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event fall term faculty work days credit classes do not meet collegewide sep 16 dec 20 osceola and west oct 7 east and winter park oct 9 spring term summer full term summer term a summer term b jan 7-9 may 8 may 12-14 jun 22-25 aug 3 may 12-14 jun 22 jun 23-25 aug 3 college nights oct 7 west campus oct 9 east campus matador week oct 13-17 withdrawal deadline for “w” grade oct 31 mar 26 jul 2 jun 4 jul 16 classes end dec 12 apr 30 aug 2 jun 21 aug 2 final withdrawal deadline dec 12 apr 30 aug 2 jun 21 aug 2 last day last day last day final examinations dec 13-19 may 1-7 of class of class of class term ends dec 19 may 7 aug 2 jun 21 aug 2 grades due dec 20 may 8 aug 3 jun 22 aug 3 commencement may 8 fourth attempt appeal deadline may 30 sep 26 jan 31 jan 31 jan 31 suspension readmission request deadline aug 15 dec 12 apr 30 apr 30 jun 4 graduation application deadline sep 5 jan 23 may 28 may 28 may 28 clast application deadline sep 5 jan 23 may 7 jan 23 may 7 college

and then matches the applicants with the scholarship criteria most of the scholarships have unique special criteria such as graduation from a particular high school or employment with a certain company preference may be given to students with financial need and a minimum gpa of 2.5 while good grades are important the highest grades usually are not the basis for selection the application must be submitted to financial aid services no later than june 1 to be considered for the upcoming academic year florida bright futures scholarship program this is a lottery-funded scholarship to reward florida high school graduates who demonstrate high academic achievement this program has three levels the florida academic scholars award 100 of college-level fees plus a book allowance the florida medallion scholarship 75 of college-level fees and florida gold seal vocational scholars award 75 of vocational program fees each award level has different academic criteria for eligibility the top-ranked

committee within ten 10 working days of the written notification of the suspension decision discipline policy the president of valencia or a designee shall have the authority to suspend or expel a student who shall be found to have committed any of the acts listed in college policy 6hx28 10-03 student conduct or in violation of other valencia policies after notice to the student of the charges and an opportunity to be heard at a hearing thereon hearings shall be conducted by the president or a designee college policy 6hx28 10-04 student disciplinary action describes the policy and procedure related to these proceedings the full text of these policies is printed in the student handbook and in the college policy manual violations of college regulations or other forms of student misconduct will be investigated by the appropriate provost or designee the provost shall have original jurisdiction in such matters and may take the following degrees of disciplinary action warning censure

intermediate courses course enc 1102 title freshman composition ii gr credit hours 3 code enc2 comm greg mathematics gr spc 1600 fundamentals of speech science see a.a gen ed requirement humanities hum prefix gr amh 2010 u s history to 1877 jou 1404l college newspaper or jou 1441l college magazine total hours 3 3 3 3 3 grmt grqn spc aasc humh grhm aass 1 19 earn valencia’s associate in arts degree general studies and still be prepared for transfer in this major students in pre-majors must complete all required collegepreparatory courses prerequisites for the listed course requirements and valencia’s foreign language proficiency requirement courses meeting the preceding requirements may be in addition to the 60 credit hours listed the courses do not have to be taken in the order listed the sequence suggested is based upon prerequisites and level of course difficulty for most students foundation courses advanced courses course humanities science amh 2020 mmc 2100

computer programming specialist technical certificate this certificate is designed for students who wish to gain a foundation in the software development area course cop 1006 cgs 2100 cop 1332 cop 2220 cop 2800 title credit hours introduction to programming concepts 3 microcomputer fundamentals and applications 3 introduction to visual basic or c programming or introduction to java programming 3 computer programming and analysis electives 9 total hours required 18 code cop 2762 cop 2763 cop 2800 cop 2802 cop 2805 cop 2807 cop 2821 cop 2822 cop 2823 cop 2830 cop 2836 cop 2930 geb 1011 ost 1100 ctaa ost 1141 ost 1335 sls 1122 sls1303 computer programming and analysis electives course acg 2021 acg 2071 cet 2178c cet 2179c cet 2486c cet 2588 cet 2784 cgs 1555 cgs 1560 cgs 2545 cis 1354 cis 2102 cis 2321 cis 2355 cis 2942 cop 1332 cop 1650 cop 1744 cop 1745 cop 1812 cop 2220 cop 2222 cop 2224 cop 2228 cop 2341 cop 2345 cop 2740 cop 2741 cop 2760

