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cooking demonstrations and courses so that you can find out about everything our combi-steam cooker can do we offer a range of inspirational cooking demonstrations and courses be inspired further information and registration forms are available on our website at discover your combi-steam’s functions for more inspiration your combi-steam cooker is really easy to use expert and ambitious amateur cooks can design their own cooking process manually for everyone else the appliance comes with a range of intelligent programmes and handy default settings operating modes – choose your own for a unique cooking gourmetguide – easy preparation thanks to automatic process programmes v-zug has the ideal operating mode for all your needs from hot air and the gourmetguide menu option contains intelligent automatic program steaming to a grill with forced convection and once you have learned mes that can carry out complex cooking processes at the touch of a the ideal cooking conditions for certain foods and ingredients and which button find inspiration from the recipes in the v-zug cookbook simply operating modes to apply you can use the v-zug combi-steam cooker select the recipe you want on the appliance and it will carry out the to produce dishes of the highest standard no wonder switzerland’s necessary steps automatically these programmes allow you to prepare top chefs use our appliances in their professional restaurant kitchens – meals in advance without going to a lot of effort we recommend the despite the fact they were designed for home use following programmes ■■ easycook is ideal for anyone who loves cooking made easy with over 100 handy default settings for certain items of food you can find the regeneration with a special combination of steam and hot air you can heat up pre-prepared dishes or convenience products for easycook – tips on settings for the right operating mode as good as fresh enjoyment ■■ soft roasting v-zug’s innovation automatically and dynamically ideal setting at the touch of a button all you have to do is put your food regulates the food probe temperature regardless of the shape – vegetables fish poultry or other ingredients – into the steam cooker thickness and weight of the meat it will be perfectly cooked and press start and the appliance applies the ideal conditions for cooking ready to serve at just the right time ■■ bakeomatic using unique sensor technology your combi-steam will automatically detect the quantity and size of the dish and will select the best sequence of the various operating modes with exactly the right temperature and duration 4 5