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lo-carbon sentinel® kinetic cooker hood consultants specification operation the supply and extract ventilation unit shall be a sentinel kinetic as manufactured by vent-axia and shall be sized as indicated on the drawings and shall be in accordance with the particular specification supply air to the room shall be pre-heated by the extract air via the integrated composite plastic counterflow heat recovery cell the sentinel kinetic shall automatically vary the ventilation rate via ec dc motors as it receives signals from one of the optional interconnected sensors when a signal is received the fans shall either vary their speed proportionally or on a trickle and boost principle the unit shall have the facility to commission the supply and extract fans individually via in-built minimum and maximum speed adjustment or alternative wired remote control unit the fans themselves shall have independent infinitely variable speed control unit specification the unit shall be manufactured with an abs outer case construction and incorporate a metal duct to the cooker hood intumescent fire damper and thermal switch in accordance with bre digest 398 the unit shall have a high efficiency composite plastic counterflow heat exchanger supply and extract filters automatic summer bypass integral minimum and maximum infinitely variable speed controls with facia mounted failure indication the unit shall have low energy high efficiency ec/dc fan/motor assemblies with sealed for life bearings the impellers shall be high efficiency forward curved centrifugal type the unit shall have a heat exchanger cell with a thermal efficiency of up to 92 when tested to en 308 this shall be protected by g3 grade synthetic filters on supply and extract complete with a condensate drip tray and drain connection the unit shall be constructed with a removable core allowing full maintenance access the removable core shall provide access to the following 9 supply and extract filter 9 heat exchanger 9 access to the electrical connections access shall be provided for wiring termination and setup/commissioning the backlit lcd user interface therein shall be removable for remote mounting if required standard controls all sentinel kinetic units shall incorporate the following functions integrally mounted pre-wired and factory fitted by the manufacturer 9 integral infinitely variable fan speed control on supply and extract 9 integral min/max ventilation control/set point 9 integral bms interfaces – control and status indication 9 heating interlocks 9 0-10v proportional speed adjustment 9 volt free contacts 9 24v sensor supply 9 integral on/off or trickle boost function from remote switch e.g pir occupancy detector 9 the unit shall be controlled by the ‘sentinel’ control devices enablers and sensors as detailed in the schedule or on the drawings 9 fully automatic summer bypass 9 switched live input with adjustable ‘delay-on’ feature 9 fan failure or component failure indicated via individual fault code display 9 running time counter 9 control panel pin number lock 9 automatic frost protection effective to -20°c 9 tool free filter access 9 the unit shall incorporate ‘h’ models an integral humidity sensor with the following features • ambient response raises the humidity trigger point as dwelling temperature reduces • rapid response monitors the rate of change in humidity and triggers increased airflow even if the humidity trigger threshold is not reached • proportional response incrementally increases the fan speed to reduce noise and reduce energy consumption integral cooker hood specification the sentinel kinetic cooker hood shall consist of a telescopic hood and galvanised steel duct connection to the mvhr unit the hood construction shall be of grey powder coated steel with brushed aluminium or white painted fascia the hood shall trigger the mvhr unit to a predefined boost speed and open the summer bypass when opened and shall have two low-energy lamps illuminating the hob top filter shall be a flat metal grease filter removable for cleaning the galvanised steel ductwork shall provide a continuous fire barrier between the hood and the mvhr unit it shall contain an intumescent fire damper thermal cut-out and volume balancing damper the thermal cut-out shall switch off the mvhr unit at a pre-defined safety temperature the duct shall have an access panel for cleaning by the end-user airflow direction plan view insulated duct exhaust to atmosphere brown acoustic duct optional supply to dwelling red insulated duct from atmosphere green flexible duct extract from dwelling yellow front lh insulated duct from atmosphere green flexible duct extract from dwelling yellow insulated duct exhaust to atmosphere brown acoustic duct optional supply to dwelling red front rh units shall be as manufactured by vent-axia ltd 16 t 0844 856 0590