5-rail 27-0691 3 pad 27-0882 diamond 27-0080 maltese 27-0883 flame 27-0881 wave 1965-84 flh passenger footboards 28-0420 1968-84 flh rear footboards passenger type chrome steel attach by sliding into lower frame tube bolting to same vt no item 27-1532 footboard set 28-0420 passenger footboard mats fl-flh footpeg risers include mounting blocks for 1965-84 models accepts most pegs vt no 27-1533 1977-84 flh passenger footboard kit includes brackets and chrome boards with rubber pads vt no item 27-0618 kit 27-0856 adapter stud flh passenger footpeg 27-0064 brackets are fully adjustable for 1977-84 flh vt no oem

1155 multi