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academic calendar 2005-06 important dates and deadlines any revisions to this calendar made during the year will be found in the academic calendar in the online official catalog event fall term spring term summer full term summer term a summer term b international student application deadline student out of country student in country may 21 may 21 oct 7 nov 4 march 3 march 10 march 3 march 10 march 3 march 10 fourth attempt appeal deadline may 27 sep 30 jan 27 jan 27 jan 27 financial aid deadline for upcoming term july 29 dec 2 april 21 april 21 april 21 advanced registration returning students web july 25 nov 28 april 3 april 3 april 3 advanced registration new returning students web aug 2 dec 6 april 11 april 11 april 11 open registration new and returning students web aug 5 dec 9 april 14 april 14 april 14 advanced registration fee payment deadline aug 11 dec 15 april 20 april 20 june 15 application deadline aug 12 dec 16 april 21 april 21 june 2 financial aid suspension appeal

emergency medical services ems ems students will incur the following costs in addition to the valencia credit application fee fees paid per credit hour special fees books meals and transportation to the campus and clinical facilities these expenses are subject to change without notice 12 13 14 15 16 cpr certification background check student nurse association graduate pins estimate achievement tests two-year period estimated total for program 45.00 23.00 80.00 50.00 100.00 1175.00 note to be licensed the graduate must successfully complete the following 1 health sciences program application fee per application 2 uniforms and shoes 3 liability insurance 4 miscellaneous supplies and materials 5 physical exam 6 hepatitis immunization 7 cpr certification 8 background check 15.00 200.00 27.00 1 national council licensure examination nclex 200.00 2 florida board of nursing examination 200.00 radiography estimated total for program 735.00 125.00 150.00 150.00 45.00 23.00

• may result in your having to pay the full cost of instruction fee to retake the course • may affect your anticipated graduation date • may result in your being denied access to limited access programs • may affect your eligibility for the honors program • may affect your immigration status if you are attending valencia on a nonimmigrant visa • will increase the cost of your education before you withdraw • talk with your professor to discuss your progress in the course • see a student services staff member to discuss how a withdrawal will affect your career and educational plans and/or the status of your financial aid conditions that apply to a first or second course attempt on or before the withdrawal deadline for a grade of w during a first or second attempt in the same course at valencia if you withdraw or are withdrawn by the professor on or before the withdrawal deadline for a grade of w you will receive a w withdrawn you will not

arts degree general studies and still be prepared for transfer in this major foundation courses course enc 1101 title freshman composition i gr credit hours 3 code enc1 comm greg mac 1105 pos 2041 humanities spc 1600 science electives college algebra gr u.s government see a.a gen ed requirement fundamentals of speech see a.a gen ed requirement total hours 3 3 3 3 3 3 21 pos humn comm spc aasc science spc 1601 enc 1102 title see a.a gen ed requirement public speaking freshman composition ii gr credit hours 3 3 3 gr statistical methodsgr hum prefix gr total hours 3 3 3 18 course code aasc psy 1012 spc 1016 spc 1700 cgs 1061 syg 2000 electives electives title general psychology informal communication cross cultural communication introduction to microcomputers introductory sociology total hours total hours required credit hours code enc 1101 freshman composition i gr 3 enc1 comm mathematics humanities pos 2041 mmc 1000 jou 1400l gr see a.a gen ed requirement u.s government

computer information technology support specialist with specializations in computer information technology electives these courses may be used for elective credit within computer information technology degree and certificate programs if not a requirement of that program information technology support specialist internet technologies specialist technical customer service specialist course technical certificate this certificate program is designed for students who wish to gain a foundation in information technology and prepare for industry certifications that lead to entry-level jobs students should select the information technology support the internet technologies or the technical customer service specialization information technology support specialist specialization course a1 cet 2179c 2178c n1 cet 2486c n1 cet 2588 cgs 1560 a1,v1cet title a concepts software a concepts hardware local area networks network introduction to operating systems computer information technology electives

