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front sway bar end link 40 x 40 rear sway bar end link inner tie rod end upper control arm bushing lower control arm bushing outer tie rod end lower control arm bushing set automatic transmission filter kits front side marker lens oil pressure sending units front and rear bumpers alfa romeo spider alfa romeo spider 2000 alfa romeo 2000 gtv 1972 alfa romeo spider wheels alfa romeo berlina 2000 alfa romeo spider bushings alfa romeo parts parts for alfa romeo gtv parts for alfa romeo gtv6 alfa romeo v6 engine parts for alfa romeo parts for alfa romeo 164 parts for alfa romeo spider 1600 rear sway bar parts parts for alfa romeo 75 italian car parts 30 40 hard to find parts how to check the parts name of the parts parts of the engine what are the parts of catalog sway bar bushings rear trailing arm bushing windshield wiper arms timing belt tensioner steering rack bushing anti sway bar rear sway bar bushing ngk spark plugs rear suspension trailing arm bushing rear sway bar bushings front sway bar bosch 0 332 002 aux air regulator air flow meter radiator fan switch radiator fan switches anti sway bars tie rod end control arm bushing steering tie rod end sway bar end links tie rod ends

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Featured catalog pages of Alfa Parts 2019 introduction to the vas performance section for alfa romeo vick autosports has a long unmatched racing history time on the track allows us to evaluate products in conditions that are far more demanding and intense than time spent in a street car we mean it when we say our products are “track tested” please use our performance section to assist you the enthusiast to find the best parts for competition racing autocrossing or spirited driving alfa romeo cars were built to be driven you will be thrilled with the increase in performance the products offered on these pages will bring go faster stop quicker with vas performance alfa romeo performance brakes cooling high performance brake pads cross drilled slotted brake rotors an excellent upgrade for the performance minded driver our drilled slotted rotors allow for maximum stopping power under extreme conditions ferodo performance brake pads are used by the worlds leading race rally teams including the vick

performance springs anti-sway bars for alfa spiders performance springs will 1 improve cornering 2 reduce body roll this spring set lowers your car by about an inch slightly increases ride stiffness model spider 1969-94 not quad gtv 1967-74 part no 62-5808/set do you want an even better improvement replace your front bar with our 1” heavy-duty front bar don’t be fooled into cheaper smaller diameter bars our front bar like the rear is made of high resiliency steel with forged ends and just as the rear bar it comes complete and ready to install front anti-sway bar kit spider 1969-85 this spring set lowers your car by about an inch increases ride stiffness about 15 63-1805 alfa romeo superior 1 inch diameter part no 62-5801/set vas hydrasport hydraulic shocks for street or track use comes ready for street use however our shocks can be modified an infinite number of ways for the enthusiast how 1 change out the valve adjusting plates and/or 2 change out the shock oil to

bearings for up-to-date prices go to wheel bearing retaining rings hub nuts grease caps front wheel bearings inner giulietta giulia gtv berlina and spider all 02-8806 alfetta ‘75-early 76 small 27mm spindle 02-8848 alfetta late 76-on gtv 6 and milano all 02-8849 retaining rings spider gtv berlina rear 72-94 02-0809 alfetta,gtv6,milano r rear 75 on 02-0858 outer alfetta,gtv6,milano l rear 75 on 02-0857 164 all front bearing retainer 02-0864 giulietta giulia gtv berlina spider all alfetta all gtv 6 milano all hub nuts for spindle complete 164 all front hub nut 02-0802 164,all rear hub nut 02-0803 spider all left threaded 02-0834 spider all right threaded 02-0835 spider all 16-7833 giulia 1600 sprint spider,ss 64-66 giulia 1600 super duetto gt gtv 1300 gt jr 65-68 1750 2000 berlina gtv 69-74 all spiders 69-94 gtv-6 81 on milano all 164 b l 91-93 164 sport ls 91-95 sold individually sold individually grease cap clutch release bearings 164 all 02-2803 02-2803

