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from national parks to national parkways volkswagen s impressive off-road german technology o.g.t gives touareg some impressive skills it can traverse a 35° lateral incline ascend a 45° incline and its 4-wheel independent suspension makes this touareg all-terrainer handle more like a nimble german sports coupe and when you re trekking through the peaks and valleys of life it s always nice to have hill descent assist and hill rollback assist on your side because you may never go into the wilderness but it s nice to know you can still go wild 19.7 fording depth other suvs can dip their little pinkies in the water but with an impressive 19.7 fording depth that flooded road you find on your way home won t keep you from getting home towing capacity with the touareg you can tow up to 7,716lbs which means you can play with some big toys on the weekend of course the touareg can go go go off-road but equally important is its stopping power its advanced braking system is eerily intuitive when it comes to stopping especially sensing a sudden halt on loose gravel dirt or packed snow when you step on the brakes they re designed to stop by creating a pile of debris in front of the tires this serves as a natural chock and helps you stop simple right vr6 fsi campanella white 19 terra wheels