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the art of table setting and style the table service good news bad news dining room and food service how the food is sauced on the table mechanical engineering book for industrial engineering and m tube in tube different cards in the card catalog information given of card catalog functional magnetic resonance imaging optical fiber connectors nursing courses iv therapy medical office management emergency medical technology teaching strategies for the deaf food and beverage french service products for the deaf lawn and garden equipment heavy equipment operators u view your personal records parts of speech picturs the keys in the mailbox sample of 2 parts of library selection nitrous oxide systems catalog dental and surgical instruments catalogs dental and surgical catalogs dining room 2013 different cards found in card catalog labeled parts of card catalog label parts of card catalog label of parts of card catalog components of card catalog i the library label the parts of card catalog interior design 2013 photovoltaic cells radiology department guns law enforcement disabled person wheelchairs commercial insurance veterinary technician laser diodes 1100 x 1100 optical fiber light radars systems laser alignment radar system vegetable seeds analog devices camera grip encoder decoder rf coaxial cable circuits integred circuit integrated signal module fire sprinkler lc filter

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4 oct 30 nov 2 oct 19 nov 16 nov 16 dec 7 nov 9 dec 14 oct 22–dec 14 dec 14 dec 14 jan 3 dec 15 jan 3 jan 3 jan 7 advanced registration begins new students open registration begins new and returning students international student application deadline student out of country student in country financial aid priority deadline for upcoming term application priority deadline associate degree application priority deadline baccalaureate degree fee payment deadline friday 5pm deadline for registration period fourth attempt appeal deadline suspension readmission request deadline financial aid sap appeal priority deadline late registration begins fees assessed with initial enrollment faculty report senior citizen and state employee registration begins assisted registration begins jan 7 jan 3 dec 15 jan 3 dec 14 dec 14 dec 14 oct 22–dec 14 nov 9 dec 7 nov 16 oct 19 nov 16 nov 2 oct 30 oct 22 1st 8 weeks h1 feb 22 feb 28 feb 22 feb 22 jan 3 dec 14 dec 14 dec 14 oct 22–dec 14

application procedures vary depending upon the criteria set by the scholarship provider many scholarships require a separate application that must be obtained directly from the scholarship provider received prior to the start of classes each year 4 continue to be seeking an a.a a.a.s or a.s degree james m and dayle l seneff honors college scholarships 5 enroll in at least nine credit hours each term the james m and dayle l seneff honors college awards a limited number of full tuition non-transferable scholarships to admission candidates who demonstrate academic promise and who commit to one of the four available curriculum tracks interdisciplinary studies track leadership track undergraduate research track or the jeffersonian general education track all eligible students who apply for the james m and dayle l seneff honors college will be considered for scholarship awards awards are renewable for up to four terms 6 maintain eligibility to be a student in the james m and dayle l seneff

humanities credits complete 3 q q q course humanities humanities humanities communications credits title hum prefix gr see gen ed requirement gr total credits credits complete 3 3 3 3 9 q q enc 1101 spc 1608 course q q spc 1017 enc 1102 mathematics credits complete 3 q q course mac 1114 mac 1140 title college trigonometry gr precalculus algebra gr total credits q q course bsc 1010c bsc 1011c title fundamentals of biology i fundamentals of biology ii total credits 3 3 6 q q course pos 2041 eco 2023 eco 2013 title u.s government principles of economics-micro or principles of economics -macro total credits q q q course humanities humanities humanities credits 4 4 8 q q q course title chm 1045c general chemistry w/qualitative analysis i phy 1053c physics enc 1210 technical communication total credits electives total elective/foreign language credits course q mac 2233 credits q sta 2023 3 3 3 9 title hum prefix gr see gen ed requirement gr total credits

humanities credits student might not be admitted to the university program because admission is a selective process conducted by the university the additional requirements might include the completion of certain courses a minimum grade point average minimum test scores interviews auditions and/or portfolios it is the student’s responsibility to learn if a particular university major is designated limited-access or restricted access at the specific university to which the student wants to transfer course humanities arh 2050 arh 2051 title credits hum prefix gr introduction to art history i intro to art history ii gr total credits 3 3 3 9 mathematics credits course title credits mathematics gr mathematics gr total credits a.a degree-seeking students must satisfy entry testing requirements and satisfactorily complete all mandatory courses in reading student success mathematics english and english for academic purposes in which the student is placed and must satisfy

