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glossary the inside of the corner in order to prevent wheel spin this improves traction and reduces the tendency to understeer as a direct result of the one-sided and precise braking pressure cornering is sportier and more accurate fatigue detection the driver fatigue detection system automatically analyses the driving characteristics and if they indicate possible fatigue recommends that the driver takes a break the system continually evaluates steering wheel movements along with other signals in the vehicle on motorways and others roads at speeds in excess of 65 km/h and calculates a fatigue estimate if fatigue is detected the driver is warned by information in the multi-function display and an acoustic signal the warning is repeated after 15 minutes if the driver has not taken a break fatigue detection cannot replace the driver’s attentiveness the driver is still legally responsible for the vehicle and therefore determining whether or not they are fit to drive a driving time of 15 minutes is required in order to assess the driver correctly the functionality of the system is restricted given a sporty driving style winding roads and poor road surfaces front assist with city emergency brake city eb function the front assist ambient traffic monitoring system uses a radar sensor to detect critical distance situations and thus help to shorten the braking distance reducing the risk of a rear-end collision.the traffic ahead is monitored constantly by the radar at the front if a vehicle is detected ahead of you in the lane the distance and the speed relative to it are calculated if the gap is closing too fast front assist initially warns the driver by means of an audible as well as a visual signal at the same time the brake pads are brought into contact with the brake discs and the sensitivity of the brake assist is increased this primes the braking system for a possible emergency stop furthermore an automatic jolt of the brakes warns the driver of the danger if the driver also fails to react to the warning jolt front assist brakes automatically helping to avoid a collision or reduce the severity of the accident the city emergency brake city eb function is a radar based emergency braking system designed to help a driver avoid a low-speed crash or to reduce its severity at vehicle speeds below 30 km/h city eb monitors the area ahead of the car for vehicles which might present a threat of collision if a collision is likely city emergency braking first pre-charges the brakes and makes the emergency brake assist system more sensitive if the driver should notice the risk the car is ready to respond more quickly to their braking action however if the driver still takes no action and a collision becomes imminent city emergency braking independently applies the brakes very hard if the driver intervenes to try to avoid the accident either by accelerating hard or by steering city eb will deactivate and allow the driver to complete the avoidance manoeuvre front assist with city emergency brake city eb cannot replace the driver’s attentiveness the driver is still legally responsible for the vehicle and must monitor the speed and distance in relation to other vehicles multi-collision brake the multi-collision brake has been designed to provide effective assistance for the driver in the moments after an accident multi-collision brake triggers automatic controlled braking once an initial collision has been detected so as to reduce the intensity of further accidents after a collision and can help prevent follow-on collisions with oncoming traffic the triggering of the multi-collision brake is based on a collision being detected by the airbag sensors the esp control unit limits the deceleration of the vehicle by the multi-collision brake to a defined value and vehicle speed the vehicle can still be controlled by the driver even when automatic braking is taking place the driver can interrupt the multi-collision braking at any time by accelerating or braking even more strongly hill start assist hill start assist hsa holds the vehicle when the foot brake is released by temporarily locking the brake pressure for a maximum of 1.5 seconds to provide comfortable starting-off without rolling back hill start assist hsa operates on inclines greater than 5 and is fitted in combination with manual transmissions and the direct shift gearbox dsg sport select suspension including sport performance kit the sport select suspension system features electronically adjustable dampers when the driver presses the ‘sport’ button in the upper area of the centre console an electro-mechanical switching valve in the dampers is activated which alters their tuning from a sporty yet comfort oriented standard setting to the firmer characteristic of a true sports suspension in addition the ‘sport performance kit’ provides the electro-mechanical power steering system with a sportier feel and the accelerator pedal with a faster response at the same time the engine note heard inside the vehicle is enhanced due to the sound actuator additionally if equipped with the 7 speed direct shift gearbox dsg the transmission changes automatically from d to s sport mode glossary 13