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40 x 40 brake caliper repair kits oil pressure sending units rear brake caliper repair kits transmission input shaft seal oil pump drive gear electronic ignition conversion kits interior door panel clips rear control arm bushing upper front control arm bushing lower front control arm bushing automatic transmission filter kits braided stainless steel exhaust hose braided stainless steel air hose crankshaft and rod and main bearings 60 x 60 fiat 124 spider pininfarina fiat 124 spider fiat 124 spider car fiat center caps fiat 124 spider engine exhaust manifold gasket fiat magnetic oil drain plug fiat italian car parts stainless steel exhaust parts parts for fiat cold air intake performance parts parts of the carburetor how to check the parts name of the parts what are the 50 parts of engine parts of the engine 2 x 3 rear trailing arms sway bar bushing radiator fan switches weber conversion kit clutch slave cylinder accelerator pump diaphragm anti sway bars anti sway bar rear sway bar bushing constant velocity joints radiator fan switch constant velocity joints cv joints oil pump gasket oil pan drain plug gasket exhaust manifold gasket anti sway bar brace front lower valance oil pan drain plug timing belt tensioner oil drain plug tie rod ends sun visor clip clutch slave cylinder kit

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performance brakes introduction to the vas performance section for fiat for 30 years vick autosports has been the leader in performance parts for fiat it began with a passion for racing “track tested” became our stamp of approval as we began to sell performance parts to fellow racers who were eager for the best competition products as vas race cars continued to successfully compete on the track our company gained a reputation from coast to coast as an innovator when ferodo wanted to create performance brake pads for fiat it was vick autosports they came to for assistance we became the clear leader in specialty performance products often designing them oil pan baffles big valve heads and our unique headers we continue to ship these high-quality products worldwide in 2009 we followed up with our own designs for 4-bolt adjustable cam gears and another vas first 2 1/4 inch free flow exhaust that we offer in easy-toinstall kits our company has continued to apply

performance exhaust for 124 2000 spider spider exhaust headers made of superior stainless steel stock diameter expect measureable performance gains 2000 spider injected 80-85 4 into 2 into 1 27-6320 the skinny on equal length headers although you may hear a number of claims there are only two significant benefits of equal length headers equalizing exhaust system volume between all cylinders yields an in tune exhaust note since every cylinder is producing the same pitch as well as ensuring that exhaust scavenging occurs equally in all cylinders which evens out cylinder temperatures our exhaust headers are as close as reasonably possible to equal length 124 within 1/2 x1/9 within 1 1/4 ours provide the pleasant rumble even engine cooling and free-flowing performance you want without the hype-inflated price stock diameter vas improvement stainless steel exhaust seeing is believing in the center circle you see the restrictive stock exhaust pipe diameter the area between the center

15 x 8 “corsa” 15 x 7 team dynamics wheels wheels for fiat spider x1/9 it’s the widest wheel available for stock cars vick autosports has worked with team dynamics to offer this serious performance wheel for fiat pininfarina spiders the team dynamics pro race 1.2 silver wheel picture right is a heat treated ultra light weight competition wheel the 15” x 7” wheel with 23mm offset weighs less than 15 1/2 pounds includes center caps pro race 1.2 is also available in black perfect for the economy minded enthusiast perfect for the autocross driver 1.2 pro race 2 pictured at left is also available in silver or black four bolt pattern available for fiat at no extra charge 15” x 7” pro race 1.2 sets of 4 silver 85-1644 black… 85-1646 gun metal… 85-1648 for single wheels above ask for 85-1606 15 x 6.5 “autostrade” wheels silver with polished edge 85-5134-f gun metal with polished edge 85-5135-f wheels doubled drilled for

cables accelerator hood trunk cables cables 124 spider 75-77 motor #572366 124 spider 77-80 motor #572366-carb 124 2000 fuel injected 80-85 x1/9 75-78 inner cable only x1/9 75-78 outer cable housing only x 1/9 79-88 main cable carb inj 131 brava 75-80 manual trans 131 brava 75-80 automatic brava 80-81 fuel injected strada carbureted 850 spider 68-73 lancia beta 75-79 lancia beta 81-82 scorpion inner cable 76-77 scorpion housing 76-77 cable to linkage spring clip for all cable to linkage connector aftermarket plastic throttle rod end snaps on 07-1311 07-1325 07-1338 07-1306 07-1308 07-1317 07-1319 07-1366 07-1392 07-1324 07-1322 07-1411 07-1491 07-1306 07-1308 07-1676 07-1677 07-1834 note connects to drum on carburetor note connects to linkage on camtower 124 2000 pinin all hood for latch see below x1/9 rear trunk x1/9 engine cover complete x1/9 74-78 front hood x1/9 79-88 front hood 07-6303 07-6309 07-6312 07-6388 07-6334 front hood latch 74-78 124 spider 07-6305 parking

