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2 may 28 june 14 july 16 july 23 aug 13 aug 13 may 17–aug 13 aug 13 aug 13 aug 18 aug 24 aug 14–24 aug 25 aug 24 aug 25 open registration begins new and returning students international student application deadline student out of country student in country financial aid priority deadline for upcoming term application priority deadline initial fee payment friday deadline for registration period fourth attempt appeal deadline suspension readmission request deadline financial aid sap† appeal priority deadline 2nd fee payment tuesday deadline for registration period late registration begins fee assessed with initial enrollment faculty report senior citizen and state employee registration begins aug 30 aug 30 aug 25 aug 25 aug 24 aug 14–24 aug 18 aug 13 aug 13 aug 13 may 17–aug 13 aug 13 july 23 june 14 july 16 may 28 may 25 may 17 1st 8 weeks h1 oct 19 oct 23 oct 22 oct 22 aug 24 aug 14–24 aug 18 aug 13 aug 13 aug 13 may 17–aug 13 oct 8

financial aid programs available grants grants may be awarded if you show financial need based on the free application for federal student aid fafsa the grants listed here are administered by the valencia financial aid services department based on the guidelines set for each program by the provider federal pell grant this is a need-based federal grant program for students who are seeking their first undergraduate degree and whose estimated family contribution efc is below $5,273 the annual pell grant award amount is determined by your efc and enrollment status and may range from $659 to $5,550 students who establish eligibility will be funded all documents must be received prior to your last day of enrollment or june 30 2011 whichever comes first initial awards are estimated based on the results of the fafsa estimates will change if any criteria used to determine your eligibility such as major degree status satisfactory academic progress income or family information changes

mathematics credits science credits complete 3 q q course title bsc 2093c bsc 2094c human anatomy and physiology i human anatomy and physiology ii total credits social science credits complete 3 q q course title credits complete 3 4 4 8 q q complete 3 q q additional common prerequisites q q q course acg 2021 acg 2071 cgs 2100 title financial accounting managerial accounting computer fundamentals and applications total credits complete 3 3 3 q q 3 9 total elective/foreign language credits 13 total credits 60 gr statistical methods gr total credits credits 3 3 6 course title science science select from a.a gen ed requirement 3 select from a.a gen ed requirement 3 total credits 6 credits social science credits credits course pos 2041 eco 2023 title u.s government principles of economics total credits credits 3 3 6 additional common prerequisites complete 3 electives title science credits credits pos 2041 u.s government 3 social science select from a.a gen ed requirement 3 total

mathematics credits pre-major dance performance course associate in arts degree limited-access this pre-major is designed for the student who plans to transfer to a florida public university as a junior to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in dance if this pre-major transfers to a limited-access program you are responsible for completing the specific requirements of the institution to which you will transfer as completion of this pre-major does not guarantee admission to an upper division limited-access program for specific transfer information meet with a valencia advisor or academic dean to review your transfer plans and check the transfer institution catalog for specific degree requirements students are strongly encouraged to take electives that relate to their intended baccalaureate degree program title mathematics gr mathematics gr total credits credits 3 3 6 science credits course title science science select from a.a gen ed requirement select from

course intermediate courses course title cet 2178c +c1 cop 2822 cgs 2545 a1 a concepts hardware web site development database management systems computer information technology 2 business elective social science see a.s gen ed requirement gen ed elective see a.s gen ed requirement spc 1608 fundamentals of speech total credits credits cts 2317 3 3 3 title cis 2910 cis 2943 sls 1303 3 3 21 course title cts 1155 introduction to customer service and help desk concepts total credits total certificate credits credits 6 10 4 program outcomes • design a logical plan for the development of technical requirements • evaluate computer systems security vulnerabilities using appropriate resources 1 21 63 cet 2178c cgs 1560 computer information technology analyst with specializations in cet 2179c cet 2486c s1 cts 1120 a1 n1 it security it support technical certificate foundation courses cet 2178c cgs 1560 cet 2179c cet 2486c s1 cts 1120 cts 2321 a1 n1 title a concepts

