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ci/sfb 57.7 1st

radiant heaters features and benefits t economical and easy to install t invisible silent in operation t no yearly maintenance cost t shortwave ir halogen lamp t one second heat up time t precision heating directed where you need it direct sunlight is much higher this phenomenon makes sunbathing possible during winter holidays the advantage when using short wave infrared heating are that the rays cut through the air and are not effected by air movement and only transmits its energy when it collides with a solid object the rays also travels in a straight line so can be directed where you need it ideal in locations which feature high ceilings have high air change rates or are out side there are three categories of infrared short wave ir a medium wave ir b and long wave ir c the shorter the wave length the easier it travels through the air heaters convection heating and radiant heating comparison t up to 5000 hours element life span t ip65 varo model profile vent-axia’s

heating ensions mm dimensions 313 486 235 front side top 313 496 side top 376 front 313 496 515 front side top 836 112 front side 83 top technical details model ref stock £trade weight voltage rating bulb luminous spectrum accessories power heating range replacement elements vari 2000 447602 184.18 2.2kg 220-240v 50-60hz gold ir-a wall bracket 2000w 9-12m2 vari 447605 2 vari 4000 447603 268.80 3.0kg 220-240v 50-60hz gold ir-a wall bracket 4000w 12-16m vari 447605 vari 6000 447604 351.56 3.8 kg 380-415v 50-60hz gold ir-a wall bracket 6000w 16-20m2 vari 447605 1800w 2 var0 1800 447600 114.95 w www.vent-axia.com 1.0 kg 230v 50-60hz gold ir-a wall bracket 8-10 m varo 447606

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