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ci/sfb 57.7 2nd edition the warmth beneath your feet free next day delivery

bluethermal underfloor heating tm advantages of electrical underfloor heating electricity is used the world over for heating homes and is our most common energy source as the world’s supply of oil and gas becomes depleted many of the world’s countries will be searching for renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy such as wind solar nuclear and hydro power we are no different and it is clear in the uk that credible solutions to get us off the fossil fuel habit are required this is why vent-axia has launched our electric underfloor heating range using electricity for heating your home is becoming more and more popular once you have made the choice to use electricity to heat your home your choice of heating appliances is numerous underfloor heating is becoming the natural choice for many for obvious reasons the cables are economical and easy to install and incur no yearly maintenance costs it is invisible silent in operation gives you freedom to place

1 ceramic tiles 2 tile adhesive 3 40-60mm screed 1 2 4 bluethermaltm cable 3 5 min 10mm solid subfloor water 4 resistant if room is a wetroom f.ex bathroom 5 6 6 lower floor over well insulated wooden beams bluethermaltm mat thin twin conductor heating mat installation detail 1 tiles/floor covering 2 tile adhesive renovating with heating mats minimum floor thickness can be important in renovation processes in order to avoid extra work on doors and thresholds for these projects our bluethermaltm mat range is the ideal product the heating mat consists of a thin twin conductor heating cable attached to an adhesive flexible glass fibre net the thin heating cable has a total thickness of only 4 mm is delivered with a 2.5 m cold lead and has a width of 50 cm the 100 w/m² mat can be installed on any type of levelled and stable sub floor and can also be used under parquet or other wooden floor coverings where as the 150 w/m² must be installed on a non-combustible levelled and stable sub

underfloor heating bluethermaltm cable twin conductor cable for direct heating installation detail 1 ceramic tiles 2 tile adhesive 3 40-60mm screed renovation with heating cables when renovating with our bluethermaltm cable range apply the cable to a non-combustible subfloor minimum thickness 5mm and take into consideration the placement of permanent installations such as showers baths toilets cupboards etc place the end seal away from potentially wet areas of the floor see picture illustrating the placement of a free laid heating cable note that the cable is not crossing or touching itself this is to provide the best possible heat conductivity to the surroundings of the cable 1 2 3 4 bluethermaltm cable 5 min 10mm solid subfloor water 4 resistant if room is a wetroom f.ex bathroom 5 6 6 lower floor over well insulated wooden beams performance guide stock load 230v element length nom element outer resistance diameter ufh model ref w m ft Ω mm trade £ vaufhc 446201 300 17.6 58

underfloor heating bluethermaltm accessories bluethermaltm thermostatic controller in combination with an accurate thermostat are one of the most energy efficient heating systems one can have in a modern building • • • • • • the design of the thermostat is unique every detail has been carefully designed paying special attention to aesthetic appearance user-friendliness and quality as required and demanded by both consumers and professional installers applications features precise and accurate temperature control is important to fully achieve the advantages of under floor heating without using more electric energy than necessary heating cables • • bluethermaltm insulation board cementitious tile adhesive – solvent based or ready mixed adhesives must not be used by mechanical fixing the boards other than 6mm boards can be installed with mechanical fixings only to flat and level timber floors using approximately 12 fixings per

how to measure up underfloor heating 4m step 1 calculating total area measure the total area of your room in this example width 3m length x 4m total floor area 12m2 3m 1m2 1.4m2 1.7m2 7.9m2 step 2 calculating unheated areas when installing underfloor heating you have to ensure that the heat can escape into the room when calculating the heated area we deduct any fixed furniture such as kitchen cupboards in this example we will deduct the bath basin shower tray toilet and cupboard bath 1.4m2 sink toilet 1m2 shower cupboard 1.7m2 total unheated area 4.1m2 step 3 calculating heated area the heated area is calculated by taking the unheated areas away from the total area in this case total floor area 12m2 total unheated area 4.1m2 total heated area 7.9m2 step 4 product selection sizing mats 90 of the total heated area allowing room for installing in this example the area is 7m2 for mat installation rounded down to the nearest 0.5m2 insulation boards 110 of the total heated