microsoft office specialist certification courses needed for preparation are foundation courses course enc 1101 course title ost 1755 microsoft word introductory core microsoft word expert microsoft excel introductory core microsoft excel expert microsoft powerpoint presentation software expert microsoft access database management software expert ost 2756 ost 2852 ost 2858 ost 2828 ost 2836 credit hours ost 1100 1 3 ost 2854 1 3 ost 1257 geb 1011 inp 1301 1 psy 1012 title credit hours code 3 enc1 freshman composition i 1 keyboarding and document processing i microsoft office applications package 1 medical terminology for the office introduction to business psychology in business and industry or general psychology total hours 3 3 3 3 3 18 3 intermediate courses credit hours medical office administration course title associate in science degree ost 1108 building keyboarding speed and accuracy 1 introduction to body systems for ost wordperfect for windows or microsoft word business

computer engineering technology course computer engineering technology cr cls lab course cet 2620c 4 4 0 cisco projects in routing design and administration • prerequisite cet 2615c or department approval this course is designed to prepare a student to apply and understand the advanced principles applications and implementation of networking hardware this course covers the advanced network design projects and advanced network management projects this is the fourth of a four-part series designed to prepare students for the cisco certified networking associate exam special fee $35.00 cr cls lab cet 2675 4 4 0 voice over ip • prerequisites cet 2486c and eet 1214c this course will focus on understanding the architecture of voice communication and will show how signaling call quality and pbxs work within data networks the course also will provide realworld multi-vendor options for integrating voice and data communication applications special fee $35.00 cet 2722 3 3 0 microsoft

health health and fitness and physical education course health health and fitness and physical education cr cls lab course pel 2343 2 2 0 tennis iii specialized instruction with emphasis on techniques and strategy used in competitive play open to any student with department approval special fee $10.00 cr cls lab pem 1173 2 2 0 hip hop dance i hip hop dance is a form of art that allows one to express feelings and emotions the hip hop dance class is designed to develop the student’s body and spatial awareness and improve coordination balance flexibility concentration endurance and rhythm skills special fee $5.00 pel 2442 2 2 0 racquetball ii for students developing advanced skills of a good racquetball player emphasizes advanced development of fundamental strokes and introduces overhead ceiling ball z-shot practical playing experience aids in teaching techniques and strategy open to all students with department approval special fee $5.00 pem 1174 2 2 0 hip hop dance ii •

spanish course speech cr cls lab course spanish cls lab spn 2941 1 4 variable internship exploration in spanish • prerequisites satisfactory completion of required collegepreparatory courses 12 valencia college-level credits including a foreign language course at the intermediate level and internship office approval this course is a planned work-based experience that provides students with supervised career exploration activities and/or practical experiences related to their career objectives each earned credit hour of internship requires a minimum of 80 clock hours of work multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied internship fee $65.00 spn 1000 3 3 0 basic spanish for students without two years of recent high school spanish completed within the last three years or department approval emphasis on everyday use of the language integrating basic grammar vocabulary composition and culture through a conversational approach to spanish

career service staff camilo arias technical document specialist pamela j beechum custodial services supervisor kathleen a adams administrative assistant to the assistant vice president carlos arias maintenance technician christine p belin-mortera administrative assistant to the dean damaris arias mail clerk/custodian denise k bell office systems manager emilia v arias lead custodian kristol m bell student services specialist depot marisela d arias technical document specialist theo bell custodial working supervisor roxana b arias career advisor winsome j bennett facility coordinator tonaysha e askew administrative assistant to the dean darlene a bennington cashier kim d augustus technical document specialist troadio i beredo custodian maureen m l au-yeung grants accounting specialist harriett s berlien student services specialist depot reneesa j bacon instructional assistant senior katherine a berntson financial aid clerk maria m badea custodian andrianna a berry instructional

learning-centered student affairs campus locations valencia community college is an equal opportunity institution and it is the policy of the district board of trustees to provide equal opportunity for employment and educational opportunities to all applicants for employment employees criminal justice institute 8600 valencia college lane orlando florida 32825 407-299-5000 applicants for admission students and others affiliated with the college without regard to race color national origin age religion disability marital status gender sexual orientation and any other factor protected under applicable federal state and local civil rights laws rules and regulations please see valencia community college downtown center 190 south orange avenue orlando florida 32801 407-299-5000 tty 407-246-1113 policies 6hx28:02-01 through 6hx28:02-07 available online at http valenciacc.edu/policies the person designated to coordinate this implementation is the vice president for human resources and