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4 dec 14 oct 29 nov 6 nov 9 dec 14 oct 29-dec 14 financial aid priority deadline for upcoming term dec 14 advanced registration begins returning students atlas oct 29 advanced registration begins new students atlas nov 6 open registration begins new and returning students atlas nov 9 friday initial fee payment deadline for registration period jan 4 late registration senior citizen and state employee registration begins jan 4 jan 7 dec 14 dec 14 feb 29 n/a n/a dec 14 feb 22 jan 4 feb 15 jan 3 dec 15-jan 3 dec 14 oct 29-dec 14 nov 9 nov 6 oct 29 dec 14 dec 14 oct 19 nov 16 2nd 7 weeks h2 jan 7 jan 4 jan 4 dec 14 dec 14 jan 4 dec 14 jan 3 dec 15-jan 3 dec 14 oct 29-dec 14 nov 9 nov 6 oct 29 dec 14 dec 14 oct 19 nov 16 1st 10 weeks twj feb 11 n/a n/a dec 14 feb 1 jan 4 jan 25 jan 3 dec 15-jan 3 dec 14 oct 29-dec 14 nov 9 nov 6 oct 29 dec 14 dec 14 oct 19 nov 16 2nd 10 weeks twk jan 7 jan 4 jan 4 dec 14 dec 14 jan 4 dec 14 jan 3 dec 15-jan 3 dec 14 oct 29-dec 14 nov 9 nov 6 oct 29 dec 14

office or from the florida department of education web site www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org valencia receives electronic information about eligible valencia scholars from the florida department of education you must designate valencia as the school you plan to attend and must enroll for at least six credits of college-level course work each term initial award amounts are estimated for purposes of valencia’s financial aid award planning actual payment depends upon the program regulations and the amount of tuition and fees assessed for the term the scholarship will cover the designated percentage of in-state college-level tuition and fees for a maximum of 45 credits of course work each year it is available in fall and spring terms only your financial aid award will reflect an estimate of the maximum amount that would be covered if you used all 45 credits in the year actual payment will be based on your actual tuition charges bright futures awards are available for fall and

expected student conduct valencia is dedicated not only to the advancement of knowledge and learning but also to the development of responsible personal and social conduct as a registered student you assume the responsibility for conducting yourself in a manner that contributes positively to valencia’s learning community and that does not impair interfere with or obstruct the orderly conduct processes and functions of the college as described in the student code of conduct college policy 6hx28 10-03 being convicted in a court of law for a criminal offense involving personal misconduct may constitute sufficient grounds for suspension or expulsion from the college implementing procedures i reporting violations of the student code of conduct any valencia student faculty or staff member may report a student student group or organization suspected of violating the student code of conduct to the campus dean of students or designee normally a written complaint to the campus dean of

advanced courses course humanities science amh 2020 mmc 2100 pos 2112 jou 2402l jou 2442l electives electives title foundation courses credits any aml enl or lit course gr see a.a gen ed requirement u s history 1877 to present writing for mass communications state and local government college newspaper or college magazine total credits total degree credits 3 3 3 3 3 code course enc 1101 humn grhm title 3 see a.a gen ed requirement u.s government fundamentals of speech introduction to business 3 3 3 3 3 18 aasc code enc1 comm greg humanities pos 2041 spc 1600 geb 1011 electives 1 3 3 22 60 total credits humn pos comm spc intermediate courses course title enc 1102 freshman composition ii gr cgs 2100 computer fundamentals and applications principles of economics-macro principles of financial accounting hum prefix gr calculus for business and social science gr credits 3 code enc2 comm greg notes recommended electives include prerequisites necessary for the listed course

4 5 computer information technology business electives any of these courses not being used for a degree requirement may be used for the business elective credit students planning to transfer to a four-year institution are encouraged to consult a career program advisor to determine the best course selection for transfer course acg 2021 bul 2241 eco 2013 eco 2023 geb 1011 geb 1136 mna 1031 title principles of financial accounting business law i principles of economics macro principles of economics micro introduction to business foundations of e-business project management credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 computer information technology restricted electives course cet 2811 cet 2854 cis 1417 cis 2102 cis 2355 cop 2345 x1 cts 1136 title microsoft windows server 2003 network microsoft windows xp professional wireless networks introduction to customer service and help desk concepts system assurance quality and testing advanced network security linux system administration remote technical