advanced courses course ost 2453 ost 2454 apa 1111 mtb 1103 acg 2021 ost 2501 ost 1461 ost 2943 title cpt-4 medical coding advanced cpt-4 medical coding basic accounting or business mathematics or principles of financial accounting office management medical office simulation internship in medical office and/or medical information coder/biller administration electives science or mathematics see a.s gen ed requirement gen ed elective see a.s gen ed requirement total credits total degree credits for students who are interested in pursuing ucf’s b.a.s degree 36 credit hours of general education courses will be required students will have to fulfill the state’s foreign language requirement which is two years of the same high school foreign language or two semesters of the same collegelevel foreign language it is also recommended that those students take psy 1012 general psychology rather than inp 1301 psychology in business and industry credits 3 3 3 3 3 microsoft

biology course bsc 1010h fundamentals of biology i – honors biology cr cls lab 4 3 course bsc1050 environmental science 3 same as bsc 1010c in addition course content will satisfy one honors program learning outcome honors program permission required special fee $56.00 bsc1050h environmental science – honors a continuation of bsc 1010c includes an analysis of biological systems at the organismal and supraorganismal levels unity and diversity of life organismal structure and function will examine such topics as darwinism origin of life diversity and origin of eukaryotes evolution and diversity of the five kingdoms animal and plant morphology reproduction development of animal behavior population biology and ecology special fee $53.00 4 3 3 3 4 3 3 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 0 comprehensive course presenting basic information on the structure and function of the human body applies principles of anatomy and physiology to show interaction of body systems as they maintain homeostasis each

emergency medical services technology course emergency medical services technology cr cls lab course est 2604 robotics applications • prerequisite est 1603 est 2220c 3 2 2 introduction to fiber optics • prerequisites eet 1214c and mtb 1329c or department approval 0 mtb 1329c mathematics for electronics 2 3 3 1 no prior electronics background is required students will be introduced to basic arithmetic operations as well as selected prealgebra topics number notation and operation quantities and units of measurement algebra fundamentals and solving equations this applications-oriented course emphasizes mathematical techniques used in dc/ac circuit analysis beginning with ohm’s and kirchoff’s law to analyze basic cirucits the student learns circuit simplifications and solution techniques for more complex configurations phasors and their application in ac circuits will also be covered some of these applications will be demonstrated to students via a lab

music course mut 1121 musicianship i music cr cls lab 4 3 course mut 2232 keyboard harmony ii • prerequisite mut 2231 3 study of fundamentals of music through analysis and composition of baroque and classical music development of basic skills in dictation and sight-singing mut 1122 4 musicianship ii • prerequisite mut 1121 or department approval 3 1 1 3 mut 2246c sight singing and ear training iii • prerequisite mut 1242c 1 1 mut 2247c sight singing and ear training iv • prerequisite mut 2246c 1 3 4 1 3 4 0 mvb 12xx mvw 12xx secondary applied music i and ii 3 1 1 1 1 1 private lessons for music majors in voice piano and band instruments concurrent enrollment is required in music theory appropriate ensemble and keyboard class excluding piano majors multiple credit course may be repeated once for credit but grade forgiveness cannot be applied special fee $60.00 3 mvb 13xx mvw 13xx 2 performance i and ii • prerequisite audition by appropriate faculty

18 advise.2010 315-322 layout 1 5/24/10 12:01 pm page 317 timothy j driscoll oakland police department christine gigicos orlando police department dental hygiene sherry brewer r.d.h ph.d greater orlando dental hygienist’s society kathy werndli r.t r orlando regional dr p phillips hospital elana williams r.t m orlando health south lake hospital jackie burt-mcdonough steven j goclon ocoee police department jon johnson winter garden police department digital media technology brian coleman rodney horvat d.d.s scott cook theatreworks florida joann losito r.d.h bret railey winter park police department deborah robinson richard turkiewicz university of central florida blake warren central florida area health education center mark underhill orange county corrections diagnostic medical sonography paul volkerson seaworld adventure park orlando culinary management greg berner pickles catering carol clemons orange county convention center ed colleran islands of adventure massimo fedozzi