cooling radiator caps new radiators “stock” radiators for 71-94 spiders gtvs shop save at -gtv 2000 1971-74 -spider 1969-1984 curved neck -spider 1984-1989 straight neck -spider 1990-1994 black rubber center support 11-2840 11-2871 11-2860 11-2852 11-8341 4 cyl 69-89 and gtv6 all 11-1877 radiator fan switches and resistors -alfetta 75-81 spider 90-94 12-4850 -gtv6 milano all 12-4850 -164 1991-93 12-4859 -164 1994-early 95 12-4872 -164 late 1995 12-4882 -164 all low speed fan resistor 12-4814 -milano all 11-2875 -164 1991-1993 -164 1994-1995 11-2890 11-2880 water pumps -giulia 1300 gtjr giulia 1600 all 64-68 -1750,2000 69-90 usa spider alfetta gtv berlina -spider all 91-94 -gtv6 81 on -milano all -164 to 1993 -164 94-95 11-9828 11-9898 11-9867 11-9864 11-9864 11-9847 11-9848 overflow tanks caps sensors -spider 71-89 gtv 71on replacement kit cap for above -spider 90-94 cap for above -alfetta all cap only -gtv6 cap only -milano all cap for above coolant level

electrical for up-to-date prices go to relays to find the correct replacement relay match the markings found on the top of your relay against the corresponding specifications listed below order accordingly confirm price when ordering marking or function part no bitron 12v 2047014 6-prong relay 20-7869 bitron bo4712v-2335 w/30amp fuse 20-7855 bitron bo4712v-2335 w/10amp fuse 20-7830 you may substitute relay kit 20-7300 using appropriately sized fuse bosch 0-332-002-174 12v 20-7896 bosch 0-332-014-113 12v 30a 20-7821 bosch 0-332-204-107 12v 20/30a 20-7374 bosch 0-332-204-108 12v 20/30a 20-7350 bosch 12v 058 1397 328041 20-7826 bosch 12v 201 30a 510 20-7897 pre-wired relay kits wires connect relays everything you need perfect for installing high powered driving lights stereos and cd players protect your electrical system 15 amp fuse included bosch…… order 20-7300 relay kits aftermarket…order 20-7300-a reman starters send us your old starter and we will

grills door handles lights locksets etc by model 164 gt gtv 65-74 fog lamps and assemblies gt gtv 65-74 amber gt gtv 65-74 clear door handles gaskets door handles w lock left door handles w lock right pair w keys gt gtv 65-74 door handle gasket pair rubber gt gtv 65-74 trunk on body rubber gt gtv 65-74 rear side retainers pk of 3 gt gtv 65-74 left door inner gt gtv 65-74 right door inner 19-0801 19-0802 81-3830 81-3831 81-3853 81-3833 81-1820 81-1838 81-1814 81-1813 lens tail light assemblies gtv 72-74 left lens 19-2821 gtv 72-74 right lens 19-2820 gtv 72-74 left assembly 19-2835 gtv 72-74 right assembly 19-2834 gtv 71-4 replacement assembly left and right sold in pairs only 19-3831 gtv 72-74 ft left or rt marker lens 19-8854 milano/75 87 89 grill milano grill 1989 83-5803 fog lamps headlights signals side markers milano all fog light left 19-0834 milano all fog light right 19-0835 milano all headlight left milano all headlight right -milano 164 halogen bulb 65/45 watts milano all

filters oil filters -all w/o air conditioning -all thru 1750 injected cartridge type -2000 spider alfetta 72-94 w/o ac -2000 spider alfetta 72 on with ac -gtv6 milano 164 twin cam -164 24 valve 94-5 -spica injection pump 69-81 gasket for 28-8831 28-8311 28-8871 28-8311 28-8808 28-8808 28-8831 40-2883 28-2805 28-2805 28-2878 28-2878 28-2841 28-2814 28-2838 28-2878 28-2809 28-2892 fuel line filters -all 1957-68 28-4897 -1750 2000 69-74 spica main filter 28-4810 -2000 alfetta 76-81 spica main 28-4866 -spider 82-94 28-4659 -gtv6 milano 81-89 28-4659 -164 1991-93 28-4868 -164 1994-95 28-4869 new gas tanks spider 66-71 carb cars spider 72-94 30-9862 30-9866 specifically designed for efi spiders but will work for mfi cars with minor modification use 58mm filler hose gtv the automatic transmission filter and fluid should be changed if the transmission tends to slip or seems sluggish going into gears or every 24,000 miles 28-5897 28-8808 air filters -giulia 1600gt gtv duetto 65-8 -giulia