will be required to petition the board of nursing for permission to sit for the licensing exam completion of the program does not ensure permission to sit for the licensing exam dep 2004 enc 1101 hun 2202 nursing is a limited access program admission to valencia does not imply acceptance to the nursing program students must apply and be accepted into the program general admission procedures for this program are found in the admissions section of this catalog the health sciences division provides information about specific admission criteria humanities developmental psychology freshman composition i essentials of nutrition with diet therapy phi 2600 or phi 2010 recommended can be any course with hum prefix that meets a.a degree requirement total prerequisite credits 3 3 enc1 3 3 27 year i first term admission requirements for the a.s degree nursing generic track are • submit a completed valencia community college application • submit a completed valencia nursing

civil surveying/engineering technology course computer engineering technology cr cls lab course sur 2941 1 4 variable internship exploration in surveying • prerequisites satisfactory completion of all mandated courses in reading mathematics english and english for academic purposes 12 credits including sur 1101c and internship office approval this course is a planned work-based experience that provides students with supervised career exploration activities and/or practical experiences to assist in confirming their education plans each earned credit of internship requires a minimum of 80 clock hours of work multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied internship fee $10.00 cr cls lab formerly cet 2252c 3 3 1 cet 2178c a concepts hardware hands-on laboratory-oriented course an introductory course in microcomputer hardware and related applications the course is designed to introduce the student to the operation support and

health health and fitness and physical education course health sciences cr cls lab course cr cls lab pem 1131 2 2 0 weight training and conditioning i designed to improve strength and appearance with the use of weight training machines rope jumping walking jogging circuit training isotonic and isometric exercises emphasis is on fitness and proper conditioning techniques special fee $10.00 pem 1441 2 2 0 karate i application and understanding of learned techniques in empty hand way karate do emphasizes basic movement skills safety regulations rules and basic oriental terminology related to sport special fee $5.00 pem 1132 2 2 0 weight training and conditioning ii • prerequisite pem 1131 or department approval for students interested in developing advanced skills in weight training rope jumping walking jogging circuit training isotonic and isometric exercises emphasis is on the use of advanced fitness and conditioning activities to improve strength and maintain health special

sociology course sonography cr cls lab course cr cls lab sonography syg 2010 3 3 0 contemporary american social problems analysis of major social problems confronting american society special emphasis on critical thinking abilities in evaluating causes effects and various approaches in dealing with social problems discussion includes such topics as mental illness crime juvenile delinquency race relations pollution population urbanization and influences detrimental to family stability divorce alcoholism gambling drug abuse to register for any of the sonography courses you must apply and be accepted to the diagnostic medical sonography program son 1000c 3 2 4 introduction to medical sonography • prerequisites bsc 2093c and acceptance to sonography a s degree program • prerequisites or corequisites bsc 2094c and hsc 1531 • corequisite hsc 1230c a course designed to introduce the student to the radiology department and to the interaction of the diagnostic ultrasound

jillian m szentmiklosi director students with disabilities b a university of south florida m a university of central florida john j tobia professor political science b a university of florida m a university of florida linda b.vance dean of students b a otterbein college m a rollins college edward j szymanski professor humanities b a oblate college m ed boston college chanda m torres director student development b s university of central florida m a university of central florida william l.vaughters professor mathematics b e e university of florida m b a university of miami m s university of miami russell m takashima professor mathematics b s university of florida m s university of central florida soledad p townsend counselor b a hood college m s shippensburg university jennifer l taylor professor humanities b a university of central florida m a florida state university m a pacifica graduate institute ph d pacifica graduate institute carol e traynor assistant director marketing b a

transfer credits 73 transfer guarantees a.a degree 91 transfer student 21 22 35 47 49 73 transfer tips 49 transient student 21 24 26 36 transportation 49 trustees district board of 16 tuition and fees 29 tuition installment plan tip 30 tutoring services 50 sign language in foreign language proficiency requirement 88 small business management courses 218 small business management a.a.s degree specialization 138 social sciences courses 295 social sciences a.a degree pre-major 122 sociology a.a degree pre-major 123 sociology courses 295 sonography admissions 25 sonography a.s degree 159 sonography courses 296 sophomore student 27 sound technology a.s degree specialization 185 spanish a.a degree pre-major 124 spanish courses 298 special diploma high school 21 special fees 29 speech courses 298 staff college 316 state employees wavier 30 statistics a.a degree pre-major 124 student activities see student development student assistance services 49 also see student and campus services 44