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the uk’s leading ventilation company lo-carbon revive 1st edition

a fan designed to meet the needs of social housing landlord contractor resident can be installed in a kitchen or bathroom no filter required so low maintenance and comes with up to 7 years warranty quality guaranteed from the leading brand quick and easy to install with simple led display and 3 button menu for all commissioning and data gathering powerful enough to remove moist air ensuring good indoor air quality and a healthy home at the same time quiet enough not to disturb and very energy

smart sense tm intelligent technology easy to read display records energy use day logger the alpha numeric led display on revive can display a wide range of data it is clear and easy to read meaning commissioning and data gathering becomes much easier the intelligent smart sensetm technology can track the wattage used by revive and provides real time data via the intuitive interface this means landlords can reassure residents of the low running costs track how many days the fan has been running for giving you the peace of mind that the unit is being used as intended

ambient response humidity multiple config option installer friendly interaction vent-axia’s ambient response humidity sensor avoids nuisance tripping and therefore increases resident acceptability while protecting the property from damaging condensation and mould using flexible smart sensetm technology revive can be commissioned to meet the needs of the property and with resident acceptability in mind quickly and easily select from a range of options giving bespoke solutions where performance or noise is key using just 3 simple buttons along with the led display the intuitive menu makes it easy to commission revive smart sensetm technology even tells the led display which orientation to use depending on whether it is wall or ceiling mounted

multi-vortex tm innovative airflow technology makes revive best in class discreet grille bellmouth entry hybrid impellor a tile front does not mean poor airflow performing to design intent residents will have a quiet unobtrusive fan without a spinning impellor visible the aesthetically pleasing tile front revive will stay cleaner than open grilled alternatives drawing air into the fan the clever bellmouth design feature allows air to enter the fan fluidly and silently this feature improves efficiency and ensures residents are not disturbed by air noise with an innovative fusion of axial and mixed flow technology our design team have developed a high pressure impellor that is powerful and efficient yet quiet delivering on the unique needs of the social housing environment

saw-tooth design octo-vortex chamber open grille option another sound reducing feature the saw-tooth design on the impellors breaks up the sound spectrum ensuring the resident is not disturbed by the fan and reducing the chances of tampering the 8 chamber conical cylinder straightens the air to develop better pressure the design also helps to repel dirt enabling the fan to be filterless so landlords can install powerful fans with low maintenance requirements an open grille option is also available which offers an additional choice where the tile grille is not required using a technology leading aerofoil blade design the air moves efficiently and silently over the blades ensuring resident comfort

peace of mind revive can help ensure resident satisfaction and reduce the need to re-visit the property quiet operation easy to install energy saving a quiet fan is essential for resident acceptability compared to noisy centrifugal alternatives the revive discreetly removes moisture and stale air leaving a comfortable home environment installers need a fan that is quick and easy to install revive does not disappoint with easy cable entry and multiple fixing points it makes the job simple the lo-carbon revive is optimised to provide the best possible performance while using as little energy as possible this lessens the impact on energy bills and reduces the carbon footprint of the home

filterless and repels dust tamper proof small footprint revive’s multi-vortextm technology does not require a filter and the highly sculpted interior actively repels dust and does not allow it to settle meaning it won’t get clogged up from the discreet flat front to the ambient response humidistat revive is designed to operate without bothering the householder with the addition of a silent running option the resident will hardly notice the fan is there nobody wants a large fan that takes up a lot of wall space the clever multivortextm technology allows the fan to be just 190mm high by 190mm wide

vent-axia industry leading ventilation company made in britain a family of fans 80 years of heritage we design develop and manufacture our fans in the uk we have reduced transport related carbon emissions by up to 15 tonnes per year and invested in uk skilled jobs increasing our local workforce and providing a boost to the local job market it is not always true that one fan can fit all this is why we have developed revive as part of a family of fans alongside the lo-carbon response this family of fans means you can specify the appropriate fan for the application 80 years of heritage innovation and product development have made ventaxia the market leader in its field from the first bakerlight fan in 1946 to the app controlled fans of today ventaxia is a name you can trust

tecnical spec models dimensions mm a lo-carbon revive 7/selv 7 htp continuous running fan with kitchen or bathroom setting with a combination of trickle and boost speeds selectable from 9 15 30 and 60l/s day logger and power run meter as standard 7 year warranty dynamic ambient response humidity sensor timer adjustable between 1 and 30 minutes in built boost activated by pullcord humidity sensor switched live or remote button tile front for discreet installation model stock ref lo-carbon revive 7 473848 lo-carbon revive selv 7 473849 dbdcØ a b cØ d 30 132/102 99 193 closed/open grille lo-carbon revive 5/selv 5 htp continuous running fan with kitchen or bathroom setting with a combination of trickle and boost speeds selectable from 9 15 30 and 60l/s day logger and power run meter as standard 5 year warranty dynamic ambient response humidity sensor timer adjustable between 1 and 30 minutes in built boost activated by pullcord humidity sensor switched live or remote button open

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