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4 jan 9 jan 9 jan 8 jan 12 senior citizen and state employee registration begins faculty report assisted registration begins for dropping classes and adding classes that have not met answer center jan 12 jan 9 jan 9 feb 26 mar 6 feb 27 feb 27 dec 19 jan 7 feb 13 jan 8 dec 19–jan 8 dec 19 oct 27–dec 19 nov 7 nov 4 oct 27 dec 5 dec 19 oct 17 nov 21 2nd 7 weeks h2 must meet all eligibillity criteria including verification and transcript evaluation after this payment deadline fees are due on the same day of course registration final fee payment dec 19 dec 19 suspension readmission dec 12 late registration begins $25 fee assessed with initial enrollment jan 8 dec 19–jan 8 dec 19 oct 27–dec 19 jan 7 dec 19 oct 27–dec 19 friday initial fee payment deadline for registration period nov 7 nov 4 jan 7 nov 7 open registration begins new and returning students atlas oct 27 financial aid appeal priority deadline nov 4 advanced registration begins new students

financial aid programs available on the first day if you are withdrawn for nonattendance prior to the actual payment of pell grant funds payment for the withdrawn classes may not be made grants grants may be awarded if you show financial need based on the free application for federal student aid fafsa the grants listed here are administered by the valencia financial aid services department based on the guidelines set for each program by the provider federal pell grant this is a need-based federal grant program for students who are seeking their first undergraduate degree and whose estimated family contribution efc is below $4,110 the annual pell grant award amount is determined by your efc and enrollment status and may range from $400 to $4,310 students who establish eligibility will be funded all documents must be received prior to your last day of enrollment or june 30 2009 whichever comes first initial awards are estimated based on the results of the fafsa estimates will change

if you have questions about your degree audit and you are seeking an a.a degree see an academic advisor or counselor in student services if you are seeking an a.a.s or a.s degree or a certificate contact your career program advisor incompletes college policy 6hx28 05-13 grades – progress and final an incomplete may be assigned if you are progressing satisfactorily and for valid reasons emergencies such as serious illness or death of a family member cannot complete the work of a course within the term you also may receive an incomplete if you progressed with a grade of “c” or better throughout enc 0012 enc 0012c rea 0002 rea 0002c eap 1620 or eap 1640 but failed the basic skills exit test it is your responsibility to consult with your professor to determine if you qualify for an incomplete if you are awarded an i incomplete and you complete the required course work by the end of term for the following full term the professor will change your grade from i to the

humanities credits humanities credits course title humanities phi 2010 hum prefix gr philosophy 3 3 humanities gr total credits 3 9 math math title gr gr total credits title science science see a.a gen ed requirement see a.a gen ed requirement total credits 3 3 6 title pos 2041 u.s government social science see a.a gen ed requirement total credits title phi 2600 ethics and critical thinking total credits total elective credits total pre-major credits electives title hum prefix gr see a.a gen ed requirement gr total credits credits 3 3 3 9 title gr gr total credits credits 3 3 6 science credits 3 3 6 course title science science see a.a gen ed requirement see a.a gen ed requirement total credits credits 3 3 6 social science credits course credits title pos 2041 u.s government social science see a.a general requirement total credits 3 3 6 credits 3 3 6 additional common prerequisites additional common prerequisites course math math credits social science credits course

foundation courses course enc 1101 science or mathematics humanities n1 cet 2486c cgs 2100 cis 1354 cgs 1560 s1 a1 cet 2179c title credits freshman composition i 3 1 3 3 3 see a.s gen ed requirement 2 see a.s gen ed requirement local area networks 3 computer fundamentals and applications introduction to network security introduction to operating systems or a concepts software total credits course title cet 2178c +c1 cop 2822 cgs 2545 a concepts hardware web publishing database management systems computer information technology 4 business elective social science 5 see a.s gen ed requirement gen ed 6 elective see a.s gen ed requirement spc 1600 fundamentals of speech total credits 3 21 title technical certificate course cet 2178c cgs 1560 a1 cet 2179c cet 2486c s1 cis 1354 cop 2345 a1 n1 credits 3 3 3 3 3 cis 2355 cis 2910 cis 2943 sls 1303 credits a concepts hardware introduction to operating systems or a concepts software local area networks introduction to network

intermediate courses course title ost 1108 building keyboarding speed and accuracy or internship in medical office 1 introduction to body systems for ost wordperfect for windows or microsoft word business communications 1 medical transcription i records management and legal implications see a.s gen ed requirement total credits ost 2943 ost 1467 ost 2711 ost 2756 ost 1335 ost 1611 ost 1355 humanities credits 3 3 all specialized program courses are offered on east and west campuses some specialized courses are offered at other locations medical office administration courses may be taught in a multilevel-class atmosphere general education courses are in bold print in this course listing 3 3 3 3 3 21 this a.s degree is transferable to ucf’s regional campuses offering the b.a.s degree check with ucf regional offices for their local campus offerings the degree may also be transferable to b.a.s programs offered by usf and dbcc check with usf and dbcc for acceptance of this degree

biology course biology cr cls lab course cr cls lab bsc 2933 1 3 variable selected topics in biology • prerequisite department approval selected topics in biological sciences based on historical traditional or contemporary approach as background and interest of students and professor dictate multiple credit course may be repeated for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied pcb 1440 3 3 0 florida environmental systems focuses on florida ecology combination of lecture lab field and computer lab techniques used to study variety of habitats topics include energy flow through food chains environmental modeling and general ecology prior exposure to general biology topics recommended no prior experience required bsc 2941 1 4 variable internship exploration in biology • prerequisites satisfactory completion of all mandated courses in reading mathematics english and english for academic purposes 12 credits including bsc 1010c and internship office approval this course is a

electronics engineering technology course emergency medical services technology cr cls lab course cr cls lab ems 2603 4 8 0 paramedic i • prerequisites state of florida emergency medical technician certification and acceptance to paramedic certificate program prerequisite or corequisite bsc 1084 • corequisites ems 2603l and ems 2666 ems 2603 is the first course in the sequence necessary for completion of the paramedic certificate curriculum the course is designed to reinforce concepts and clinical skills learned at the emt level and to integrate this knowledge with beginning advanced life support concepts and skills emphasis is placed on ems systems illness and injury prevention medical-legal issues patient assessment airway management and ventilation pathophysiology pharmacology shock and decision-making regarding appropriate interventions for identified problems this course includes modules 1,2 and 3 of the dot national standard curriculum for paramedic programs mtb

music course music cr cls lab course cr cls lab mvb 22xx mvw 22xx 1 secondary applied music iii and iv private lessons for music majors in voice piano and band instruments concurrent enrollment is required in music theory appropriate ensemble and keyboard class excluding piano majors multiple credit course may be repeated once for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied special fee $60.00 mut 2127 4 3 3 musicianship iv • prerequisite mut 2126 or department approval advanced techniques of composition to include style of 20th century composition and analysis of basic homophonic and contrapuntal forms of two and three parts extensive listening to selected live and recorded performances further development of skills in dictation and sight-singing mvb 23xx mvw 23xx 2 performance iii and iv • prerequisite successful completion of performance i and ii private lessons for sophomore music majors in voice piano and band instruments concurrent enrollment is required in

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