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continuous decentralised ventilation providing comfort in our homes high pressure efficient airflow dynamic humidity sensor standard centrifugal fans which develop greater pressure are often not very efficient and can generate more noise axial fans are generally more energy efficient but usually run slowly and do not deliver a suitable pressure the lo-carbon response htp and selv htp models include a dynamic ambient response humidity sensor and work intelligently to ensure the correct level of ventilation is provided without wasting energy the lo-carbon response solves this problem the fan’s constant volume technology automatically adjusts the speed of the fan to ensure that the desired airflow is delivered using a silent high pressure axial fan the lo-carbon response can meet the ventilation requirements of most domestic installations without the need to use a centrifugal fan the fan senses the speed of the rise in humidity and controls the fan accordingly a slow rise in humidity and the fan speed slowly increases getting rid of nuisance running by turning the potentiometer to maximum you can even switch the humidity sensor off if you want this enables the lo-carbon response to provide a 64 energy saving when compared to centrifugal alternatives see sap product characteristics database in room through wall location 100 example pressure loss 6m flexible ducting 2x 90 bends 80 saving kitchen 0.38 0.17 wet room 0.29 0.18 38 kitchen 0.36 0.13 64 wet room 0.28 0.15 46 55 pressuer pa configuration alternative vent-axia centrifugal response fan sfp sfp the airflow detection system will detect the installation duct resistance and also react to external wind conditions to ensure the fan maintains a constant extraction rate unnecessary pressure which wastes energy 60 1 40 2 20 in normal running mode the fan can extract at either 6 l/s 22m3/h or 8 l/s 29m3/h flow rate the fan will boost to 13 l/s 46.8m3/h when the ls connection is switched on or humidity rises above the set point 4 0 0 5 10 15 20 volume flow l/s 1 vent-axia lo-carbon response fan 2 competitor product 25 30 t 0844 856 0590