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@s^gpndqdotc ni`q`m injdi^gpndq and now the 2010 volkswagen passat the car for the people who take special pride in being the only one on the block with german engineering european styling and a stout sense of individualism uniquely bred and spec d on germany s legendary nürburgring the passat boasts features and engineering found in few other autos around the world a top safety pick with top luxury features it s what the people want tjp_jiÏon i pojgdf`ocdn ^jh mjpi_ojjjao`i top safety pick based on 31mph side-impact crash test 40mph frontal-offset crash test 20mph rear-impact test and the availability of esc test performed by the insurance institute for highway safety for details visit www.iihs.org see vw.com for more information on safety features passat offers a brake disc wipe feature electronic parking brake with auto hold and a push-start key

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oc`k`jkg`r ion a`ot no i m_noj no i m the passat comes standard with 40 safety features that make up the prevent and preserve safety system the features work in harmony to both help you avoid a crash and protect you if a crash is unavoidable and we are constantly updating it because when it comes to safety there s always room for improvement n a`otepnobjon a`ot`m electromechanical power steering system passat has variable power steering which means you ll get a consistent response no matter how fast or slowly you re driving it also helps bring the wheel back to center quickly on turns plus it doesn t use steering fluid so it is a completely sustainable solution which makes it a better solution for the environment too dual front and side airbags can deploy within 5 hundredths of a second anti-slip regulation asr helps keep the front wheels from spinning during acceleration engine braking control ebc modulates engine-braking torque to help slow you down safely electronic brake-pressure

doÏnrc oÏnjioc dind oc o^jpion the passat comfortably surrounds its driver and 4 passengers with some of the finest interior materials and amenities you can find all at a price that ll make you feel like you got away with something the 12-way power seat positions the driver perfectly for the road ahead there s also an mp3 aux-in jack a rocksome touchscreen premium viii radio an introductory 6-month sirius® satellite radio subscription and 3 power outlets to keep all your gadgetry properly juiced control is at your fingertips with a multi-function steering wheel to control your music and optional navigation system for rainy days an umbrella holder as well as ultimate connectivity with standard bluetooth® technology for sunny days a sunroof for leftover sushi days an air-conditioned glovebox plus push-start ignition 60/40 split rear seats and a driver s side glovebox which are all useful no matter what day it is requires optional

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tjpÏm`dioc mdq`mÏn n odiocdn_mdq`mÏnn o choosing a passat tells the world you know a thing or two about german engineering settling into the cockpit of a passat tells even more here you ll find ergonomically designed controls high-quality materials and a remarkable fit and finish a heatable 12-way power seat is available to the driver next you can express yourself by selecting black cornsilk beige or classic gray for your durable v-tex leatherette seating surfaces get yourself into a passat wagon and you ve got even more of a good thing =g f >jmindgf db ijroc oÏnrc od gg dind diajmh odji >g nnd^bm

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nk dØ odjijq`mqd`r so`mdjm =j_t bg nn gdbcon fully galvanized sheet metal tinted glass halogen headlamps with clear lightweight chip-resistant polycarbonate lenses and daytime running lights drl led technology for rear marker brake and turn signal lights halogen reflector lens fog lights integrated into front bumper hdmmjmn hjg_dibnk i`gn mjja nk d ga opm`n rc gn power exterior rearview mirrors heatable with turn signals chrome accents for exterior side window frames bumpers and side moldings power glass sunroof with tilt slide tinted glass manual sunshade and pinch protection chrome roof rails rear hatch power opening tire pressure monitoring system tpms 17 alloy wheels with anti-theft wheel locks 18 alloy wheels with anti-theft wheel locks rdk`mn windshield wipers variable intermittent heated windshield washer nozzles front n i r bji n i r bji dio`mdjm nnnnnnnn nnjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnjnn nojm b nk d ga opm`n n odib m m m`nom diontno`hn jio n odib amjio interlock feature center

the carbon neutral project is a partnership with carbonfund.org designed to start addressing the issue of carbon emissions with their help we ll be making it easy for anyone who owns a volkswagen to determine their vehicle s carbon output and take action towards offsetting it so far the vw community has planted over 300,000 trees and offset 419,343 tons of carbon and that s just the beginning learn more at vw.com vw.com the ideas in this book are new the paper however is recycled please remember to recycle the book not the ideas in it thanks ©2009 volkswagen of america inc printed in canada volkswagen of america inc believes the information and specifications in this brochure to be correct at the time of printing specifications standard features options fabrics and colors are subject to change without notice some features may be unavailable when your vehicle is built some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models ask