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The Grand Canyon of Skåne - Visitors discover a dramatic landscape of deep fissure valleys and talus slopes, lush, broadleaved forest and flowing watercourses. The national park, with one of northern Europe’s largest uninterrupted deciduous forests.

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  sÖderÅsen the grand canyon of skåne nature at its best canoeing visitors discover a dramatic landscape of deep fissure valleys and talus slopes lush broadleaved forest and flowing watercourses the national park with one of northern europe’s largest uninterrupted deciduous forests has an extremely rich flora and fauna from the kopparhatten plateau 90 m the view is breathtaking the rönneå river has still waters as well as thrilling rapids delight in the beautiful stretch of water between stockamöllan and klippan you can also divide up the canoe trip between two days there are shelters where you can spend the night pony trekking hiking the “Ås till Ås” trail one of the sections of skåneleden takes you deep into the countryside with all of söderåsen’s interesting sights you can also go rambling in our beautiful recreational areas it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or have never sat on a horse