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give your cooking a boost a combi-steam cooker will enrich your life steam cooking is an ancient way of preparing food and at the same time the cooking method of the future food is not only prepared by healthier and more tasty means in the ultra-modern combi-steam cookers the appliances are also brilliantly diverse and make everyday life easier eating healthily and sustainably is part of a modern lifestyle as is a the know-how from top chefs for your home busy daily routine with a full schedule the combi-steam cooker is the the secret behind v-zug s modern combi-steam cookers is the result perfect product for those who like to cook simple food but still want of years of development work in the course of this v-zug has worked to enjoy eating a healthy and varied diet the appliance combines the closely with professional chefs whose valuable knowledge has had a oven and steam cooker into one unit thereby opening up a new world direct influence on the appliances although they are designed for use of cooking and enjoyment the recipe valuable vitamins nutrients and in the home they are also used professionally by top chefs such as aromas are retained much better when foods are cooked over a gentle nenad mlinarevic «the combi-steam cooker is easy to use and quickly heat with steam than when cooked conventionally – up to 20 more reaches the correct temperature precisely it even saves our recipes for of the vitamin c found in beans is retained for example this is how the us – brilliant!» explains the gaultmillau chef of the year 2016 and carrot keeps its fresh colour and broccoli its natural flavour another asset of the appliance from the swiss market leader v-zug – all the combi-steam cookers are developed and manufactured in zug this more diverse than you think also fits with a responsible sustainable lifestyle a combi-steam cooker has many hidden possibilities it is not only ideal for cooking vegetables gently but also for preparing meat exactly when you need it for baking bread for cooking your eggs in the morning or low-fat chips in the evening entire menus can even be prepared in the same cooking space – the rice vegetables and chicken breast all at the same time this leaves more time for the things that are really important in life your guests or simply enjoying your meal 2 3