Combi-Steamer 2016 by V-ZUG AG

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Page 4 of Combi-Steamer 2016 more exclusive recipes inspirational recipes the unique recipes on our website showcase the number of exclusive ways you can use this state-of-the-art combi-steam cooker take a journey of discovery into the delicious world of cooking with steam healthy steaming – now even quicker the combi-steam mslq is ideal for helping you to maintain a healthy and modern lifestyle thanks to this high-tech appliance dishes are not just quicker to prepare they are also healthier too a pleasant companion from morning to night steam three methods of heating for an array of different cooking techniques 1 every type of food has its own unique cooking process which can be achieved using heat steam microwaves or a sophisticated ting mode for baking cooking or drying this covers top/bottom 5 heat hot air or grilling for instance steaming is a very gentle dishes so that they are as good as fresh with the powerregenerate «the combi-steam mslq can be used for quick and gentle cooking operating mode this is just as gentle as ever before but is simply even with powersteaming and quick regeneration with powerregenerate quicker the hot air with steaming function is the ideal combination the cooking process for selected vegetables is around 25 to 30  of conventional heat and steam – perfect for puff pastry and baked shorter with powersteaming than when cooking with steam in contrast goods that contain yeast the dough rises beautifully and comes out to normal cooking processes the food can contain up to 30  more with a crispy finish the hot air with steaming function is also good for minerals and vitamin c.» the combi-steam mslq is the only appliance in the world that can a ve 3 ow ti o na l 6 combine all three heating methods – hot air steam and microwaves ic r 2 ve n 6 confirms a unique combination of all three heating methods m con and easy solution for heating liquids in a container 4 7 and non-pressurized method for cooking vegetables and other microwaves are suitable for regenerating dishes or as a quick weihenstephan-triesdorf university of applied science the combination of hot air and steam is perfect for reheating pre-cooked cooking frozen produce without fats such as oven chips or spring rolls combination of all three conventional heat is the classic opera items – and you can even cook several layers at the same time combining heat and steam in whichever way you want – in one cooking process at the same time this exclusive combination opens up new dimensions in cooking you can save a lot of time – no matter what combination you choose baking and steaming take up to 30  less time 7