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life recreated caddy maxi comfortline doesn t just put more fun into life it allows you to get more out of life too there s plenty of space to take everything you need for a long road trip to a weekend escape and if you re planning on something a little more adventurous on the road less travelled there s always the option of 4motion ­ volkswagen s clever all-wheel drive system that provides your caddy with extra grip in standard off-road situations the tractive force of the caddy 4motion is distributed by volkswagen s ingeniously designed electronically regulated 4th generation haldex coupling system as soon as the system detects any wheel spin from either axle two annular piston pumps are activated which build up pressure in the multi-plate haldex system ­ effectively coupling the two axles to each other the coupling provides an infinitely variable torque transfer between the front and rear axles depending on the degree of slip in the rear or the front of course you won t be aware of the lightning quick adjustments being made by the system beneath you all you will feel is sure-footed handling when you arrive at your destination it s easy to unload the mountain bikes golf clubs surfboards snowboards fishing gear or whatever it is that you love doing and jump into your favourite recreation although the hard part comes when you have to force yourself to stop driving and start recreating caddy maxi comfortline is almost too much fun to drive the caddy ­ 11