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Test-Drive Your Dream Job by Vocation Vacations

Catalog: Test-Drive Your Dream Job
Company/Brand: Vocation Vacations

driving in Test-Drive Your Dream Job by Vocation Vacations

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test-drive your dream job tm if you think your dream job is just a dream think again let s face it for so many of us our current job is definitely not our dream job but who says it has to be that way at vocationvacations® we offer you the chance to test-drive the job of your dreams without quitting your day job during a vocationvacation you spend one to three days immersed in your dream career this isn t jobshadowing or a fantasy camp as a vocationer you work one-on-one with a vocationvacations-approve d mentor to see what your dream job is really like our mentors are carefully selected experts ...
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so,what s your dream job dog trainer wine maker music producer make-up artist baker wine retailer sports announcer cheese maker photographer tv producer restauranteur horse trainer dog daycare owner chocolatier brew master comedian detective and many more b&b owner style expert fishing outfitter wedding coordinator what people are saying my vocationvacation was the first giant step for me toward creating the life i want it was incredibly motivating and made me see that i can do this ­ lorraine cestone style expert vocationer long island ny i have a passion for taking a different look at my life ...
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