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The Grand Canyon of Skåne - Visitors discover a dramatic landscape of deep fissure valleys and talus slopes, lush, broadleaved forest and flowing watercourses. The national park, with one of northern Europe’s largest uninterrupted deciduous forests.

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  wallÅkra stone factory from coal to clay since 1864 old tradition   the tradition of ceramics in northwest skåne is unmatched anywhere else in sweden the turn of the last century saw a growing interest in the possibilities of clay and the ceramics industry started to grow rapidly although those days has been consignes to history a number of artists ceramicists and designers are still working to keep the tradition alive inspired by the history the landscape and the high quality of the clay wallåkra stoneware factory lives on as a reminder of the unique industrial heritage and craftsmanship of northwest skåne wallåkra stoneware factory still produce stoneware brown shiny pots and pans from the local clay during the winter the best day to visit the factory is on a sunday when the restaurant and the factory are open from 12.00 pm to 16.00 pm the factory and shop are also open wednesday to friday at other times of the year it is open for conferences dining views etc