electrical 65 amp alternators mail 1977-85 fiat 124 2000 pinin spider 1967-77 fiat 124 with minor modification you can use our 65 amp alternator on your 67-77 spider that came with an external regulator comes with black pulley red blue or clear aluminum available at no extra cost why order remanufactured when you can get new units from vas our new ones are less expensive than remanufactured units unlike higher amp alternators our 65 amp will not damage your wiring harness or electrical components 20-1365 remanufactured alternators i wanted to say thanks for the great customer relations i received today the first was a call saying i did not need all of the parts i ordered over the internet the second call was to let me know that one part i ordered was out-of-stock but that an alternative was available at lower cost and equal quality it’s great to have found a company that will surely get my business from now on -dw new gear reduction starters lighter weight core

all rebuilt long blocks are operated on our engine run stand prior to dispatch to you vas cyl heads come with valve shims set cams set towers set inquire if you would like intake exhaust studs set as pictured valves valve seals valve guides buckets valve shims set we test for straightness leakage bead blast clean install new valve guides springs machine valve seats install vas stainless steel valves with black nitriding our valves exclusive to vas are stronger lighter provide better flow our skilled mechanic– the best in the business sets your cam towers cams and adjusts the shims nothing’s left to chance although we label cylinder heads listed here as “stock” they are in fact superior if you need a vas remanufactured head immediately add the core charges the core charges are refunded after we receive your old rebuildable head if you do not need a vas remanufactured head immediately send us your components to be rebuilt cracked heads evidence of earlier

fuel new fuel injection components remanufactured fuel injection components air flow meter hose air flow meter remanufactured air flow meter 2000 pinin spider brava 80-85 33-9638 x 1/9 strada 80-88 33-9339 plus core charge reman electronic control unit 2000 spider up to 10/82 33-9672 pininfarina spider 10/82 thru 85.5 33-2357 x1/9 strada 80-88 33-2358 plus core charge check for up-to-date pricing air flow meter bosch 2000 pinin spider brava 80-85 33-1385 x 1/9 strada 80-88 33-1388 air flow meter hose black rubber 2000 pinin spider 80-85 33-1360 cold start valve bosch 2000 pinin spider brava 80-85 x1/9 strada 80-88 33-4318 33-4389 remanufactured fuel injectors 2000 pinin brava lancia 80-85 33-9644 x 1/9 strada 80-88 33-9345 plus core charge core must be bosch fuel pumps 2000 pinin brava lancia 80-85 bosch 33-5610 x 1/9 strada 80-88 bosch 33-5346 silver saver fuel pump for l jet 33-5611 fuel pump rubber mount 33-5350 electronic control unit bosch auxiliary air regulator

interior carpet sets mail awesome job all around web site is super easy to use esp ecially w hen ordering multiple items… also shipping was very fast thanks very much i know where i am getting my 124 parts from -m l glad you have so many parts available -jg kentucky arm rests spider x1/9 our carpets sets are special ordered in large quantities to deliver the highest quality carpet available at rock-bottom prices the edges– in fact all edges are woven not fabric stitched over or left as a raw cut to unravel shiny trim holds down carpet at the door fits left or right sold each 51-2000 2-piece threshold this wide plate covers the sill fits left or right diamond pattern sold by the pair 50-2330 50-2331 50-2332 50-2333 chrome plug cap 50-7032 chrome strip original style 50-7002 “silver saver” chrome strip aftermarket pictured above 50-7003 vertical channel 68-85 spider black rubber with felt groove for door glass to travel in 81-0399 window regulators 124 2000

transmission x1/9 x 1/9 shift linkages part no 76-1656 shift linkage hardware kit complete with nut bolt and spacer for attaching 76-1656 coupling to your linkage should be replaced when you change couplings part no 76-1655 linkage boot seals the linkage part no 16-2304 lay and reverse idler 7553581 selector rods shift forks differential carrier x1/9 transmission parts list 02-7301 02-7313 02-7320 02-7342 75-6337 75-7340 75-7378 75-7391 75-8305 75-8307 75-8309 75-8313 75-8316 75-8319 75-8322 75-8323 75-8325 75-8347 75-8351 75-8352 75-8362 75-8364 75-8371 75-8374 75-8382 75-8384 75-8399 75-9310 75-9330 75-9383 10902921 11197774 4092094 4120686 4183876 4183888 4242487 4242488 4242489 4242490 4367853 4391364 4392620 4393742 4396386 4408895 4414407 4451147 4451148 4451151 4451153 4466646 4466648 4479224 5990697 5990698 5990699 5990700 4th gear 61 teeth 81-4 to spares 147744 4th gear 49 teeth 84-8 after 147745 5th gear 84– after spare 147745 5th gear on input shaft 84–

vintage 500 600 parts 500 axle boot w seal 25mm 500-1692 500 motor mount bump stop 500-5749 500/600 transmission mount 500-7678 500 clutch brake pedal pad 500-5067 500 engine mount front 500-5759 500 cylinder sleeve 0-ring set 500-5661 500 engine mount lower rubber 500-5753 500 control arm bushing 500-6216 500 front control arm bushing 500-6260 500 engine mount rubber ring 500-5755 600 upper inner a-arm bushing 600-6273 500 shock bushing 500/600 shock bushing 500 leaf spring bushing 500 rubber buffer 500 leaf spring mount lower 500-6215 500-6228 500-6237 500-6249 500-5783 500 leaf spring pad upper 500-6218 62 500 leaf spring pad upper 500-6276 500 leaf spring mount lower