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scales great miniatures every volkswagen model car is closely oriented on the original they are manufactured with the greatest possible care the scale determines the precision of the details and the functions the larger the miniature the more precise the implementation 1:18 scale 1:18 models represent the premium scale for everyone who has sufficient space for and pleasure in the presentation their vehicles these model cars are distinguished by their details and functions doors luggage compartments and bonnets can all be opened in addition the models also feature a functioning steering system and finely detailed wheels with working suspension 1:43 scale the 1:43 scale offers collectors the largest range once regarded as toy cars these models have developed into professional miniatures as a result of their constantly improving detail precision and careful manufacturing enthusiasts value the broad range of products available the large number of collectors and also the compact size of

suddenly the smell of fresh paint fills the hall for a moment unmistakable evidence of yet another interesting step in the process the trail leads directly to the paint and printing shop whereas all of the employees in the modelling department are men most of the printing machines are operated by women the sun shines through the window illuminating a wall decorated with posters it is as though the film stars and pop stars are looking on with a smile while below the logos are printed onto the volkswagen model cars »but that very rarely happens« assures the employee then she reaches for the next model and places it carefully and precisely in the printing machine once the printing process is complete the individual parts of the model car are put together and glued precision and a steady hand are required once headlights which now have to be assembled are tiny the assembly is only possible with a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass but in the end success again as the door handles

scirocco · 1 18 03 03 scirocco why waste time searching for reasons when all you want to do is keep on driving the model clearly displays the details of the unique fascination an opening bonnet high-quality workmanship in the interior moving doors and many more features model year 2008 · scale 1:18 · manufacturer norev 1k8.099.302.a .r6t viper green metallic scirocco 1 43 page 39 · scirocco 1 87 page 58 model cars · series · 1 18 · 25 series 1

golf 2-door and 4-door · 1 43 14 15 the golf the models are expected to be available in spring 2013 golf 2-door the latest model surprises with new and attractive proportions dynamic lines emphasise the sporty character the miniature is richly detailed and implemented with high-quality workmanship model year 2012 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer herpa 5g3.099.300 .jhz 5g3.099.300 .ana 5g3.099.300 .b7w 5g3.099.300 .c9a deep black pearl effect tornado red tungsten silver metallic oryx white pearl effect model year 2012 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer herpa 5g4.099.300 .jhz 5g4.099.300 .ev1 5g4.099.300 .f5a 5g4.099.300 .lnl deep black pearl effect limestone grey metallic pacific blue metallic refl ex silver metallic 14 15 golf 4-door please take a seat the golf s mobility concept offers the highest quality equipment technology and design details polo 4-door the hatchback is its distinguishing characteristic even in 1:43 scale the golf is impressive with its fresh design golf 2-door 1

touareg phaeton · 1 43 27 28 27 28 touareg why go without anything when everything is possible the touareg shows just what is possible when you make no compromises this also applies in particular to every model car collection model year 2010 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer schuco 7p1.099.300 .c9x 7p1.099.300 .h8z deep black pearl effect graciosa brown metallic phaeton resin the model impressively confirms its exclusiveness a pure premium vehicle as a high-quality and perfectly detailed replica details phaeton a unique experience even as a model the phaeton is distinguished timeless superior model year 2010 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer looksmart models 3d1.099.300 .c8z mocca anthracite pearl effect touareg 1 87 page 59 model cars · series · 1 43 · 45 series 1

golf 2-door and 4-door · 1 87 41 42 golf 2-door perfection down to the last detail just like the original the trueto-scale miniature implements the same perfection both internally and externally 41 details golf 2-door powerful lines attractive proportions the golf convincingly demonstrates its fresh design even in a miniature format 42 golf 4-door sporty and economical the golf has everything it needs to ensure the success of its series which is why the new model is guaranteed to be a winner at 1:87 scale model year 2012 · scale 1:87 · manufacturer rietze 5g3.099.301 .f5f 5g3.099.301 .ana 5g3.099.301 .b7w 5g3.099.301 .c9a night blue metallic tornado red tungsten silver metallic oryx white pearl effect model year 2012 · scale 1:87 · manufacturer rietze 5g4.099.301 .jhz 5g4.099.301 .f5a 5g4.099.301 .lnl 5g4.099.301 .swl deep black pearl effect pacific blue metallic refl ex silver metallic pure white golf 2-door 1 43 page 35 the illustration shows a virtual vehicle model model

