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academic calendar 2006-07 • important dates and deadlines fall any revisions to this calendar made during the year will be found in the academic calendar in the online official catalog 2 full term 1st 7 weeks term a 2nd 7 weeks term b first ten weeks second ten weeks 1st 5 weeks tri-1 2nd 5 weeks tri-2 3rd 5 weeks tri-3 middle 8 weeks videoon-demand telecourse international student application deadline student out of country student in country june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 june 16 july 14 fourth attempt appeal deadline aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 financial aid deadline for upcoming term aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 aug 11 advanced registration returning students atlas may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 may 22 advanced registration new students atlas may 30 may 30

bridges to success this scholarship is awarded to students who participate in the bridges to success program the bridges to success program is available to disadvantaged high school graduates from orange or osceola county high schools special consideration is given to students who have participated in one of valencia’s precollegiate programs college reach out program crop dual enrollment partnership program pathways into nursing program pin tech prep or upward bound and enrolled at valencia the summer following high school the grant will pay for in-state tuition and fees plus up to $300 per term for required books and supplies 6 complete at least 75 of attempted credits two plus two minority scholarship this program provides a two-year up to 31 credits per year tuition scholarship from valencia community college plus a transfer scholarship from a participating four-year college to be considered you must be a minority graduate from a high school in orange or osceola county

college policies 6hx28 10-03 6hx28 10-18 6hx28 04-41 misconduct hearings hearings shall be conducted by the provost or designee which may be a committee at such hearings you shall have the right to counsel or a representative of your choice determination of your guilt or innocence in the commission of the act of misconduct will be made after the hearing by the provost or designee based on the findings of the hearing a recommendation will be be made to the president for appropriate action being convicted in a court of law for a criminal offense involving personal misconduct may constitute sufficient grounds for suspension or expulsion from the college appeal of administrative decisions college policy 6hx28 10-15 student rights of appeal of administrative decisions from this policy civil rights discrimination student disciplinary action and student academic grievances are addressed specifically in other college policies the student administrative appeals committee will hold a hearing

advanced courses course eco 2013 cot 2104 cop 2222 sta 2023 humanities humanities title credits principles of economics macro foundations of discrete mathematics advanced c programming statistical methods gr hum prefix gr gr total credits total degree credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 60 code humn grhm 3 3 3 3 3 aasc humanities sta 2023 humanities gr statistical methodsgr hum prefix gr total credits 3 3 3 18 pos enc2 comm humn grhm humh grhm title general psychology informal communication cross cultural communication introduction to microcomputers introductory sociology credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 21 60 notes recommended electives include prerequisites necessary for the listed course requirements and foreign language courses necessary to satisfy valencia’s and the university’s foreign language proficiency requirements and phi 2600 ethics and critical thinking the electives do not necessarily need to be taken in three-credit courses pre-major journalism associate in arts

computer information technology specialist technology at the university of central florida should select mac 1105 college algebra or higher mathematics technical certificate course a1 cet 2178c cgs 1560 a1 cet 2179c n1 cet 2486c cis 1354 s1 title 2 credits a concepts hardware introduction to operating systems or a concepts software 3 students planning to transfer to information systems technology at the university of central florida should select from arh 2050 arh 2051 hum 2220 hum 2223 hum 2232 hum 2234 lit 2110 lit 2120 mul 1010 phi 2010 rel 2000 or the 1020 3 local area networks introduction to network security computer information technology electives restricted or 4 non-restricted 3 for students with a high level of expertise in current version of 3 3 microsoft office suite credit by examination is available for this course 4 students planning to transfer to information systems technology at the university of central florida should select eco 2013 or eco 2023 5 students planning

