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the journey starts

volkswagen finance volkswagen finance offers a vast range of products that are as innovative and attractive as the cars themselves this is hardly surprising given that we ve been helping our customers fulfil their dreams for over sixty years as you d expect from such experience we ve learned a thing or two about the people who buy our cars so helping you tailor a package that suits your needs and budget is second nature to us our products include leasing finance and insurance for both the corporate and private buyer

volkswagen finance ultimate choice volkswagen finance offers the ultimate flexibility and a range of cost-effective ways to purchase or lease a volkswagen vehicle no matter which one of our finance solutions you choose we offer you options so you can tailor your package to suit your individual requirements case by case approvals rather than rely on a computer to assess your application we rely on people our credit team analyses all factors associated with your application to ensure the solution is right for you fast approval times you will be notified of your approval within the same business day easy repayment options your choice of direct debit or bpay no account keeping fees combined with fixed interest rates this means you always know what your financial commitments are solutions for all types of customers our products are specifically designed to cater to a range of customer needs whether they are individuals or businesses choice of term you determine how quickly you wish to

this table offers you a brief summary of our innovative finance solutions each option has distinct advantages depending on your specific circumstances and will be tailored to suit your individual requirements loan suitable for private purpose vehicles suitable for business purpose vehicles low initial outlay1 fixed budgeting choice of term 1 residual/balloon or final payment lease payments are made from pre-tax income interest payments may be made from pre-tax income 2 finance your on-road and registration costs finance your motor vehicle related insurance costs 3 finance your insurance costs 4 hire purchase chattel mortgage novated lease finance lease · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1 subject to our credit criteria 2 customers should consult their accountant for specific advice 3 e.g asset equity motor 4 e.g loan protection cover

volkswagen finance ultimate ownership volkswagen consumer loan this is an easy effective way of spreading the cost of your volkswagen vehicle it s a loan that provides great flexibility by allowing you to ­ choose the term from one to seven years that best suits you ­ set a final lump sum sometimes referred to as the balloon payment or elect not to have one ­ select from weekly fortnightly or monthly repayments ­ opt to pay an initial deposit thereby reducing your repayments ­ include registration insurance and on-road costs in the loan better still you can rest easy knowing that there ll be no unwanted surprises along the way as your interest rate is fixed for the duration of the contract once your contract is completed you ll own your car outright volkswagen hire purchase if you re in business and you primarily use your car for work this could be of interest to you you can tailor your repayments to suit your cash flow and opt to pay an initial deposit or a balloon payment at

volkswagen finance think differently volkswagen novated lease salary packaging if you re an employee seeking tax benefits a novated lease may be a smart way to finance your vehicle and if you re an employer a novated lease can be a simple cost-effective way to add value to your employees remuneration packages put simply it s an agreement between the employee employer and volkswagen finance that allows employees to lease a new volkswagen from their pre-tax salary running costs and fringe benefits tax can also be paid pre-tax by the employer and registration vehicle insurance and on-road costs can be included as part of the package

a novated lease offers a number of benefits including ­ fixed repayments and interest rates ­ your choice of term from one to five years ­ flexibility with the choice of vehicle ­ the opportunity to lease more than one vehicle ­ possible tax benefits even though your vehicle is used for private purposes a novated lease agreement specifies that the employer assumes the responsibility for lease payments other than the residual value payment for the period of the lease or until the employee leaves his or her employment in which case the obligation to make the lease payments passes back to the employee naturally you should consult your accountant for more detailed tax advice volkswagen finance lease our lease is designed to give businesses as much financial flexibility as possible you determine your payment terms and at the end of the lease there are a number of options available to you including trading your volkswagen in to buy or lease a new one in some circumstances you can even

volkswagen insurance peace of mind volkswagen motor vehicle cover this is a comprehensive no-nonsense insurance policy with a wide range of benefits for starters you decide whether you wish to cover your volkswagen for the market value or set an agreed value the policy also includes other benefits such as ­ an emergency repair authority to permit essential temporary repairs up to $500 ­ genuine volkswagen parts ­ choice of repairer or preferred repairer ­ new-for-old replacement if your vehicle is declared a total loss within three years of original registration volkswagen motor vehicle cover can be financed as part of your vehicle loan or if you d prefer to pay for it separately we can help arrange flexible payment terms volkswagen loan protection cover this insurance has been designed to cover your monthly loan repayments in the event that your earning capacity diminishes through no fault of your own such as involuntary unemployment accident trauma or even death subject to

all shapes sizes volkswagen finance we love volkswagen cars but we understand that sometimes people fall in love with other brands buying a different make of car doesn t mean you have to miss out on our financial expertise we can help you with solutions on virtually any car you might be interested in as you ve seen volkswagen finance offers a wide range of clever financial products for both the corporate and private buyer which you can tailor to suit your circumstances and requirements so no matter what you re looking for we ll be able to help you for further details about any of our products please see your volkswagen finance dealer they ll be happy to show you how best to turn your dream into reality alternatively you can contact us on 1800 799 689 or find us on our website important information volkswagen finance is a trading name of volkswagen financial services australia pty limited abn 20 097 071 460 australian credit licence 389344volkswagen

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