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a new generation of lo-carbon continuous running fans looking towards the future vent-axia has been at the forefront of technical innovation in the ventilation industry for over 75 years manufactured in the uk the lo-carbon product range continues to develop and improve towards more energy efficient solutions things have moved on since the building regulations were first introduced over 20 years ago the lo-carbon response from vent-axia aims to satisfy and lead the ventilation market in overcoming the three key challenges which the government has centred their legislation around guaranteed installed performance part f of the building regulations state that once a ventilation product has been fitted the product must be commissioned and the installed performance of the unit measured and recorded this has previously been a time consuming task producing at times inaccurate results the integrated digital display showing the calibrated airflow and system pressure of the installed lo-carbon response will guarantee optimum fan performance and accurate commissioning removing the need to test the installation with an expensive airflow measuring device 2 improved comfort to home owners the number of brown field sites used for residential development projects is increasing the impact of noise ingress from traffic industry and airports has therefore become an important aspect for any building designer to consider with increasing air tightness the acoustic properties also improve leading to a reduction of external noise entering dwellings however this makes any noise generated inside the property even more noticeable increased energy efficiency the government’s commitment to reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions requires buildings to be more airtight and more energy efficient the lo-carbon response includes a low energy dc motor and consumes as little as 1 watt on trickle speed which amounts to a yearly running cost of under £1.50 low carbon technology combined with intelligent automatic control ensures the lo-carbon response is one of the most energy efficient continuous running fans available the attractive and discreet styling of the new lo-carbon response will complement the décor of any home while virtually silent operation through the new high pressure silent axial impellor ensures optimum ventilation is achieved without intrusive noise the new lo-carbon response can provide excellent pressure whilst still maintaining the energy efficiency t 0844 856 0590