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e what makes a volkswagen a volkswagen see those little icons over there they represent the big ideas that every volkswagen must live up to in order to earn the vw badge no matter how large or small all models are a combination of these essential ideas find an icon and you ll discover something special about a volkswagen it s really that simple te ch no lo gy de sig n fo rt pe rfo rm an c y let s talk volkswagen das auto a vw doesn t just start off as sheet metal and engine parts it begins as an idea a belief that getting the little things right is a big thing a viewpoint that asks why dumb it down when you can smart it up an attitude that says to make things perfect you have to make them perfectly some would call these just a bunch of good ideas ® we call them das auto q ua lit sa fe t co m y the routan let s be real people need minivans because minivans accommodate a life full of strollers groceries and sports gear not to mention kids which is why the routan with room for seven up to 144 cubic feet of storage space and third-row fold-flat seats is such a smart purchase as if that wasn t clever enough add the available dual power sliding doors with power windows and an optional power liftgate in back for that extra boost of functionality and for the ultimate seal of approval the routan was awarded 2010 most appealing minivan by j.d power and associates flexible appealing and technologically savvy with the unmistakable vw performance that s designed to bring out the kid in you because we don t think you should have to choose between want and need sel premium shown in glacial blue metallic the volkswagen routan received the highest numerical score among minivans in the proprietary j.d power and associates 2010 automotive performance execution and layout study.sm study based on responses from 82,095 new-vehicle owners measuring 236 models and measuring opinions after 90 days of ownership proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of owners surveyed in february-may 2010 your experiences may vary visit jdpower.com.