cet 2179c cet 2486c years of the same high school foreign language or two semesters of the same college-level foreign language cisco network associate ccna a concepts software local area networks microcomputer repairer/installer electives total certificate credits 3 3 3 15 technical certificate this cisco certificate program provides the student with the skills necessary to work with traditional cisco-based networks that predominately include local area network and wide area network routers and switches the program also will prepare the student to take the cisco certified network associate ccna certification exams program outcomes • demonstrate proficiency in troubleshooting personal computers • examine the roles and functions of network infrastructure • troubleshoot various static and dynamic routing protocols such as enhanced gateway routing protocols eigrp and open shortest path first ospf • plan campus wide switched networks related

for other transfer options that may be available go to valenciacollege.edu/asdegrees/transferagreements.cfm students who want to continue their education should contact their university of choice for acceptance of this degree for students who are interested in pursuing ucf’s b.a.s degree 36 credit hours of general education courses will be required students will also have to fulfill the state’s foreign language requirement which is two years of the same high school foreign language or two semesters of the same college-level foreign language intermediate courses landscape and horticulture technology with specializations in horticulture landscape orh 1510c orh 1511c eny 1002c bot 2010c chm 1025c ornamental plant materials i ornamental plant materials ii principles of entomology botany introduction to general chemistry total credits course title aom 2012c types and systems of agricultural operations plant physiology general psychology microsoft word introductory plant

subject prefix prefix title department heading idh interdisciplinary–honors interdisciplinary studies inp industrial and applied psychology psychological sciences inr international relations political science ipm integrated pest management landscape and horticulture technology iss interdisciplinary social sciences social sciences jou journalism journalism lat latin latin lde landscape design landscape and horticulture technology lis library and information studies library science lit literature english mac mathematics calculus and precalculus mathematics mae mathematics education mathematics man management business administration and management map mathematics applied mathematics mar marketing business administration and management mas mathematics algebraic structures mathematics mat mathematics mathematics mcb microbiology biology met meteorology meteorology mgf mathematics general and finite mathematics mhf mathematics history and foundations mathematics mka marketing

dance course daa 1520 tap i dance cr cls lab 2 3 course daa 2103 2 intermediate modern dance ii • prerequisite daa 2102 or department approval 0 this course is an introduction to the fundamentals of tap dance students will study rhythm direction and coordination with an emphasis on the basic elements of tap technique combinations and routines multiple credit course may be repeated for credit for a maximum of 4 credits but grade forgiveness cannot be applied special fee $15.00 daa 1521 2 tap ii • prerequisite daa 1520 or department approval 3 3 0 daa 2106 1 3 0 intermediate modern dance i for pre-majors • prerequisites acceptance to a.a pre-major dance performance and either daa 1105 or department approval 0 intensification of theory and practice in using body movements to express or demonstrate ideas or thoughts and to increase knowledge of rhythms music and dynamics multiple credit course may be repeated for credit for a maximum of 4 credits but grade forgiveness

hospitality and tourism baking and pastry mgmt culinary mgmt and restaurant and food service mgmt course fss 1246c baking and pastries i • prerequisites fos 2201 and fss 2251 cr cls lab 3 1 hospitality and tourism baking and pastry mgmt culinary mgmt and restaurant and food service mgmt course fss 2057c individual and production pastries • prerequisite fss 2056c 5 3 1 3 1 fss 2058c 3 1 confectionary art and principles of design • prerequisite fss 2056c 3 1 2 2 an introduction to preparing and decorating display pieces and classical and contemporary wedding cakes topics include chocolate sugar and marzipan finishing techniques using an air brush use of molds and templates and the “mise en place” of transporting and delivering special items students will prepare cost and price threedimensional decorations centerpieces cakes for special events and wedding cakes the course also will cover the basic design concepts of line texture shape balance color scale

reading course real estate cr cls lab course cr cls lab rea 0017c formerly rea 0002c 3 3 2 developmental reading ii • prerequisite minimum grade of c in rea 0007c or appropriate score on pert or other approved assessment real estate review and reinforcement of skills covered in rea 0007c emphasis on additional critical comprehension skills strategies for vocabulary development a minimum final course grade of c is required for successful completion of this course upon successful completion a student has met the reading requirement for entry into enc 1101 rea 0017c credit does not apply toward any associate degree special fee $29.00 study of legal and economic aspects of real estate with emphasis on ownership realty market instruments of record mortgages taxes and government regulations students interested in sitting for florida real estate commission exam must take combined ree 1000 and ree 1400 end-of-course exam and receive grade of 70 percent or better rea 1105 formerly rea