office administration intermediate courses associate in science degree this program is designed to prepare students for office support positions of receptionists administrative assistants records managers office supervisors and managers and other office related positions the program prepares students for immediate employment in a business office and provides training for both first-time job seekers and experienced employees who wish to advance in their careers a.s degree-seeking students must complete all required college preparatory courses in reading mathematics and english title ost 1108 building keyboarding speed and accuracy or office administration simulation records management and legal implications 1 keyboarding and document processing ii or 1 machine transcription 3 wordperfect for windows or microsoft word business communications microsoft excel pagemaker desktop publishing office management total hours ost 2120 ost 1355 ost 1110 valencia community college recognizes the

computer information/programming analysis/database technology course cr computer information/programming analysis/database technology cls lab course cop 1747 3 3 0 oracle report builder • prerequisite minimum grade of c in cop 1748 or department approval students will build a variety of standard and custom reports in a client-server environment working in a graphical user interface giui environment students will learn how to retrieve display and format data in many styles to create tabular matrix mailing label and letter reports they also will use the intelligent and remote reports server special fee $25.00 cr cls lab cop 2228 3 3 0 advanced c • prerequisite cop 2224 a continuation of cop 2224 the students will learn advanced topics for creating commercial quality software the microsoft foundation classes for creating graphical user interfaces in c will be covered students will be able to implement c programs using modern software techniques for distributed

health fitness and physical education course history cr cls lab course pem 1405 2 2 0 self-defense for women practical self-defense techniques designed for women techniques do not require strength but rely on dynamics of motion designed to increase awareness of danger and develop protective responses develops self-confidence and self-esteem special fee $25.00 cr cls lab hsc 1230c 2 1 3 methods of patient care introduces basic theories skills and techniques of quality patient care includes communication assessment skills aseptic technique venous access and drug administration emergency situations and aids education presents theoretical and practical knowledge to make sound clinical judgments and carry out patient care activities special fee $60.00 pem 1441 2 2 0 karate i application and understanding of learned techniques in empty hand way karate do emphasizes basic movement skills safety regulations rules and basic oriental terminology related to sport special fee $25.00 hsc 1531 3

sonography course sonography cr cls lab course cr cls lab son 2618 3 3 0 acoustical physics and instrumentation ii • prerequisite son 1614 • corequisites son 2121 son 2150 and son 2824 this course is a continuation in the study of the properties of diagnostic ultrasound and their role in the production of quality ultrasonic images of patient organs son 1804 2 0 16 clinical sonography i • prerequisite son 1000c • prerequisite or corequisite bsc 2094c • corequisite son 1001c supervised clinical experience and competency evaluation of professional interaction and performance of sonographic procedures with emphasis on patient care ultrasound computer equipment orientation cross-sectional imaging planes and performance of quality exams this course includes learning activity designed to ensure competence in the basic use of computers special fee $40.00 son 2619 2 2 0 acoustical physics and instrumentation iii • prerequisite son 2618 • corequisites

dixon sherri l manager grants accounting b.s florida southern college dohany suzette m professor speech b.f.a florida state university m.s florida state university dome charles h iv professor sociology b.a university of central florida m.s florida state university ed.d nova southeastern university donley jeffery r.w professor interdisciplinary studies m.a cincinnati christian seminary m.div cincinnati christian seminary th.m princeton theological seminary m.lett the university of birmingham united kingdom ph.d the university of wales united kingdom dorn carol l professor biology b.s lander college m.a rollins college dow george m professor accounting b.s.b.a university of florida m.b.a university of central florida m.s university of central florida c.p.a florida downey andrew a professor art b.f.a university of central florida m.f.a university of central florida downing linda i director financial aid services b.a university of central florida m.s rollins college

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