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traditional standard wall fan features benefits • extract/intake models in 4 sizes 6 7 9 and 12 • • • • • ipx4 rated white fascia wall sleeve and black external weather louvre optional shutter available manufactured in weather-resistant polymeric materials for the best performance from your fan use an ecotronic controller classic retro-styled ventilation models the proven standard range wall fans and fitting kits are designed to fit flush into most double brick walls using the rigid wall liner supplied provision is made within the liner for conduit entry when installed only the ivory fascia is visible on the internal wall face the external weather louvre fits flush to the outside a shutter is available as an accessory which can be easily fitted within the unit complete fan size s6wl s7wl s9wl s12wl stock ref 131510 132510 133510 134510 on new building work the installation and wiring of the wall liner can be completed prior to the final installation of the unit and controller fully shrouded connectors on the fascia automatically connect the wiring to the motor when fitted to the wall liner fan core excludes wall kit size 6 7 9 12 stock ref 472222 472223 472224 472225 wall kit excludes fan core size 6 7 9 12 stock ref 472274 472275 472276 472277 fan core motor the motor is purpose-designed suitable for running at any angle quiet running enclosed sealed for life ball bearings supply voltage 220-240v/1/50hz suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -40°c to +50°c fitted with standard thermal overload protection s.t.o.p accessories shutter type sd/r the extract/intake shutter fits inside the vent-axia unit and closes against unwanted back draughts it can be fitted at the same time as the unit or at a later date if required airflow operated for extract use cord operated lock for intake use controller the ecotronic controller is recommended for use with this model to give full function control of the fan including auto mode using an electromechanical sensor from vent-axia’s sensor range alternatively single speed extract is achieved using a normal on/off switch 212 shutters size s6sd/r s7sd/r s9sd/r s12sd/r stock ref 231710 232710 233710 234710