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lo-carbon sentinel kinetic® range overview mechanical ventilation with heat recovery features benefits • manufactured in the uk • building regulations adf and adl compliant • recognised in sap appendix q • specific fan power down to 0.4 w/l/s • up to 94 heat recovery • fully automatic summer bypass • horizontal and/or vertical duct outlets • integrated digital controller for simple and accurate commissioning • lightweight for easy installation • external condensate connection • plug and play controls humidistat ventwise wireless remote recovery the lo-carbon sentinel kinetic models have 3 fully adjustable speeds and a purge setting maximum flow provided with the unit is a digital controller that can be used to preset the speeds to any required airflow within the performance range integral humidity sensor the integral humidity sensor models with h suffix increases speed in proportion to relative humidity levels saving energy and reducing noise the sensor also reacts to small but rapid increases in humidity even if the normal trigger threshold is not reached this unique feature ensures adequate ventilation even for the smallest wet room the night time relative humidity setback feature suppresses nuisance tripping as humidity gradually increases with falling temperature • bms connectivity • ls inputs light switch optional m5 supply filters • volt-free inputs kinetic b bh cooker hoods filter • self diagnosis for simplified fault finding stock ref £trade 444200 21.78 kinetic v filter stock ref £trade 444199 21.78 kinetic plus range filter stock ref £trade 444201 32.98 for sensors see accessories controllers section • adjustable delay on/delay off timer • 0v to 10v proportional inputs • enthalpy heat recovery option the sentinel kinetic range incorporates • • • • • a wholehouse heat recovery system with up to 94 energy efficiency an easily accessible heat recovery cube protected by two removable g3 filters two lo-carbon energy saving ec/dc fans which ensure long life typically over double the life of ac motors and lowest possible energy use fully insulated construction with built-in condensation drain specifically designed for new build constructions with a high level of insulation the lo-carbon sentinel kinetic meets the latest requirements of the building regulations adf and adl for wholehouse system ventilation system 4 continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat 2 sentinel control the sentinel controller is the most advanced system available providing demand control ventilation dcv minimising energy consumption and noise levels and optimising ventilation performance sentinel controlled units may be set to operate fully automatically or with varying levels of manual intervention building management system bms options there are two levels of bms available basic output and full electronic bms whenever a message appears in the digital display for example ‘check filters’ or a fault code the output can also be converted to volt-free with the addition of an optional opto-coupler electronic bms a full range of two-way digital signals are available through the rj11 connector on the control board the bms system provider will translate this signal to extract the desired data contact vent-axia to discuss your specific requirements led alarm mvhr units are often installed in lofts or other locations where they are difficult to monitor the optional remote led alarm illuminates when any message is visible in the mvhr unit display panel the led alarm can be installed in a convenient location within the dwelling allowing end users to see that the unit requires attention control inputs five volt-free pairs of switch terminals for sensor inputs allow boosting from a full range of vent-axia controllers – humidistats pir timers two terminals with 0-24v outputs allow 0v to 10v proportional control by sophisticated controllers such as co2 sensors and proportional humidistats the optional ventwise controller senses temperature rise in a bath/shower hot water supply and/or current in a cooker/hob electrical circuit to activate boost ensuring additional ventilation when needed switched-live for boosting via light switches 220240 v ac or manual normal/boost switches this connection has the advantage of delay-on and delay-off facility delay-on enables you to prevent the boost airflow between 0 and 10 minutes after a light switch has been activated delay-off allows the boost airflow to continue after a light switch is turned off to ensure effective clearance of humidity this timer is adjustable between 0 and 25 minutes basic output provides a 5 volt output from the led terminals on the controller this output occurs t 0844 856 0590