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test-drive your dream job tm if you think your dream job is just a dream think again let s face it for so many of us our current job is definitely not our dream job but who says it has to be that way at vocationvacations® we offer you the chance to test-drive the job of your dreams without quitting your day job during a vocationvacation you spend one to three days immersed in your dream career this isn t jobshadowing or a fantasy camp as a vocationer you work one-on-one with a vocationvacations-approved mentor to see what your dream job is really like our mentors are carefully selected experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge passion and experience with others not only do they love what they do and do it well many have also made mid-career leaps of their own vocationvacations holidays are ideal for the adventurous for the curious for anyone who is considering a career change wants to try the road not taken needs to indulge a passion or is looking for an experiential educational

so,what s your dream job dog trainer wine maker music producer make-up artist baker wine retailer sports announcer cheese maker photographer tv producer restauranteur horse trainer dog daycare owner chocolatier brew master comedian detective and many more b&b owner style expert fishing outfitter wedding coordinator what people are saying my vocationvacation was the first giant step for me toward creating the life i want it was incredibly motivating and made me see that i can do this ­ lorraine cestone style expert vocationer long island ny i have a passion for taking a different look at my life because of my vocationvacations experience ­ jim franklin brew master vocationer port townsend wa vocationvacations has helped me make the move from being a happy enough international banker to a really really happy dog trainer i still can t help but smile when i say that ­ david ryan dog trainer and dog daycare owner vocationer rye nh vocationvacations gives msa members a chance to