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lo-carbon response/selv dmev unit features benefits model • continuous running dmev fan with unique constant volume technology cas lo-carbon response dmev recognised in sap appendix q auto speed selection at installation the integrated ambient response sensor senses the speed of the rise in humidity and controls the fan accordingly stock ref £trade 404535 119.52 • complies with part f of the building regulations • innovative display showing calibrated airflow and system pressure patent pending • switched live connection for external switches/sensors • 220-240v input • fits 100mm diameter hole • integrated day-logger feature • 6l/s or 8l/s trickle speed selection • 13l/s boost speed • safety extra low voltage models available • high quality abs plastic • ipx4 rated • multi-orientation grille – grille can be rotated 90/180 degrees to suit ceiling configuration requirements lo-carbon response continuous running constant volume dmev unit with switched live ls and innovative digital display quiet running and with high pressure development the lo-carbon response is best in class sap appendix q performance unit configuration location sfp w/l/s in room rigid duct kitchen 0.17 in room rigid duct wet room 0.18 in room flex duct kitchen 0.17 in room flex duct wet room 0.16 through wall kitchen 0.13 through wall wet room 0.15 6 lo-carbon response/selv tp dom timer/pullcord for kitchen utility and bathroom/toilet applications the continuous running tp model incorporates an adjustable overrun timer this adjusts the time the fan will continue to run on boost after the ls connection has been deactivated the timer which also sets the pullcord run-on period is adjustable between 1 and 30 minutes default 15 mins model stock ref £trade tp 404876 148.75 selv tp 404878 175.29 lo-carbon response/selv htp dom humidistat/pullcord for kitchen utility and bathroom/toilet applications the continuous running htp model incorporates an adjustable ambient response humidistat the fan will increase the extract rate if the humidity rises above the point set at installation model stock ref £trade htp 404877 171.29 response selv htp 404879 199.16 wall kit model white brown dom stock ref 254102 254100 £trade 18.81 18.81 t 0844 856 0590