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caddy puts the fun back into life life is always busy but with a caddy it can be fun with efficient engines intelligent use of space superb performance and brilliant handling caddy is a smart choice and genuinely enjoyable to drive the caddy range has been designed to match your busy urban lifestyle monday to friday you ve got a myriad of work commitments and need a vehicle that is agile comfortable versatile and efficient it has to be easy to get around the city and easy to park too after-hours there typically though life on the weekends gets even busier and so too does the caddy saturday morning sport across are kids to collect from band practice and sport ­ hey mum can we give my mates a lift home too enroute you ll need to duck in to pick up a week s worth of groceries that fit alongside the sports bags and guitar cases in the boot caddy takes all this in its stride and makes your working week a joy town simple trips to the beach for the whole family easy golf on sunday afternoon flip a seat up and slip the clubs in ­ no problem then back home past the petrol station no need to stop because the needle on the fuel gauge has hardly moved all week up the tight laneway and back into the garage slide the big doors of the caddy open life spills out what s for dinner mum if only your caddy could cook too 02 ­ the caddy