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the people want rally-bred race-proven and really comfortable the people want a gutsy auto that can take them to the far corners of the earth while leaving a smaller footprint they want tdi and that means a smart powerful turbodiesel that can go a whopping 660 miles on one tank or maybe they want a lean mean petrol v6 with power to spare and why not outfit this capable suv with an available dvd player gps navigation and supple european leather seating surfaces after all the people want the perfect combination of plush european comfort intuitive safety systems and go-anywhere goodness we ve won a lot of races with tdi engines not me personally of course but i have friends 17 city/25 highway mpg tdi automatic epa estimates your mileage will vary estimated range based on 25mpg highway epa estimate and a 26.4 gallon fuel

vr6 fsi campanella white 19 terra

the people want to enjoy the great indoors no matter how ugly it gets outside the interior of your touareg will always be a haven of comfort technology and safety an oasis of optional burled wood and supple leather with beverage holders choose either leather seating surfaces or glove-like durable v-tex leatherette upholstery and trim grip the i have control of my universe steering wheel and set the controls for the heart of the sunset tweak the climatronic® 2-zone climate control so everybody s cool or warm feeling comfortable together is what volkswagen is all about there s even standard 3-button homelink,® and theftresistant immobilizer iii technology to help keep your touareg just that yours the people want german innovation at their fingertips to say our engineers have thought of everything would be an understatement for starters there s an available keyless access with push-start ignition that feels more sports car than sport ute simply carry the remote key somewhere on you

from national parks to national parkways volkswagen s impressive off-road german technology o.g.t gives touareg some impressive skills it can traverse a 35° lateral incline ascend a 45° incline and its 4-wheel independent suspension makes this touareg all-terrainer handle more like a nimble german sports coupe and when you re trekking through the peaks and valleys of life it s always nice to have hill descent assist and hill rollback assist on your side because you may never go into the wilderness but it s nice to know you can still go wild 19.7 fording depth other suvs can dip their little pinkies in the water but with an impressive 19.7 fording depth that flooded road you find on your way home won t keep you from getting home towing capacity with the touareg you can tow up to 7,716lbs which means you can play with some big toys on the weekend of course the touareg can go go go off-road but equally important is its stopping power its advanced braking system is eerily intuitive

vr6 fsi black 19 namib

safe happens the people want safety standards to be standard it s just that simple so we packed an advanced inter-working team of 40 safety features that make up the prevent and preserve safety system from its unibody safety cage construction fully galvanized sheet metal and stabilizer bars to a complete array of airbags at volkswagen safety is a way of life which makes sense since it helps save lives side curtain protection® deploys down the roof line from the a-pillar to the c-pillar to help reduce head and upper torso injury in the event of side impact anti-slip regulation asr and engine braking control ebc help improve handling and prevent compression-induced skidding in slippery conditions rollover sensor system should a rollover occur this system will activate the side curtain airbags lower anchors and tethers for children latch a standardized child-safety seat system that helps protect the little people electronic stabilization program esp the national highway traffic safety

v-tex department of the interior choose the optional cricket seating package with supple double-stitched european leather seating surfaces or go with v-tex leatherette seats for a leather-glove feel and rhino hide durability color choices on leather and v-tex include anthracite and pure beige the lux limited edition comes standard with two-tone seats with st tropez inserts and either anthracite or latte macchiato interior appointments pure beige anthracite leather pure beige anthracite the lap of luxury whose lap is that referring to i ve always wondered that st tropez/anthracite st tropez/latte

vr6 fsi campanella white lux limited package 20 mountain

the volkswagen carefree maintenance program volkswagen is proud to offer 3 years or 36,000 miles of no-charge scheduled maintenance on the 2010 touareg the program includes oil and filter changes brake checks fluid checks tire rotation and airbag checks just to name a few maximum fording depth is 19.7 inches professional driver please do not attempt never enter water that has a current or where you do not know the depth the volkswagen carefree maintenance program covers the touareg s 10k 20k and 30k scheduled maintenance intervals for 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever occurs first the touareg tdi carefree maintenance program also covers the vehicle s 5k 15k 25k and 35k adblue® refills coverage is during the term of the new vehicle limited warranty at no additional charge some limitations apply does not include routine wear and tear on parts such as brakes tires wiper blades light bulbs etc see dealer or vehicle maintenance program booklet for details vr6 fsi campanella

the carbon neutral project is a partnership with carbonfund.org designed to start addressing the issue of carbon emissions with their help we ll be making it easy for anyone who owns a volkswagen to determine their vehicle s carbon output and take action towards offsetting it so far the vw community has planted over 300,000 trees and offset 419,343 tons of carbon and that s just the beginning learn more at vw.com vw.com the ideas in this book are new the paper however is recycled please remember to recycle the book not the ideas in it thanks ©2009 volkswagen of america inc printed in canada volkswagen of america inc believes the information and specifications in this brochure to be correct at the time of printing specifications standard features options fabrics and colors are subject to change without notice some features may be unavailable when your vehicle is built some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models ask