lower door panels spider approx 3” tall pair black plastic 67-78 50-2892 spider approx 1” tall black buy as a pair 50-2828 pair black vinyl covered 50-2890 armrests safety belt conversion kits are your old belts dirty or stiff due to age improve the look of your interior and enjoy the safety of 3-point seat belts easy do-it-yourself installation spider 79-90 left 50-1830 right 50-1831 79-86 grad to 89 black interior upper door panels buy as a pair 50-2834 spider 91-94 left 50-1820 right 50-1821 79-86 grad to 89 tan buy as a pair 50-2832 89-94 not grad black buy as a pair 50-2838 armrest chrome plates for alfa spider 70-78 order 50-3800 carpet sets spider 79-90 left 50-1832 right 50-1833 door pockets go to for picture spider 91-94 black left 50-1822 right 50-1823 89-94 not grad tan buy as a pair 50-2836 seat upholstery for alfa spiders if you want black carpet for your 71-77 alfa spider order 51-8870 for 78-94 alfa spider order 51-8880 go to for

transmission for up-to-date prices go to transmission shifter boots shift boots inner all alfas 1955-68 spiders 1969-94 gtv berlina 1969-74 shift boots middle spider 1971-94 5” base shift lever boots alfetta gtv 6 1975-84 gtv 6 milano 85-89 shift boots outer all alfas 1955-68 spider 1969 spider 1971-85 black leather spider 1986-90 black leather spider 1991-94 gtv sedan alfetta black leather gtv 6 all black leather 164 automatic shift cover tongue 76-7851 76-7851 76-7854 speedo drive synchros and sleeves generators sold individually limited supply electronic sending units model 76-7852 part no spider 90 on 5 speed gtv6 all 164 5 speed 164 automatic 76-7828 76-7819 19-7800 19-7825 19-7810 19-7859 for spider alfetta gtv6 milano transmissions 1969 on model synchro need 5 sleeve need 3 part no 75-9834 75-9847 vas rebuilt transmissions 76-7852 76-7814 76-7817 76-7818 76-7811 76-7815 76-7816 5-speed alfa spider…75-0800 eliminate all of your transmission worries with

floor mats p 12 performance headers p 7 light weight wheels p 10 performance rotors p 4 engines p 24 big 1 inch anti-sway bars p 9 oil pan guards p 36 emblems p 25 washer bottles jugs p 42 boosters p 14 1986-1994 no a/c 43-5830 heater control panel performance springs p 9 black or tan interior p 35 vick autosports has the best convertible top for your car pick your color and go to p 17 for selections and prices black and tan are stock colors 44 cloth neutral vinyl brown ingrid blue tan black tan

for more information about the parts on this page go to alfa gas tanks 30-9866 alfa romeo parts oil pumps all alfa romeo 4-cylinder 1750 2000 54-7866 gtv spider 66-71 carb spider 72-94 30-9817 30-9862 30-9866 performance springs whether you desire a little sportier ride or simply need to replace your old worn out ones we offer these high quality replacement springs hydraulic shocks 79-86 grad to 89 50-2834 89-94 50-2838 black or tan for alfa spider 71-90 silver with polished edge 85-5134 67-78 50-2828 powder coated red 30-9866 is specifically designed for efi spiders but will work on mfi cars with minor modification uses 58mm filler hose “roadster 2.0” wheels door panels for alfa spider 67-94 brake boosters spider upholstery sets you won’t beat the quality of our boosters we buy in bulk and then pass the savings onto you 06-2817 alfa spider gtv 62-7808 gun metal with polished edge 85-5135 70-78 79-86 grad to 89 86-94 except grad distributors spider