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speech course theater and entertainment cr cls lab course spc 2930 1 3 variable selected topics in speech seminar for students interested in research discussion and observation of special topics in speech multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied cr cls lab rtv 2930 1 3 variable selected topics in television technology for students interested in research discussion observation and experience in advanced techniques in television and video production topics selected from various areas of video technology such as design and production of video programs computer graphics and animation for video editing and post-production techniques multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied student development sls 1261 3 3 0 student leadership development dynamics of student organizational behavior with emphasis on personal and group goal setting self affirmation conflict resolution and development of leadership skills theater and entertainment the 1020 3 3 0 introduction to theater overview of major elements involved in theater production includes script analysis history technical theater acting and directing requires attendance at selected plays student life skills sls 1101 1 1 0 college survival skills provides students knowledge and skills for college survival includes introduction to college and its resources selected study skills and personal resource management skills students identify skill areas and levels they wish to improve 3 3 0 the 1100 introduction to theater history survey of the development of theater and drama from prehistory through the present representative plays studied the 2304 3 3 0 script analysis an introduction to the examination and analysis of play scripts as preparation for production students will read plays from various periods and genres and analyze such dramatic elements as plot theme character dialogue and style sls 1122 3 3 0 student success student success is designed to equip students for transitions in education and life students will be actively involved in learning and integrating practical applications to promote success emphasis is on investigating personality traits learning styles and goals students will develop a learning portfolio and an educational plan while enhancing critical thinking and study strategies the 2930 1 3 variable selected topics in theater for students interested in exploring special topics in theater through research discussion and observation multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied sls 2940 1 4 variable service learning • prerequisites satisfactory completion of required collegepreparatory courses 12 valencia college-level credits 2.0 overall gpa and internship office approval this is a planned service learning experience that provides students with supervised career exploration activities and/or practical experiences in a community service setting to confirm their career objectives each earned credit hour of community service experience requires a minimum of 50 clock hours of work multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied internship fee $65.00 tpa 1210 3 2 2 basic stagecraft i methods of scenery construction covers tools materials hardware and basic approaches to building scenery using hands-on experience to complement lectures special fee $25.00 tpa 1211 3 2 2 basic stagecraft ii special emphasis on construction of props scene painting techniques special effects and installation this course includes learning activity designed to ensure competence in oral communication special fee $25.00 surveying technology see civil/surveying engineering technology for course descriptions tpa 1230 3 2 2 costume techniques and wardrobe practices emphasis on planning execution and running of costumes for production special fee $25.00 television rtv 1241 3 3 0 television production introduction to basic procedures and practices in producing emphasis on beginning television production techniques in studio includes use of cameras lighting and staging and application of some techniques in scriptwriting and directing tpa 1248 3 2 2 makeup for the stage study of principles materials and applications of theatrical makeup special fee $25.00 282