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health health and fitness and physical education course health health and fitness and physical education cr cls lab course pel 2343 2 2 0 tennis iii specialized instruction with emphasis on techniques and strategy used in competitive play open to any student with department approval special fee $10.00 cr cls lab pem 1173 2 2 0 hip hop dance i hip hop dance is a form of art that allows one to express feelings and emotions the hip hop dance class is designed to develop the student’s body and spatial awareness and improve coordination balance flexibility concentration endurance and rhythm skills special fee $5.00 pel 2442 2 2 0 racquetball ii for students developing advanced skills of a good racquetball player emphasizes advanced development of fundamental strokes and introduces overhead ceiling ball z-shot practical playing experience aids in teaching techniques and strategy open to all students with department approval special fee $5.00 pem 1174 2 2 0 hip hop dance ii • prerequisite pem 1173 students will review the fundamental hip hop dance skills and will focus on choreography participants will learn proper techniques of executing specific steps position timing and style how to memorize dance combinations and proper stretching techniques the course will improve eye-foot coordination eye-hand coordination agility concentration balance and flexibility special fee $5.00 pel 2622 2 2 0 basketball ii for students with intermediate and/or advanced skills review of basic fundamental skills and emphasis on advanced development of skills and strategies special fee $5.00 2 2 0 pem 1176 kickboxing i a total workout that is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance coordination balance concentration agility and muscle tone special fee $5.00 pem 1012 1-2 1-2 0 fitness for the disabled individualized fitness program geared to student s capabilities strength and aerobic training in independent workouts multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied special fee $10.00 pem 1405 2 2 0 self-defense for women practical self-defense techniques designed for women techniques do not require strength but rely on dynamics of motion designed to increase awareness of danger and develop protective responses develops self-confidence and self-esteem special fee $5.00 pem 1131 2 2 0 weight training and conditioning i designed to improve strength and appearance with the use of weight training machines rope jumping walking jogging circuit training isotonic and isometric exercises emphasis is on fitness and proper conditioning techniques special fee $10.00 pem 1441 2 2 0 karate i application and understanding of learned techniques in empty hand way karate do emphasizes basic movement skills safety regulations rules and basic oriental terminology related to sport special fee $5.00 pem 1132 2 2 0 weight training and conditioning ii • prerequisite pem 1131 or department approval for students interested in developing advanced skills in weight training rope jumping walking jogging circuit training isotonic and isometric exercises emphasis is on the use of advanced fitness and conditioning activities to improve strength and maintain health special fee $10.00 pem 2442 2 2 0 karate ii • prerequisite department approval for students who wish to attain skills in various forms of kata while performing fundamentals of karate do in complex patterns of simulated defensive situations special fee $5.00 pem 1171 2 0 2 dance aerobics program of physical fitness based on popular aerobic exercises choreographed to music individual exercise programs designed for people of all ages special fee $5.00 pen 1136 2 2 0 scuba training • prerequisite basic swimming ability and good health an introduction to the proper techniques of safe scuba diving special fee $65.00 pem 1172 2 2 0 slimnastics slimnastics is a program of physical fitness that is choreographed to music participants will learn various floor exercises for specific muscle groups and will focus on proper body alignment during exercise special fee $5.00 pet 2622 3 3 0 care and prevention of athletic injuries an introduction to the prevention identification care and rehabilitation of activity-related injuries training will include taping techniques special fee $25.00 244