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microsoft office specialist certification courses needed for preparation are foundation courses course enc 1101 course title ost 1755 microsoft word introductory core microsoft word expert microsoft excel introductory core microsoft excel expert microsoft powerpoint presentation software expert microsoft access database management software expert ost 2756 ost 2852 ost 2858 ost 2828 ost 2836 credit hours ost 1100 1 3 ost 2854 1 3 ost 1257 geb 1011 inp 1301 1 psy 1012 title credit hours code 3 enc1 freshman composition i 1 keyboarding and document processing i microsoft office applications package 1 medical terminology for the office introduction to business psychology in business and industry or general psychology total hours 3 3 3 3 3 18 3 intermediate courses credit hours medical office administration course title associate in science degree ost 1108 building keyboarding speed and accuracy 1 introduction to body systems for ost wordperfect for windows or microsoft word business communications 1 medical transcription i records management and legal implications see a.s gen ed requirement 3 3 total hours 21 this program is designed to prepare students for employment as office support staff and medical transcriptionists in medical offices hospitals and other health care organizations it provides training for both first-time job seekers and experienced employees who wish to advance in their careers graduates of specific programs at orange county tech centers and teco may be eligible for the award of credit in specific courses in this program for information and requirements visit the valencia web site at http valenciacc.edu/asdegrees/tec.asp to view the articulation agreement eligible students should contact the related academic department and/or career program advisor at valencia for the award of credit ost 1467 ost 2711 ost 2756 ost 1335 ost 1611 ost 1355 humanities 3 3 3 3 humn humh advanced courses ost 1110 although scheduling may not always provide for the following progression of courses students should use the foundation intermediate and advanced course sequence as a guide in program planning a.s degree-seeking students must successfully complete all required college preparatory courses in reading mathematics and english 3 forl ashm course students wishing to transfer any credits from this program to another institution must secure approval in advance from the receiving institution code ost 2612 ost 2464 mtb 1103 apa 1111 acg 2021 ost 2501 ost 2943 title 1 keyboarding credit hours processing ii 1 medical transcription ii medisoft office management software business mathematics or basic accounting or principles of financial accounting office management internship in medical office and/or medical office administration electives 3 3 3 3 3 3 science or specialized courses may not be offered every session or on every campus this course must be completed with a grade of c or better this course has a prerequisite check description in valencia catalog code denotes course attribute if needed for degree audits mdas grqn aasc mathematics see a.s gen ed requirement gen ed elective code and document see a.s gen ed requirement total hours total hours required 3 asms grmt 3 24 63 continued 171