• complete nursing program prerequisite for admission courses with minimum grades of “c” • have satisfactory nurse entrance test net scores • complete background check and achieve a satisfactory review a student will not be allowed to continue in the nursing program if he/she withdraws from two courses or receives a grade of d or f in two nursing courses subject prefix of nur this could be the same nursing course twice or two separate nursing courses year ii students with nursing courses from other institutions who wish to transfer into this program must complete transfer application documents transfer decisions are made on an individual basis and on a space-available basis nur 2823c nur 2832l fourth term course nur 2204c prerequisite for admission courses course title mcb 2010c bsc 2093c bsc 2094c psy 1012 dep 2004 enc 1101 hun 2202 microbiology human anatomy and physiology i human anatomy and physiology ii general psychology developmental

computer engineering technology course computer engineering technology cr cls lab course cet 2784 3 3 0 wide area networks • prerequisite cet 2486c or department approval students learn principles of wide are network systems topics include current telephone systems architecture for voice and data application of standards in data switching presented as a basis for discussion of wan digital communications key issues in wasn technology are defined connection-oriented versus connection less service synchronous versus asynchronous links and details of frames packets and cells in data communications followed by presentation of all current wan technologies including broadband isdn x.25 packet switching frame relay sonet smds and atm cr cls lab cet 2810 4 4 0 microsoft exchange 2003 server implementation and administration • prerequisite cet 2794 this course teaches the student to install configure and administer microsoft exchange 2003 this course covers the installation of

health health and fitness and physical education course health sciences cr cls lab course cr cls lab pem 1171 2 0 2 dance aerobics program of physical fitness based on popular aerobic exercises choreographed to music individual exercise programs designed for people of all ages special fee $5.00 pen 1136 2 2 0 scuba training • prerequisite basic swimming ability and good health an introduction to the proper techniques of safe scuba diving special fee $65.00 pem 1172 2 2 0 slimnastics slimnastics is a program of physical fitness that is choreographed to music participants will learn various floor exercises for specific muscle groups and will focus on proper body alignment during exercise special fee $5.00 pet 2622 3 3 0 care and prevention of athletic injuries an introduction to the prevention identification care and rehabilitation of activity-related injuries training will include taping techniques special fee $25.00 pet 2930 1 3 variable selected topics in physical education

sociology course sonography cr cls lab course cr cls lab sociology sonography syg 2000 3 3 0 introductory sociology enables student to understand social behavior and social processes and become familiar with vocabulary and methodology of discipline of sociology emphasis on culture and personality age and sex roles family deviant behavior social class and stratification group behavior and social change to register for any of the sonography courses you must apply and be accepted to the diagnostic medical sonography program syg 2000h 3 3 introductory sociology honors same as syg 2000 with honors content honors program permission required son 1000c 3 2 4 introduction to medical sonography • prerequisites mcb 2010c and acceptance to sonography a s degree program • prerequisites or corequisites bsc 2093c and hsc 1531 • corequisite hsc 1230c a course designed to introduce the student to the radiology department and to the interaction of the diagnostic ultrasound department

darryl thorne professor economics garland w vance assistant to the provost b a pace university m a new school for social research b a otterbein college m a university of northern colorado b joan tiller assistant vice president workforce development linda b vance dean of students b a university of south florida m a university of south florida john j tobia professor political science b a otterbein college m a rollins college ida f van de car professor mathematics james g weaver assistant director criminal justice institute b s university of central florida m s rollins college steve webb creative director graphics dennis f weeks director learning resource center b c e murray state university m a university of central florida ed d university of central florida b a university of florida m a university of florida b s university of central florida m s university of central florida ph d university of central florida chanda m torres director student development sylvana vester professor

learning-centered student affairs the student affairs division at valencia community college is designed to assist all valencia students in achieving extraordinary learning results by better preparing students to start right and be successful student affairs focuses encouraging the use of lifemap and atlas tools as a means of success for all students traffic and information flow in ways to support student learning the order of the following descriptions can be used as a guideline for moving through the enrollment process information station – the information station is positioned in a central location it is staffed by student leaders trained to provide general information to new and returning students from here prospective students and visitors to campus will be able to obtain directions to the offices on campus applications for admission and financial aid information about the assessment process and other general information in addition there are computer stations available