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dining collection 2012-2013 outdoor lazy #weekend enjoy your

dining 10:14h 2 #enjoying the sun having a great #metime outdoor collections 2012 roy lazy chair rozy table s · vincent sheppard

with our roy collection you can bring the rattan chairs of the fifties to your terrace take a seat in these original shells and really savour the enjoyment of outdoor life the seats are made of recyclable resin for total waterproofing the elegant frame of galvanized steel underlines the grace of this collection the matching rozy tables with a tabletop in qualitative hpl give your terrace even more character roy roxy dining chair #naturewalk this is what #happyness is about feeling the #windthroughmyhair and hearing the birds #callingme 4 · vincent sheppard outdoor outdoor collection 2012 2013

#togetherforever keeping each other company on a #lazyafternoon just the 2 of us 18:34h roy lazy chair 6 · vincent sheppard outdoor collection 2012-2013

`vincent sheppard has been creating and producing furniture for more than 20 years we specialize in quality comfort and design with the lucy collec outside the soft flowing round shapes of these lounge chairs invite you to relax in the sun this collection dives into the seventies but also combines the same retro design with all the comfort of today 19:27h tion we bring a piece of temptation to the i love #thesmellofthesea it makes me feel calm and #totallyrelaxed 8 · vincent sheppard lazy lucy arms outdoor collection 2012 2013

dining 10 · vincent sheppard outdoor collections 2012 ·

lucy a #quietplace only for me lucy lounge lucy footrest lazy lucy the excellent seating comfort is achieved due to the hand craftsmanship needed for this wickerwork in resin the frame is made of powder coated aluminum lucy can be left outside throughout the whole year the collection includes a chaise longue several lounge chairs a footstool and side table 10:43h 12 · vincent sheppard outdoor collection 2012 2013 ·

nelson table safi dining chair nelson nelson is our new outdoor table it is made of a zinc treated and powder coated steel frame and has a ceramic top available in two different colours the table can remain outside all year long and is available in three different lengths gipsy dining chair 14 · vincent sheppard 16:45h nelson table gipsy dining

#together is better than alone the #kidsarefunny today safi lounge sofa 3s |1s safi cube happy safi lounger safi means timeless outdoor pleasure this elaborate collection is based on pure craftsmanship the hand-woven furniture gives your terrace a royal comfort and adapts with a natural style to each environment safi lounger 16 · vincent sheppard 15:25h 21:05h safi dining table outdoor collection 2012 2013 ·

safi collection color mocca sy 01 safi dining chair gc s22 safi chair 59 cm 46 cm gc s21 safi lounge chair 1s 79 cm 69 cm 67 cm 68 cm 42 cm gc s24 79 cm 62 cm 67 cm 81 cm 86 cm 68 cm 74 cm 46 cm safi lounge sofa 2s gc s32 safi lounge sofa 3s 146 cm 46 cm gc s33 safi side table 198 cm 46 cm gt s19 81 cm 86 cm 68 cm 81 cm 86 cm 68 cm 40 cm 60 cm 60 cm 17:32h the materials are totally weatherproof the resin loom combined with a powder coated aluminum frame makes your safi something to be enjoyed throughout the year on your terrace safi dining table gt s18 safi cube gt s16 safi lounger 42 cm 40 cm 40 cm gc s20 75 cm Ø 120 cm 90 cm 192 cm 50 cm 75 cm 32 cm 18 · vincent sheppard safi dining chair outdoor collection 2012 2013 ·

nelson table a zinc treated and powder coated steel frame with ceramic top cer 01 mocca frame with taupe top cer 02 black frame with grey top roxy collection 76 cm 90 cm 180 cm 70 cm 76 cm 90 cm 90 cm 70 cm nelson table ceramic gt g55 gt g56 gt g57 roxy dining chair 90 cm 180 cm 240 cm 70 cm 70 cm 70 cm gc s60 roy lazy chair 69 cm 46 cm gc s61 76 cm 76 cm 76 cm 90 cm 90 cm 100 cm 76 cm 100 cm 240 cm 70 cm 84 cm 65 cm 75 cm 80 cm 83 cm 44 cm colors stone white sy 06 natural sy 05 colors stone white sy 06 natural sy 05 gustav table recycled teak rozy table s gt r01 rozy table m 49 cm gt r02 42 cm 50 cm 32 cm 73 cm 111 cm frame powder coated galvanised steel with hpl table top 100 outdoor use frame powder coated galvanised steel with hpl table top 100 outdoor use 76 cm 90 cm 160 cm 67 cm 76 cm 90 cm 90 cm 67 cm gustav table gt g60 gt g61 gt g62 76 cm 76 cm 76 cm 90 cm 90 cm 100 cm 90 cm 160 cm 200 cm 67 cm 67 cm 67 cm gipsy dining chair 76 cm 90 cm 200 cm 67 cm gc s09 82 cm 57 cm 62 cm

lucy collection color off white sy 03 lucy lounge gc s53 lazy lucy arms 77 cm 37 cm gc s52 lucy dining armchair 67 cm 37 cm gc s63 lucy side table gt s60 94 cm 86 cm 75 cm 71 cm 83 cm 60 cm 63 cm 45 cm 52 cm Ø 61 cm lucy chaise longue gc s62 85 cm 140 cm 62 cm 30 cm lucy footrest gc s59 lazy lucy 51 cm gc s51 35 cm 51 cm 75 cm 71 cm 60 cm 37 cm 22 · vincent sheppard outdoor collection 2012 2013 ·

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