t5 multivan t5 transporter crafter · 1 87 54 55 56 54 55 56 t5 multivan the spacious saloon with outstanding comfort and enormous flexibility choosing the multivan is an easy decision definitely easier than choosing your destination the volkswagen model car accurately reproduces precisely these feelings model year 2009 · scale 1:87 · manufacturer wiking night blue metallic t5 transporter pure energy the transporter is the reliable workhorse among numerous companies and service providers its innovative performance makes it especially suited to day-to-day demands crafter extreme jobs demand reliable partners the crafter is the largest vehicle in the volkswagen product range and also a great partner the precision model depicts the van with a high roof and medium wheelbase model year 2009 · scale 1:87 · manufacturer wiking candy white model year 2011 · scale 1:87 · manufacturer rietze 2e1.099.301 .4cc 2e1.099.301 .b9a spanish red candy white

scirocco gt24-cng race touareg 3 · 1 43 66 67 scirocco gt24-cng 2009 at the 24 hour race at the nürburgring in 2009 two innovative scirocco gt24-cng vehicles achieved a double victory the model depicts the winning vehicle driven by vanina ickx b peter terting d klaus niedzwiedz d and thomas klenke d race touareg 3 2011 resin through the burning heat of the sierras in the heights of the andes and from the atlantic to the pacific and back ­ team al-attiyah gottschalk won a glorious victory in 2011 in the »dakar« the successful touareg joins the model car collection as a high-quality resin model details race touareg 3 2011 impressive advertising for the original the front and side views with the lovingly detailed sponsoring decals model year 2009 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer norev 1k8.099.300.d .98p original paintwork model year 2011 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer spark 7l6.099.300.b .98p original paintwork model cars · motorsport · 1 43 · 75 1 43 66 67

eco up e-up gt up · 1 43 75 76 77 new the eco up the model car is expected to be available as of december 2012 new the e-up to be available the mode l car is exp ected as of dec ember 2012 the gt up the mode l car is exp ected to be available as of dec ember 2012 new 75 eco up resin natural gas done differently the eco up numbers among the cleanest cars which the automotive world currently has to offer this creates a sensation ­ and not just in your collection 76 e-up resin 77 gt up resin the e-up is the first electric vehicle from volkswagen to enter into series production the environmentally-friendly car is eagerly awaited and the collector s edition of the study presented 2011 is a convincing replica down to the smallest detail a miniature surprise the sporty variant of the up delivers high speed with low weight the compact car provides secure handling while inspiring the sporty spirit and enhancing your miniature collection model year 2011 · scale 1:43 · manufacturer

type 411 vw-porsche 914 · 1 43 86 87 86 87 type 411 the large luggage compartment in the front area of the type 411 manufactured from 1968 to 1974 earned it the endearing german nickname »nasenbär« coati in the display case this model car belongs among the rear-engine volkswagen vehicles the type 412 was its direct successor model year 1968 · scale 1 43 · manufacturer minichamps 211.099.300.n .m6z turquoise metallic vw-porsche 914 the result of a renowned cooperative venture between volkswagen and porsche roughly 120,000 914s were sold between 1969 and 1974 it was the first middle-engine vehicle in the world to be mass produced it was also known as the »volksporsche« and went on to become a true cult classic model year 1969 · scale 1 43 · manufacturer minichamps 811.099.300 .k2y signal orange details vw-porsche 914 the 914/4 naturally with 4-hole wheels in volkswagen model car quality model cars · classic · 1 43 · 95 classic 1

volkswagen model cars our quotations regarding scope of delivery appearance performances dimensions and weights in addition to illustrations and all information regarding fittings and technical data are based on the characteristics of the german market and correspond to the knowledge available at the time of printing this paper was manufactured from chlorine-free bleached cellulose volkswagen zubehör gmbh dreieich v82 5002 4000 printed in germany subject to change and errors 09/2012 your volkswagen